DT was certain he would win.
-He told us on Election Day that he would be taking the election to the Supreme Court, where he had appointed three judges.
-he had an army of lawyers blitzing the lower courts with thousands false claims.
-he hammered away at elections officials
in multiple states to do recounts or send alternate slates of EC electors
-he flew elections officials to DC to browbeat them
-he demanded governors throw out results
-he stirred up anger at STOP THE STEAL rallies
-he hatched a legal script to send the election back to the states
-he blitzed RW media with outrageous claims of fraud
-he browbeat and coerced Pence to decertify the EC ballots.
-and then summoned, assembled, incited and let loose an angry mob on the Capitol.
-then he watched, delighted, as it was overrun and Congress evacuated.
-he sent no backup to help the police. His people seemed to be winning. Just a matter of time.
-even when they failed, he still had support to overturn the EC. But Pence was undeterred. He certified the election.
-the next day, DT conceded and promised a smooth transition. Lies.
-as soon as the second impeachment was over, he returned with renewed zeal with audits and RW press appearances, "statements," and angry rants at rallies about the millions of fraudulent votes. Determined to overturn the election and overthrow the government.
He had McCarthy & McConnell battle against a commission to investigate J6 and won.
But then the tides turned, a J6 committee formed, and now everything is splintering. It is out of his control. His last hope is to run out the clock till midterms, where the GOP might take
the House and disband the committee before it fully exposes him and refers him for criminal charges.
He is flailing, and is extremely dangerous, fomenting violence across the nation.
In his deranged mind, he believes he can still win. Image

• • •

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More from @VMadge

11 Nov
DT could not have done this alone.
By all reason, he should not have won the GOP nomination in 2016.
He was chosen by very powerful people who saw him as a tool to advance their causes. Saudi Arabia, Putin, Egypt, UAE, the Federalist Society, the Council for National Policy, Koch
related petroleum interests, Netanyahu and others.
Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, Kushner and Ailes got him elected by nefarious foreign associations and a massive disinformation campaign against Clinton. They invented Q and hawked absurd stories of cannibals and pedophiles.
They forced the hand of Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation by hinting at FBI corruption. Prince, Giuliani, Bannon, Junior, diGenova, Toensing, Parnas, Fruman manufactured fake stories to make Clinton look totally corrupted. They shared polling data with Russians to
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22 Oct
In A HANDMAID'S TALE, the slide into paternal Biblical autocracy was in small steps. Just like in Texas.
Then America split in two, creating Gilead, where women were stripped of power altogether, and severely punished for resisting.
23 states stand at the ready to join Texas in banning abortion without exception, restrict the telling of true history in America, stripping away gay and trans rights, and forcing Christian laws and prayer into the schools.
Those same states are passing laws to overturn the popular vote, to install lawmakers that conform to their Biblical expectations. That will happen in 2022 if Federal protections are not put in place.
Hence the immediacy of carving out the filibuster
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20 Oct
Nothing but lies, directly to American people, the day after the Capitol Insurrection. rev.com/blog/transcrip… Image
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23 Nov 20
I see a courageous person.
I see them at the podium.
Their face is grim with determination.
Their eyes focused straight into the camera.
They begin to speak in a confident, measured tone.
"To my republican colleagues, my democratic colleagues, and to all Americans of all
persuasions, I wish that it was not necessary for me to be here tonight. But there is a clear and present danger to this nation that I feel it is my duty to address. This may trigger the end of my political career, but my love of the people of this country compels me to warn you
that President Trump means to stay in power by any means necessary, including negating the very clear election victory by President-elect Joe Biden. It is unfolding in plain sight, with frivolous, empty lawsuits by the dozen, quickly rejected by seasoned judges around the country
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22 Nov 20
Those who follow @SethAbramson @emptywheel @sarahkendzior @gregolear @ZevShalev @ericgarland understand the true story about Trump corruption, and it is beyond outrageous. It is truly shocking. And that he has not been pinned down yet is a massive failure of the
justice system and the political system in DC.
It is international
It spans 6 continents
It involves hundreds of people & thousands of crimes.
Once out of office, he will spend the rest of his life in court in civil, state and international crimes.
I believe he should be impeached for intentionally allowing Covid to spread unchecked across the nation. That charge should be depraved indifference mass homicide or at least mass involuntary manslaughter. The world would see the evidence. If not convicted there would be chaos.
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22 Nov 20
If #WeThePeople had our way:
1- Elections would be publicly funded
2- Term limits for all offices/appointments
3- Eliminate mass media commercials for candidates, but give equal time to candidates to lay out their positions
4- Limit the campaign to 6 months total
5- Prohibit corporate donations
6- Prohibit PACS
7- Prohibit corporate lobbying
8- Repeal Citizens United
9- Abolish the electoral college
10- Have national vote by mail/drop box
11- Make it a crime for elected officials/candidates to tell lies.
12- Make it illegal for either party in Congress to prevent a floor vote on any bill.
13- All Congressional, Presidential, VP and judges would have to pass FBI background checks
Read 4 tweets

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