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Let's journey back on the #FireTheSG movement, shall we?

December 2018, @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD convinced the public #media, inflating a false "epidemic" w/30-day use, not daily.

Lie #1:…

Based on feelings, Google alerts, potential & inaccuracy.
No refuting vaping products help smokers quit, 👆above, continues below...

With #data he wanted to present, sentiment and "feelings" continued.

Lie #2:…

Indifferent, bans & taxes ⏫increasing countrywide, & no care of helping smokers quit.

False statements, accusations continued. When corrected, he didn't like that and had to swallow his narrative.

In full, with @2Vaping, @TheLegionCmdr, @Surgeon_General & others:…

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth“

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Part 9

Thread to Document “Coronavirus”

“Charles Lieber, 60, Arrested by federal agents...Could this be connected to new @DeptofDefense Microsoft contract, Gates Foundation funding & efforts to mandate vaccines, Coronavirus & Chinese Espionage?

“Virus-Sized Transistors”
“Coronavirus,China’s Secret Plan to Weaponize Viruses:

“In secret speech given to high-level Communist Party cadres nearly 2 decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian, explained a long-range plan for ensuring Chinese national renaissance”
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Welcome Newbies to the #GreatAwakening ❤️🇺🇸⚖️

Many of you seek answers here and you've come to the right place! Please be patient w/ the info - its alot to take in. Go at your own pace. If you need help, ask publicly as Im unable to answer you personal questions.
If you do not know how to use Twitter, learn now. Most of the latest truths and info is here from anons. Make sure you are following @realDonaldTrump for updates.

Plenty of YT tutorials on how to use this platform. I do not endorse this vid but 👇

One of the most important things you can do is TURN OFF MSM completely. Unplug your cable and free your mind. Reading truth here will save you. But you must filter through the madness.

First and foremost, get rid of your TV and MSM news sources.…
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@GoboMontaco ^Let us un-learn > UNROLL 3906

>Decide for yourself (be free from outside opinion). >Decide for yourself (be objective in your conclusions).

@meggersxo129 @SouthBostonAnn1 @decornut123 Leave #CNNdumpster behind. #CrimesAgainstHumanity
Read QARMY #BeTheStorm #JQIN >
@GoboMontaco @meggersxo129 @SouthBostonAnn1 @decornut123 ^⚔️2
>Decide for yourself (be true in your own beliefs). >Decide for yourself (be open to following the facts). >Decide for yourself (be strong in defending your beliefs).


@AnnBobby6 @Jeri203 #Republic @Patriotpride14 @DreamGoDar1 #RuleOfLaw #JusticeComing >
@GoboMontaco @meggersxo129 @SouthBostonAnn1 @decornut123 @AnnBobby6 @Jeri203 @Patriotpride14 @DreamGoDar1 ^⚔️3
>Decide for yourself (be resistant to blindly accepting fact-less statements).
Those who attack you. Those who mock you. Those who cull you. Those who control you. Those who label you. Do they represent you?

@JamieNorvell @chrisntx39 @RedGin13 #KSMtrial2021 #WhereDaMoneyGo>
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Protecting American Constitutionalism & Sovereignty from the International Criminal Court… September 10, 2018

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an international court established in July 2002, upon the entry into force of a ...
... multilateral treaty known as the Rome Statute.

Though the United States originally signed the Statute in 2000, the Senate failed to ratify it.

In May 2002, President George W. Bush authorized then-Under Secretary of State John Bolton to “unsign” it based on the U.S.' ...
... view that it was fundamentally illegitimate.

The United States’ view was grounded in concerns over the broad, unaccountable powers granted to the ICC and its Chief Prosecutor by the Rome Statute, powers that posed a significant threat to US sovereignty and ...
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1/3 #MeghanMarkle is a MAN!

#WeThePeople do NOT want these pedos in our country!


