ARPA funds + Infrastructure Bill should restore all AC Transit lines in Berkeley ASAP in 2022. Line 80 needs to be re-directed from Albany to North Berkeley to make it a high ridership line and it should be done early 2022. The free Sunday day helps advertise for buses. #berkmtg
Bartlett and Taplin are very irritated that there's no bus service on Ashby. It doesnt make any sense for @rideact to have not re-directed the 79 down Ashby already instead of postponing it until the next year. Its not getting riders on Claremont.
@JesseArreguin @TaplinTerry should demand they put the 79 back on Ashby Avenue immediately. Irrespective of whether it gets passed, with kids back at Willard and it being a crucial crosstown street it needs to come back now not summer 2022
So for context (@berkeleyside) AC Transit cut crosstown service on Ashby meaning all the Berkeley Bowls, Alta Bates, 2 Walgreens, and any crosstown service south of University Ave no longer existed. We at @TransitRidersEB petitioned to bring it back.
So AC Transit says that 80 had bad ridership north of University Avenue but high ridership along Ashby. So they proposed to re-direct the 79 from Claremont District to Ashby Ave. But they wanted to do it next year which is bad, cause its really needed as an emergency measure.
Long term, the 80 should just be re-directed to Cedar in North Berkeley and restore a line that was cut in 2010 that we never got back. And the El Cerrito/Albany community can be served by extending the 52 to 99 Ranch.
@JovankaBeckles notes they have a driver shortage so they had to prioritize high frequency lines. Which is true so they can't run buses they dont have.
Ashby is a very important low income/essential services and school connectivity corridor while Claremont Uplands is not. @JovankaBeckles @jwalshie should ask staff to push the Ashby re-direction ASAP rather than a later year pilot as a emergency measure.
From my POV, as the proponent of both ideas, the appeal of free sunday transit is the same as free sunday parking. It'll lure families onto transit who will eventually become transit dependent. Federal funding should have services restored next year.
Re-directing the 79 down Ashby doesn't require additional capacity while serving far more people. Hopefully @JesseArreguin @TaplinTerry can get AC Transit to do that immediately rather than wait as some pilot thing.
@RigelRobinson wisely points out we already have free fares in Berkeley for Cal and City College students. I know students who literally wont go anywhere until their transit passes kick in. We know it boosts ridership but its 1 part of making transit better.
They passed it with amendments that the free Sunday pass be contingent on service restoration.
@RashiKesarwani proposing to eliminate free sunday parking is based btw esp if used to pay for free transit

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4 Nov
Something needs to be done about @rideact's 51B because this is insane. The bunching and slowness is awful. Its been coming in 7 minutes for 16 minutes now
This really makes me wanna run for office because its insane this is allowed to happen. If there were Japan officials would be apologizing
I posted that tweet 12 minutes ago and the Marina bus is still 2 minutes away. I dont understand
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4 Nov
It looks like its going to take me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from the Berkeley Marina to North Oakland with 30 mins being thanks to 2 bus stops being removed w/o replacement and the 50 minutes because @rideact is infrequent and slow. Time to get an ebike.
In a car this trip takes 16 minutes.
So during thr Marina configuration, @rideact removed 2 stops and as usual never replaced them so i had to walk all the way around the pedestrian bridge. Once i get to West Berkeley, i had to wait 15 mins for a 51B. Then the 51B was held up by traffic. Now im in Downtown 1 hour in
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2 Nov
This is BART wayfinding in a nutshell. They installed a whole 'nother sign to say the same thing instead of just replacing the slide on the old sign. But fine, use the old sign to indicate main stops "SF, Oakland trains" and then "Richmond, El Cerrito" opposite side. Image
Instead of informing us we are entering BART at the main fare gate which is a bit obvious, install countdown clocks for each train line Image
Young woman asks anothrr woman with a basket for help to get to San Francisco because its unclear where "Berryessa" goes and she cant tell which line this is supposed to be on her examination of Google directions. Image
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28 Oct
Karen Chapple has made a new displacement model she's testing out.
Chapple: Our first round of research that the LAO cited showing market-rate housing curbs displacement was a little odd because we used Census data and we really needed to do household data individually. Image
Chapple: We know there's a shortage and it's probably around 2.8 million. We need to build in the infill urban core because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We haven't been doing enough cause of NIMBYism and land cost. ImageImage
Chapple: What this great research shows (linked below) is that the share of local moves within the same area declined. People can't move around their own areas anymore. We dont build enough. Not enough vacancy. Not enough sellers. Filtering has been broken
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4 Oct
My take on People's Park is that there's a generational shift. It's not the 1960s anti-Vietnam War, pro-free speech uprising and the current issues facing UC students are homelessness and the housing shortage. UC is taking advantage of this cultural shift by settling an old score
I've been sitting around Berkeley listening to old people talk about their days at People Park. Yesterday I discovered my Gramps planted trees during the park battles. The sense I get is disappointment but also a "what can you do, time is linear and we're old" attitude.
Meanwhile many UC students have talked about People's Park and the sense I get is that most are supportive or apathetic. They want more housing and don't see the 1960s movements as relevant to current issues in the world.
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30 Sep
It would be Canada's largest housing development. In addition to being a demonstration of land use under Indigenous authority, it'll be a beautiful example of public lands extracting revenue for public good--in this case the good of the Squamish.…
I've been following this for a few months now and what fascinates me the most is, in addition to seeing what Indigenous land use looks like, this is very different by Western standards. You see this in East Asia a lot but not the West.…
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