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I took an overnight trip to S.F. back in '85. A couple of friends and I went to "Finnochio's; All feMale Review" and it was a Drag Show every night. Great fun.

NOT for kids, that's for sure. What bother's me more is not the perverts, they're just... perverts being pervy.

It's the PARENTS! That is a sick person who knowingly, willingly, and with malice aforethought actually TOOK their babies, toddlers, and young children to see grown-ass men twerk their junk in everyone's face.

#WeThePeople can't begrudge the Drag Queens their special...

...paraphilic "show," but that says a lot about the morality, rather, lack thereof, of the idiot #LibProGSocCommieTards out to show their "wokeness" by allowing perverts to use their children as little sexual pawns. Sick-arse sons-a-beaches
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1) People might think the trans agenda is what the people are pushing

It's not

It's being pushed by global elites and the WEF

@JoeBiden sold out our sovereignty for the global agenda and they are imposing their will on large corporations to push this agenda
2) The trans agenda is just one of many they are imposing on #WeThePeople and is everywhere

Recently I noticed subliminal messages on Instagram in the form of game advertising

Here you can see two examples one for the "Climate" change push and the next for the "Rainbow" push ImageImage
3) I recently approached someone in a thread who was calling someone a "bigot" for speaking her unbiased opinion that did not support their view to which they literally doubled down, talked about people "pretending", and called me prejudice without warrant ImageImage
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1. A list exists.
2. Motives exist.
3. Suspicion surrounding #Her and the deceased exist.
4. Deaths are serial in nature, with patterned cause.
5. As with covid, no #PeoplesAuthority to investigate and prosecute the crimes exist.

Each name should be a link to the circumstances.
So this begs the question [IF] even one of these were proven true, whenever anyone gets "too close," how easy is it for someone who sold their soul to the #HiddenHand to simply order a kill. It looks as easy as placing an order at the drive-thru of In-n-Out burgers. The threat
is real for anyone who speaks out. How many people are not on the list but were eliminated just the same.

Just look up the 100 GcMAF doctors who all died under suspicious circumstances for claiming it cured cancer.

And this helps to explain why @PierreKory @RWMaloneMD Image
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Sadly, Joe, that fact should inform YOU of just how messed up it is to NOT accept we are ruled by a #CorruptOnePartySystemOfGovernment.

They lowered the bar so low that decades-old, kitchen table issues have never been addressed.

Anymore, if you point out the corruption of one
party people just assume you must support the other party. It's like saying, do you want your💩🥪 in a paper bag or a plastic bag.

#TooBigToFail: corrupt #CentralizedBanks under W. Bush, Hank Paulson comes out to the Rose Garden and reads a 3-page ransome note - gives us $750B
or else! Less than $1T <<< A historical and astronomical amount, shit not anymore. And this was after HW and his cocaine addicted son W were the cause of the 1986 crash with their corrupt Savings and Loans debacle.

All these crimes while we still have no healthcare. And THEY
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Missouri farmers were sold out by lobbyists like this. #WeThePeople are DONE with lobbyists paid for politicians like these. Thank you to @SCooperGG for listing the groups we need to target with boycotts to stop corruption & keep poison out of our food supply. #HB1169 did NOTHING……
Yesterday the lobbyists from Missouri Cattlemen and elsewhere threatened all the politicians on the committee. Said they would end their careers if they voted against #HB1169. THIS is the problem in DC & our state capitals. The LOBBYISTS are controlling the politicians. We need……
We also need to thank the individuals that stood against the pressure from the Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and others. Thank Holly Jones, Bill Hardwick, & the others that had the courage to do what was right over what was easy.
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Dear @AnheuserBusch,

This isn't a post by me, it's a post TO ME about YOU.

#WeThePeople are finished with your bullshit. Having surgery on his face does NOT, and never will, make Dylan Mulvaney a woman. He is a CARICATURE, he's putting on an OFFENSIVE, DISGUSTING SHOW and... Image
2/# people have some idiot, woke, GenXer in Marketing who thought this would be an EXCELLENT IDEA, and all the Boomers on the Board, what? Abandoned common sense because they're enamored with a dude who identifies as a 6-year-old girl. Can you guess WHY he identifies...

...with little girls? Of course not. Neither do I, but have enough sense to do research on what this means. You know what? I can't even post it here, because it's THAT gross, disturbing, and perverted. But, HEY!
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#Twitter keeps blocking this article that explains the #Missouri #HB1169 & the integration of #mRNA vaccines into food. Why? #WeThePeople #DiedSuddenly #Vaccine #truth…
#twitter will not let me post what I want about this so I’m going to break it down and see where the issue is. #Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher is pushing the Rs in #Missouri to block #HB1169 - will he stand with #WeThePeople or #BigPharma?
The integration of vaccines into food has been studied and understood for many years - they are trying to hide it from the public. Especially the fact that they are now trying to do it with #mRNA #GeneTherapy #DiedSuddenly shots
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"A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

Amendment II, Bill of Rights ratified by Congress 1791.