Video was deleted off YT turn up volume 3 parts 👇👇👇
2/3 #MeghanMarkleIsAMan part 2 of 3
3/3 #MeghanMarkleIsAMan

#RoyalFlush #NoRoyalPedosInUSA #Pedogate #Trannygate
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What Is the Federal Reserve System?
The Federal Reserve System (FRS) is the central bank of the United States. The 'Fed,' as it is commonly known, regulates the US🇺🇸monetary & financial system. #Money
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn…

Watch this excellent historical video that will clarify & answer this question! #MoneyForThePeople #FederalReserveSystem #banks

ThanQ 🙌 ColdFusion >UTube
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn

Note u're choice. Are u in agreement? Why / why not?
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Just 37 thousand usa troops in Europe.
Nothing happening...
No arrests...
Waaaa mommmy!!!
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1. Last night, I was awakened by God and told to go the Bible. No particular name or number so I just opened the book📖✝️

The calm before the storm.🌩🌪

We have arrived.🙏🏼 03.22.20 = 3 (reduction)

It is time.⏱


Thank you @amory_miller for this terrific meme ❤️👇🙏🏼
2. Today is the day before The Storm. The storm that @potus has been talking about since we elected him. 💥🇺🇸

#TheCalmBeforeTheStorm 🌩

Look at 3 seconds follow Potus' finger he is making a Q💥
38 second video watch here 👇

3. Let's take a look at what is REALLY going on. Instead of me writing a long thread about the reality of all this, read this excellent thread by 👉 @KillAuDeepState 👈 who hit this spot on. Read and come back here to #4 in this thread below.

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***Warning Rage Inducing info,if you are an #AmericaLovingPatriot***
I appreciate this so very much, but I am livid now after reading this. I cannot for ALL my ignorance comprehend how in the HELL ALL these Anti-American employees still work for us!!!??!…
This is totally unacceptable.
We dont understand how our great Patriot @POTUS gets attacked relentlessly,daily, because #WeThePeople (OWNER of the company)
Have allowed at least 50 employees of ours,that WE hired,continue to have cush jobs, working against USAs wishes & #Trumps
The USA is a CORP. Goals should be Growth,Health,Financial Strength,Military Strength, High Employment,TrustWorthy Allies.
And A solid,far thinking,High moral,Honest,God Loving,America Loving Group of #PatrioticLeaders REPRESENTING our Citizens wishes.
This is why we VOTE!
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@POTUS signed legislation for American workers w pd sick leave & paid family medical leave, at no cost to employers, & free tests for those that need it.

*Trump wants to give people $ & Mnuchin is fighting that. McConnell's GOP watered down into a tax rebate (not Trump team).
Benefits directly to people can also equate into: suspended payments (student loans, tax returns, mortgages/foreclosures) & more...

The ultimate benefit to humanity is global debt forgiveness, which is in the architecture/directive. Criminal elite were #Checkmate #MEGA #GoodWins
When #WeThePeople discover the bank bailout 2008, directly rewarded those criminally responsible for their own failures/results... 💥

Direct relief to every human being is of greater benefit, sustainable, fair; honoring humanity. Fact:Everyone heirs from #WorldTrust #GiftLove 🌈
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Part 2

Thread to Document Injustice Perpetrated Against @GenFlynn & By Extension Against All Innocent Americans Targeted by DOJ & Corrupt Prosecutors:

“As DIA Director @GenFlynn Received “Enormous pushback from Obama Administration after he warned them about dire consequences of toppling Assad”

“I felt that they did not want to hear the truth” Gen. Flynn stated”… 12/27/2015
“the President when Flynn had been cleared of everything long before that. The DOJ is withholding a lot of evidence & information, as are Clapper & Brennan & all of the people who participated in the complete setup of Michael Flynn.”(Terrible!) Sidney Powell. This is a disgrace!”
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🦠 Several governors including Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Jay Inslee & Governor J.B. Pritzker should form a #COVID19 committee and give daily press briefings, preempting Trump’s angry outbursts, lies and dangerous #disinformation.

Every channel should carry these pressers.
🦠 Each governor should have their experts on standby so they can answer all questions possible.

Other governors will follow their lead and learn from their experiences.

Our governors and #WeThePeople will lead us out of this mega-crisis.
📺 No network should air Trump’s bogus press conferences anymore as that just leads to fact checking, which leads to exposing Trump’s lies & odd behavior & monopolizes the news on a daily basis.

#WeThePeople don’t need this type of news.

