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TRUMP tweeted bye-bye yesterday and also today. @GigiBird78 mentioned this Qpost, also @12BravoGran explained W.A.R can mean “WE ARE READY”. I saw @Melis_Strategic talking about @realDonaldTrump handing out candy.


#ByeFelicia #Qanon
My brother @Melanch10844904 sent me this link this morning which also has a candy reference. Ironic with Trump habding out candy...🤷🏻‍♂️

I made this BYE BYE BYE video when Trump misspelled By.

🎶 #Qanon @realDonaldTrump
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Over and over—ad nauseam—Trump promised a wall that Mexico would pay for. “100%” he said. “Mark my words;” he vowed. It was a campaign con, a rousing joke—like Trump himself. Now that the conman is president, it’s the ol’ bait & switch. Mexico who?? #ByeFelicia #TrumpResign
Trump shut down the govt over a racist campaign con. Mexico’s not paying for a wall. It’s not even a wall! John Kelly just now: “To be honest, it’s not a wall…We left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration.” What the experts said. (Not demagogues & propagandists)
So now they admit it. The “wall” is just a “metaphor,” says today’s Trump advisor @LindseyGrahamSC. The trouble is, it’s a metaphor for xenophobic racism, which is an irrational beast. So it’s never satisfied but keeps demanding more and more hate & fear
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I once EP’d a film called:
This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

It exposed how the @MPAA favors films from their owners, and punishes indies, favors war, punishes sex, favors straight, punishes gay, favors white, and punishes POC.

THAT was Joan Graves.…
You see, a film that gets an NC-17 rating is blocked from most theaters, even prohibited from advertising in most outlets.

So an NC-17 rating can cost a film millions.

Now, ask yourself, why did these two films get different ratings?
Joan Graves oversaw and created the system of ratings that gave The King’s Speech an R rating for saying the word “Fuck,” but gave The Expendables 3 a PG-13.

King’s had no nudity, sex, violence or drug use. It was about... a speech.

500 people were killed, on screen in E3.
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"Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment." #ByeFelicia…
"Jordan’s King Abdullah was in Washington on Tuesday and met with Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, but not the president."
"...has lashed out at several aides, from junior press assistants to senior officials. “He’s furious,” said one administration official. “Most staffers are trying to avoid him.”
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I'll give you my take on Omarosa: she is a con artist and a fraud.

No one should ever completely trust what she says. Plus, I have my own personal story about dealing with her as a journalist that I have never shared before.
First, Omarosa has proven herself to be a someone who has made a career of creating controversy over being dramatic and extra. She really have no real professional accomplishments beyond being controversial. Yet, she gets media attention. Why? I have a theory.
Omarosa, at her core, is a mercenary. She has no morals or devotion to anyone but herself. You can call her a sellout, but even sellouts are beholden to someone: the white man, black folks, someone.

Not Omarosa. She is beholden to whatever gets her paid. Nothing more.
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THREAD: the FBI agents who raided Michael Cohen’s office searched for records about *payments to TWO women* who claim they had affairs w/Trump, plus info on the role The National Enquirer’s publisher’s role in SILENCING one of the women‼️1/…
The public #corruption unit (of the Manhattan federal attorney) sought info on Karen McDougal, an ex-Playboy model who had an affair w/Trump. American Media Inc (the Enquirer’s parent company), whose CEO Pecker is Trump’s pal, paid her $150,000.🤨 2/
FBI agents also searched Cohen’s office for info on Stormy Daniels. Cohen paid Stormy $130,000 in HUSH MONEY *just days before the 2016 election*.🤔 3/
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This level of attention is what you should expect from congress when they are discussing our laws.

#mepolitics #TWPSB #Readthebill #bond2018
We should not elect ANYONE who does not demonstrate a capacity to read laws and does not appear to enjoy doing so. That's *the* job.

I wish everyone would take a step back from positions to notice many of our legislators are not proficient in the basic skills of the job. #TWPSB
If someone has not read and/or does not understand the text of a bill and the consequences that flow from that bill, then their opinions on positions are moot...because they cannot tell you if the bill accurately reflects those positions or addresses their championed problems.
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