Seems pretty much cut and dry. But there's more to it. Image
The Militia Act of 1792.

Everybody has to supply their own arms, ammunition and equipment.…

And there's this. 10 USC, §246, Militia Composition and Classes.…

Once again, #WeAreTheMilitia
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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It’s Mar. 8 and Day 33 of the Proud Boys trial. I’ll be live-tweeting here and on Lawfare: Govt had a powerful day yesterday, though hard to fully reenact on Twitter. Yesterday's thread started here:
The govt has been walking thru J6 from the PBs' 10am meetup at the Washington Monument thru, so far, breach 1 (at the Peace Circle) & breach 2 (thru the black metal fence across the West Plaza). One of 2 anchor exhibits is the montage below ...

... which takes the PBs from the monument to some taco food trucks near the Capitol, and then the exhibit below which takes them to breach 1 at the Peace Circle. The govt cut away from these frequently ...

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If #GeorgeWashinton was alive, he would see what @theDemocRATs are doing to the Country he Founded... it would kill him.

You people are seriously willing to give all your shit up to CHINA? You will have no shit. You will have no Twitter that isn't...

...State Sponsored Communist Propaganda. TikTok? The CCP owns it & everything is censored. Facebook? Have you not heard of the restrictions?

What about you overpaid LibTard ACTORS? Do you know how shit has to be censored in China, by the communist state?

Now, you'll get paid a pittance, but you won't have a choice, you are property of the state as well.

You get paid what the state thinks you deserve and they/them? They keep the rest! So the millions that you are paid to make an "R"-rated flic? Bummer! The state gets your...
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@IanCopeland5 is acting for the US Dept of defense performing this role. They set him up with a shell genomics company to frame him as an authority.

The implications of this are profound....

The tweet ignoring responses and mocking dissenters is irrelevant
Under normal circumstances a "free" society relies on the judiciary to act in the public's interest to protect from tyrannical governments. But the judiciary is captured, just like in nazi Germany.

So the last stop is the military. Who are they working for?
Now you have your answer.

The military are the only entity who have the resources to force the rollout of the failed gene therapy vaccines and support the fraud needed to sell it, such as #blotgate

It's the same in the UK…
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𝐓𝐇𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐃: Proof that Ray Epps Was a Die-Hard Trump Supporter!
Ray Epps' activities go beyond what an FBI agent or asset would be permitted to accomplish.
Ray Epps was added to the FBI's WANTED list on January 8 and removed from it on June 30, 2021, after he was formally recognized by the New York Times.
The MSM defense of Ray Epps is strange, in this piece ("Ray Epps has suffered greatly in the previous 10 months as right-wing media personalities and Republican lawmakers have baselessly labeled him..." — NYT, July 13, 2022) is particularly suspect.…
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After 6-years of propagandizing the us with RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, the Washington Post just released a story stating the Russian bot narrative wasn’t real. It must just be a coincidence the new #TwitterFiles drop is about Russian bot disinformation. 🤷‍♂️🤔 #WaPo @elonmusk
Published January 9th by #WaPo. #WeThePeople can see you as clear as day @washingtonpost. You are an enemy of the people. Image
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🧵🎯 PART 1 🎯 of XVI
💥 Videos you may have not seen
#RayEpps Made Shocking Admission Of His Involvement…
🚩 Does anyone understand this?
of 2019
Sect 6
Joseph R Biden, jr
from GSA
#opensocietyfoundation Image

🛑 #ILLEGAL+NonCitizens who Accessed & REGISTERED
to VOTE on:
°#CBPOneDatabase APP
°Federal+#NGO Databases

🇺🇸 GOP
PARTNER w/#SocialMedia

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he has friends in high places that are POS's as well.

Here's two branches on the #NaughtyList family tree #HoGoHo #MerryChristmas #ThanxElon #BidenWorstPresidentInHistory #Obama #TreasonHasConsequences #MadeinAmerica… Image… #HoHoHo
Don't you know?
Obama quietly signed this Act creating the "Ministry of Truth" in 2017.
Trump (Q)uietly signed The Insurrection Act as soon as he took office.
That's how he survived and endured this whole crazy show you've been watching.
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This is the biggest story you are missing right now. Amazing thread and great video. Watch and share. The end will show how you can help. It’s time to take our country back #powerofthepen…
💥Brunson Case: How You Can Help
💥Copy/Print Letter or Follow Instructions
How do I write my 2 Letters to the Supreme Court & Brunson Brothers?👇
1. Get 2 Envelopes, 2 Stamps, 2 pieces of paper.

2. On each piece of paper write attention to the
“9 Supreme Court Justices” Express support of Brunson vs Alma S Adams et al, No.: 22-380
Sign your NAME and 📅 DATE it.
Here’s a link to a template letter to personalize/print:…
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A couple of things confuse me...with regard to ❝normal❞ police procedures:

1.🔨If this was truly a home invasion, & NOT a ❝date-night-with-the-dudes-gone-wrong,❞ wouldn't the police have entered with their weapons drawn?
2.🔨And, since they didn't have their weapons drawn...