We need information we can trust. NOW!
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.@realDonaldTrump communicated with #WeThePeople in an epic Tweet Storm last night (3/19/2020) 2 share the actions by public servants 2 address the Chinese Coronavirus crisis now a reality N the United States. Here's a thread to organize them all into 1 thread.


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Bob's understanding of what's happening re: #coronavirus.

On the other end of the spectrum from containment & mitigation, they are rapidly developing a number of effective treatments including a possible cure in the form of two drugs, Malaria drugs, that are on the shelf now in
2) local Pharmacies and would simply have to scale up production to keep the nation, and the world, supplied. A renown virologist in the South of France has proven it in a study of 45 people with a 100% cure rate, with patients all recovering in 6 days.

Community Spread - Truth
3) We can see by the numbers that CONFIRMED cases are showing community spread well beyond prior contact tracing containment attempts ie: it's spreading. What does this mean? Brace yourself.

It means that at a min. 10X the number of actual carriers in any given region have it..
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#Qprayers gratefully joins with:

Now every DAY at 6pm in your own time zone

Join as you can! Prayers to whitehats, peacekeepers & peacemakers, all those in service to this great awakening, blanketing this planet in a virgin robe of Light! 🕯️
#Qprayers gratefully joins with:


Global Meditation on April 4/5 2020

Be one who creates the world we're calling forth, together!

Our hearts & minds shaping the world as #WeThePeople see & feel! Love conquering all! #DissolvingEvil

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"Now lets set the record straight.
There's no argument over the choice between Peace and War. But there's only one guaranteed way you can have Peace, and you can have it in the next second."

#WeThePeople🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA
Q!!mG7VJxZNCI17 Mar 2019 - 9:08:31 PM

'We must fight."
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Is .@realDonaldTrump hijacking the media's "fear to insight chaos" assignment? It's as if #POTUS saw this coming (#ProjectLookingGlass) and poised to manipulate the #DeepState agenda unfolding. An agenda put in motion to inflict physical and financial harm in a massive way.
Make no mistake about it, there is a silent war taking place and #WeThePeople are the pawns. They have us seeping with fear, but the chaos hasn't ensued and doesn't seem to be getting the chance. Leaning on the #MSM efforts, #Trump is pragmatically defining necessary order.
I'm an American living in Poland; I get the unique perspective of having my hand on the pulse, but with outside perspective. Whether you accept it or not, decisive actions are being taken that show Americans are drastically ahead of the curve no matter how this all plays out.
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What are [they] so afraid of?

Washington and Oregon Governors banning meetings of over 250 people?

Less than 20 cases in Oregon?

What happens when [they] finally realize that #WeThePeople are awake and know what [they] have been doing?

Remember LaVoy.…
FAKE virus.

Follow the money.
Who are @OregonGovBrown puppet masters?

Blue States = [DS] revenue collection zones

Why would Kate Brown use emergency powers to force a carbon tax bill on a State that has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world?…
China. China. China.

We are at war.
Oregon is a battle zone.


Rare earth minerals.

How to you steal US reserves for CHINESE companies?
FAKE climate panic.
Agenda 21.

@OregonGovBrown used the FAKE pandemic to bypass #WeThePeople…
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#Whistleblower @Johnheretohelp 3/9/2020: Quoted in screenshots concerning his friend & mentor Major General Eldon Bargewell, American Treasure & Hero, who lost his life 4/29/2019 “He was holding info for me, got it to intel community good guys & they started resetting things..”
“Someone died suddenly a while ago, a man I trusted implicitly. He was holding something for me. It went to his estate and took a bit to retrieve. Rod, Brennan, Hillary, Obama,"Sean", and all you local favorites and friends should be VERY nervous. You tried to get it, killed my”
“You killed my friend to keep it quiet. This is only one copy in case you're thinking of knocking on my door. All of you are toast. Here's a pic, I think you'll recognize the bug drive😁, one of many. You're toast.” 😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎”
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Hey @jack, why is my follower count going up to 70.6 and then dropping to 70.5 and then going up to 70.6 and then immediately dropping to 70.5 over and over again? Bot glitch? Throttle algorithm? Whatever you are doing it can't stop the truth so good luck. @TheJusticeDept @fbi
It wouldn't have anything to do with this thread would it?

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