@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump Eric needs to stop putting his fingers into electric sockets and you, "Judge", need to put the boxes of wine away. Biden helped clinch passage of a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, ended the war in Afghanistan, expanded access for veterans to therapy dogs and
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump service dogs while increasing assistance to Americans returning from Afghanistan, championed the American Rescue Plan; extended a 15% increase to SNAP funding, helping children who qualify for free lunch; restored funding to veterans programs, including programs to assist
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump veterans’ mental health (that had been cut by Donald Trump); boosted funding to the Affordable Care Act, providing new options for people who need health insurance and lowering costs for people already insured; protected tens of thousands of aviation jobs; provided socially
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump disadvantaged farmers with debt relief; cancelled student loan debt for more than 300,000 Americans with severe disabilities; canceled millions in student debt for students of for-profit schools; paused student loan repayment until January 31 2022 due to COVID-19;
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump ordered federal agencies to enact policies to increase the number of affordable homes in America; declassified previously secret 9/11 documents; restarted posting White House visitor logs (after disastrous Trump had stopped doing so); along with Kamala Harris released their 2021
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump tax returns (after twice impeached, one term Trump refused to release his for his entire four-year term); issued an executive order requiring political appointees to take an ethics pledge;implemented a program to make American supply chains less reliant on foreign companies
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump and is working to resolve other supply chain catastrophes left by Donald Trump; signed pension relief, keeping more than 100 pension plans solvent and providing retirement benefits to millions; reduced the Donald Trump-supported pay gap between women and men working in the White
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump House and has more women and minorities as part of his Cabinet as well as key advisers than any other president; released rules that protect patients from unexpected medical bills and ordered an increase in funding to address America’s mental illness and addiction crisis;
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump terminated a 2018 Donald Trump directive that put up roadblocks to families trying to help undocumented immigrant children; reinstated a program cancelled by Donald Trump that allows minors from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to reunite with a parent living lawfully in the
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump United States; directed that children separated and incarcerated at the border be reunited with their parents in the United States or their country of origin; returned the United States to the Paris Climate Accord; revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline; blocked drilling
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump at Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; stopped issuing new leases for oil and gas exploration on public lands; rejoined the World Health Organization; invoked the Defense Production Act to make vaccines and personal protective equipment like masks; made vaccines cost-free;
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump actively supported programs to eradicate COVID-19; including ordering vaccinations for all executive branch federal employees, those working for companies with 100 or more employees, and staff of nursing homes; warned Russian president Putin the United States would no longer
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump roll-over for his aggressive actions; sanctioned Russian officials in retaliation for the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny; sanctioned Russia for its attempts at election interference and for the SolarWinds hacking attack; In the first 9 months since Joe Biden became
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump President, U.S.-Mexico border arrests have reached their highest levels since 1986 including all four years of Donald Trump’s presidency. More than 1.7 million migrants were detained in the 2021 fiscal year.
And the world is noticing. A recent Gallup report shows that
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump international approval of U.S. leadership under Joe Biden is at 49% and rising. This is a substantial increase from a miserable 30% at the end of Donald Trump's presidency due to four years of wrong-headed decisions.
It appears that Joe Biden is more interested in fixing
@JudgeJeanine @EricTrump what’s wrong with America than in his predecessor’s playboy lifestyle of golf, resort living, and lavish vacationing at a $151,500,000 cost to taxpayers--BillGindlesperger
#EricTrump #LoserTrump #ThankYouBrandon publicopiniononline.com/story/opinion/…

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29 Oct
This exceptional editorial is a MUST READ for anyone with half a brain in Florida, as well as those with children, parents, grandparents and loved ones in Florida. I'll thread the entire thing here because some people may not be able to read it in its entirety and it must be read
Florida’s summer of suffering was also a summer of silence for Ron DeSantis. The governor had nearly nothing to say about his state’s lengthy run as No. 1 in the nation in COVID cases, No. 1 in hospitalizations and No. 1 in deaths. Instead, the governor held almost daily news
conferences intended to burnish his presidential bona fides among the MAGA crowd, and boost his presidential ambitions. Through it all, the governor pointedly ignored the elephant in the room: That Florida — his state, his responsibility — was the epicenter for a deadly new
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20 Jul
(THREAD) This article is from December. Since then, ex Key West mayor and #DeathSantis commission appointee Craig Cates has lost his wife and his 35-year-old daughter to COVID. All 3 got sick at a super spreader election party he hosted. 1/5 local10.com/news/local/202…
35-year-old Crystal Cates was being cared for at Jackson Memorial in Miami for 8 months. She had a double lung transplant on New Year's Eve. She passed away 2 weeks ago. Says fam friend, "Her father is a #DeathSantis Monroe County Commission appointee & has been silent about 2/5
COVID since losing his wife in December and still silent after just losing his daughter. She died a horrible death. I've known the family for 40 years and I have zero respect for him for not screaming from the rooftops about COVID after his wife's passing.If it were the other 3/5
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20 Jan
.@benjaminwittes' tiny cannons were bigger than Trump's pitiful 21 gun salute. Meanwhile the (lack of) crowd at Andrews is completely the #TrumpCrimeFamily and assorted griters. Trump looks defeated and I've never seen Melania look so animated. #ByeFelicia #GTFO 🖕🖕🖕
"Our vets are happy, our people are happy..the military is thrilled." (Spoiler: no, no they're not)
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17 Oct 20
@realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews Under your Turd Reich racist regime: Black Americans still continue to be concentrated in lower sector jobs, which do not have adequate healthcare or paid sick leave and have disproportionately exposed them to COVID-19. PPP from the Small Business Administration left Black
@realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews businesses out in the cold. Over 90% of Black-owned small businesses that applied for PPP funding were denied. This has led to over 40% of Black-owned small businesses being shuttered during COVID-19. For many Black people, Trump’s law and order rhetoric and dismissal of the
@realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews Movement for Black Lives unearths collective memories about his full-page advertisements in four New York newspapers including The New York Times, to crucify the now exonerated Central Park 5. In big, bold letters, Trump’s headline read: “Bring Back the Death Penalty.
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18 Jun 20
This whole Matt Gaetz outing of his so-called secret 'son' is so on brand for the repulsive #FloridaMan, trying to convince people that he is not a repugnant racist who took a Holocaust denier as his plus 1 to the #SOTU, and that, look here, I have a brown helper--er, son, see?!
But, since Matty has now thrown his big reveal party for the entire American public, there are a few questions to be answered beyond those involving pool cleaning. That's just none of our biz. What we do want to know is, who is Maisbel Mendez, why did the Gaetz family buy her a
Beemer, why does she have the same Fort Walton Beach, FL address as Matty (and a mug shot too), and why was she involved in a 2016 court case against Nelson SENIOR in which she petitioned for 'concurrent custody by extended family"? Also, who is Marbelina Matos, who lives
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1 Jun 20
First we muted it. Then we had to teach our kids what "grab her by the pussy" meant. Then we had to explain kids in cages. We explained why the white boys with tiki torches chanted "Jews will not replace us" while the "president" said there were 'very fine people on both sides.'
Then they learned what collusion, witch hunt, obstruction, impeachment & quid pro quo meant. They learned about real& fake news, learned about the murderous dictators that the "president" spoke so highly of & they learned about 'shithole countries.'They learned the word pandemic,
Covid-19, neither a hoax nor a flu, which has killed many of their friends' grandparents, aunts & uncles. Now they are learning more about the "president's" very fine people, a police officer supposed to protect them, who suffocated a black man with his knee as three others
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