...(my assumption will be explained in a bit), does that, in fact, confirm the claim that PauLousi told someone, say...the 9-1-1 Operator that his ❝attacker❞ was a ❝friend❞ named ❝David?❞
3.🔨Most confusing is that when the Police entered the home, Dave was on...
🔨🔨🔨/? of PauLousi, and they SAW him grab the hammer and clock the old dude.
4.🔨Back to #2 & my assumption: ❝the police would have entered w/out knocking & w/ their guns drawn BEFORE PauLousi got clocked❞ shouldn't they have been ready & expecting to shoot a man...
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DUDE! I would laugh AT YOU if your words weren't so incredibly wrong/stupid on so many levels.

Please, do a little research on ❝overthrowing a government❞ I'm ASS-U-ming you're referring to 6 Jan.

Apparently, you don't have the wherewithal to look at the charges that have...

...been filed against the ❝protestors❞ = Trespassing. Oh, and misdemeanor Vandalism. These protestors are being held as ❝Political Prisoners❞ & have been denied their Constitutional RIGHT, including but not limited to a speedy trial...

If you are, in fact, a VETERAN then you really should be, at least a teeny-tiny bit concerned that every person involved in the unconstitutional confinement of the 6 Jan. protestors is violating their ❝Oath of Office❞ - including you, old man (see attachments below)...
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#Corona is the start shot to #NWO
do #WeThePeople stop them?
Dr. Henry Kissinger, advisor to George W. Bush at the Bilderberg conference in Evians, France, 1991:
"Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops occupied Los Angeles, Miss, to restore order. In the near future,
2) #Corona is #NWO start
it will be grateful! Especially when you tell people that a threat exists from the outside - whether the threat is real or not. threat exists - whether the threat is real or merely propagated - that threatens all of our existence is threatened.
3) #Corona is #NWO start
Then it will be that the people of the whole world will plead, to save them from this evil. The only thing that every human being fears is the UNKNOWN (he most) If the scenario presented comes to pass, people will voluntarily give up their personal rights
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"I've read many tweets today & I cannot engage, like or RT any 🤡 🗺 nonsense & ritualistic sacrifice remembrances, as most wish not to be a part of the solutions to end all of it, but wish only be a part of their own trafficked enslavement in ignorance."

I wrote this on the ...
... PSYOP day of all days 9/11, the day 14th Amendment Americans, trafficked as slaves already, but made, enemy of the STATE, via the "oxymoronic statement" THE PATRIOT ACT. "Acts" in the MATRICES CRIMINAL SYSTEM, or the FICTION people have no idea they are SLAVES to?

Read. ImageImageImage
Know thyself and Know what lawful government of #WeThePeople is.
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So what’s in the GOP plan that Stefanik held up? Could be this?
- Traditional conservative orthodoxy —support for tax cuts & reductions in gov spending —typical
- Only women can compete in women's sports" — which would seek to ban trans women from playing on women's sports teams
2/- pledge to adv fed legislation to restrict abortion access
-no birth control
- opposition to any legislation to restrict gun rights, pledging to "safeguard" 2nd A.
-"conduct rigorous oversight" & "require WH to answer 4 its “incompetence” at home & abroad," & hold hearings on:
3/-origins of the coronavirus pandemic,
-U.S. withdrawal of Afghanistan,
-Justice Department's investigation into TFG & the alleged illegal possession of classified documents at his FL estate.
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Welcome to the dystopian HELL HOLE called KKKalifornia. Cali is run by #LibProgSocCommieTard douche-nozzle @gavinnewsom aka #GovGavGrewsom.

Is THIS what @theDemocRATs in Cali WANT?

Watch the movie, ❝Soylent Green❞... Soylent Green is people.…

I am incensed.

I am livid.

This idiot dotard needed to be run out of office on one of his STUPID...Moronic...High-speed rails to NOWHERE!

Did #WeThePeople of KKKali, vote FOR this SHIT? I don't recall voting in favor of ANY of the bullshit legislation you and your...

...gang of nasty, inhumane, murderous sycophants has put out there. Or, is this another one of your SICK f*cking, twisted, degenerate, EO's written under the Emergency Powers YOU have given YOURSELF?

It's no wonder your in-laws hate you so much they moved to FL & support...
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A thread on our great Republic: I spent yesterday @TJMonticello the author of the #DeclarationOfIndependence our 3rd president #ThomasJefferson and standing in his study, his bedroom, reading his words, touching his papers, I found myself reflecting on the state of our nation. 1/
Jefferson was no doubt a complicated, conflicted man. He wrote "all men are created equal" and yet, he owned African slaves. He fathered 4 living children with his 15 year old slave #SallyHemings and kept her as his concubine until his death. A period of over 35 years. 2/
The Jefferson I admire, Is the one who believes passionately in #ReligiousFreedom and who wrote it into Virginia's fabric as a commonwealth. He understood that every generation must renew its founding ideals & documents. He believed it should happen every 19 years. 3/
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