Good morning. I'd like to make 3 points:

1) The vast majority of disinformation, propaganda and lies that flooded the country over the last 5 years did not come from MAGA boomers on Facebook or 4Chan teenagers but the largest and most influential liberal corporate media outlets.
2) These are not cases where media outlets erred. They deliberately lied. The way to know that is they refuse to acknowledge evidence proving they lied.

Remember they just *ignored* @SchreckReports' book proving the Biden emails were real. Now this:

3) By far the best and most accurate reporting on all matters relating to Russiagate came not from the liberal corporate outlets that want to censor the internet in the name of disinformation or which shower themselves with Pulitzers for lies, but from the right-wing press.
The reporters who know most about Russiagate and did distinguished facts from lies -- @ChuckRossDC, @MZHemingway, @JerryDunleavy, along with a few young journalists who risked their careers in left-wing media: @aaronjmate & @mtracey -- are the ones you've been told to ignore.
A few people objected to my statement yesterday that hatred of them is just.

Think about this: they spent weeks before the 2020 election spreading the CIA lie that the Biden emails were "Russian disinformation," but when a POLITICO reporter disproved that, they ignored his book.
These are the world's most pompous, smug, self-righteous people. They never stop telling they're the guardians of democracy and truth.

But then when they get *caught lying* -- when irrefutable evidence emerges debunking their lies -- they ignore it. How is that not contemptible?
I've been a vocal critic of liberal corporate media since I began writing 15 years ago - it's why I started - and especially so the last 5 years.

But that escalated when they just *ignored* @SchreckReports' book proving they lied about the Biden emails.…
We all know exactly which outlets and media personalities spent the weeks before the 2020 election spreading the CIA's lie: the Biden emails were "Russian disinformation." They know who they are. How do they sleep knowing they lied about this, then ignoring this book proving it??
And now that the real facts about the bullshit Russiagate fraud are finally emerging -- the people who concocted it are getting arrested and the media propagandists they used are exposed -- this is the only acknowledgment and self-critique we're going to get. Just: "whoops": Image
One key point I omitted: no discussion of the Russiagate fraud and the media's role is complete without highlighting their key partners in all of this: the security state services (CIA/FBI/NSA/DOJ).

The most under-discussed media story of this decade is how they all but merged. Image
See here for a graphic illustration: the most popular liberal media figure and her literal colleague, the ex-CIA Director, somehow employed by a major "news" outlet without shame, muse on whether Trump is guilty of "treason" because he serves Russia:

• • •

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Dec 4
Ben Collins could live to be 500 - get every obscure citizen with problematic views banned from FB - and still wouldn't get close to Taibbi's journalistic accomplishments.

But he's a liberal and thus authoritarian, so believes legitimacy requires you work for a big corporation: Image
This is a common theme among liberals: if you don't work for NBC News or CNN, you can't be a real journalist, just a grifter.

Who the fuck would want to work for NBC, suffocated by corporate constraints? But liberals venerate corporate power, see it as necessary for legitimacy.
The public despises the corporate media. There is almost nobody held in lower esteem or who is more distrusted and abhorred than the liberal employees of large media corporations. Nobody wants to hear from them, so in-group arrogance is all they have left…
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Dec 3
Hello, I call myself a "journalist" and yet I'm extremely angry when transparency is brought to the world's most powerful corporations. I also think it's infuriating when journalists mention the names of the richest and most powerful corporate tech executives. I'm a journalist.
Also, Mastadon emails in Twitter names is the new pronouns in bios.
And yes, we all know if you're a liberal journalist, you believe any reporting that reflects poorly on Dem Party leaders is trivial, a "nothingburger," worthless.

No need to say that each time. Just put it in your bio next to your Mastandon address:

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Dec 3
The sleazy, pro-censorship pack of liberal employees of media corporations united last night to attack @mtaibbi -- as they do to any journalist who breaks a real story about real power centers -- and, because they were so desperate to discredit it, showed what they are. Watch: ImageImageImageImage
First, click on this link. Just click it. You'll see how these liberal media employees operate as a hive mind, an in-group pack, reciting the same phrases on cue. They have no novel thoughts. They're Democratic Party activists who unite as pack animals:

Second, as usual, these people - who demand the power to censor the internet to protect you from disinformation - are the most frequent and casual liars.

More than I can count made this false claim: @mtaibbi admitted there was no government involvement, contradicting @elonmusk ImageImage
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Dec 3
Not only is there no evidence that the documents used by the NY Post were the by-product of "hacking" by Russia or anyone else -- Twitter's false excuse for banning discussion of the story -- the NYT has confirmed that the laptop was left and never picked up at the repair store:
In March, 2022 - almost 18 months after the election was over and the CIA, which invented this lie, got what it wanted: Biden's defeat - the NYT admitted the materials from the laptop were authentic and the story of how the NY Post obtained them was true:… Image
More proof of the key and most-overlooked point on the controversy of Big Tech censorship:

This is not being done autonomously by tech firms. The censorship is being coerced by the in-power Democratic Party, who explicitly wants more censorship online:

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Dec 2
This seems at least in part designed to get people to stop talking about Kanye's banning - and other accounts this week - in a way that seems at least arguably inconsistent with his stated principles.

But I guess it worked on me, too, since I'm *very interested in seeing these:
That said, as eager as I am to see these docs about Twitter's banning of the Biden story, the issue of what free speech principles now govern Twitter still matters. This was how Musk had defined his views. There's no viable argument Kanye broke the law:

Our monologue tonight will examine this question of free speech and Twitter and broader themes - up tonight on Rumble.

As Chomsky said here, the world's dumbest people can't process the distinction between 1) I oppose censorship of X and 2) I support X.

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Nov 29
There are few things more revealing of an authoritarian mindset than wanting Google and Apple to use their monopoly power to act as internet overlords, dictating who can and can't be heard, what ideas are and are not permitted.

Yet that's our situation and so many seem grateful.
As a reflection of how twisted and inverted our politics have become, in order to be a good "liberal" or "leftist," one now much demand that the internet be censored by Silicon Valley monopolies.

To oppose this abuse of monopoly power somehow means you're on "the far right."
Earlier this year, @mtaibbi and I participated in a discussion with @DavidSacks in Miami on how we are now regularly called "right-wing" despite not having changed - literally - even one core view or value.

That's because this is what "far right" means:

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