.@JayCaruso I asked you a question hours ago. What are the names of the men who made complaints to @ProjectLincoln? Why can’t you name them.? Why can’t you name the people who were ignored? You know why? Because it’s a smear and it’s all BS. I can name the people who made
Complaints against Trump. Why can’t you do it against @ProjectLincoln? I can name the women that made complaints about Andrew Cuomo. Why can’t you do this simple thing? Are you a journalist? For months you have made ad hominem attacks alleging a coverup. What are your facts?
Names, dates, places, people? What does your General Counsel think about that? What about your superiors? How about your colleagues?
Or has all pretense of reporting reality and facts just completely disappeared? Is that what conservatism is too you? What is it that you do for a living exactly? The job of the Managing Editor of the Washington Examiner is smearing people who oppose Trump with
Ad hominem, guilt by association attacks that lack any facts? Is that the job? Does the “Conservative Media” issue a double 00 license to smear to the Managing Editor of the Washington Examiner? I’d like you to take down your posts or lay down your cards. You’ll do neither.
The reasons for that are two fold. First, you are happily dishonest. Second, you are not in fact what you claim to be. A Journalist seeks truth. You are a propagandist for the worst cause in this country since the Confederacy and Jim Crow. Here are the facts. No person ever
Filed an allegation against John Weaver with @ProjectLincoln. The Hastings Law firm conducted an independent investigation of the matter and concluded that the organizations General Counsel handled the matter properly with regard to the conclusion that there was no credible
allegation. Please try and tell me what it is that happened that gives you license to say the things you’ve said.? I have a feeling that I’m going to be waiting. @brianstelter @EricBoehlert @ErikWemple . The media coverage around this issue has been beyond slovenly.
The dishonesty of the Conservative media and the Fox smear machine on this matter are appalling. I’d like to add a personal note. If there are no people who filed complaints against John Weaver with @ProjectLincoln and John Weaver was never ever physically present with any human
being involved in @ProjectLincoln and all of the allegations of sexual advances occurred before the Lincoln Project existed, why is Weavers conduct my fault and responsibility? Why is it the fault of @ProjectLincoln? What gives @JayCaruso the right to incite insanity towards my
children, my home and my person by calling me a Pedophile enabler? What gives @JayCaruso the right to use Q anon conspiracy words in his attacks on me? Does he consider it hunting? Is he hoping that one of the crazies that has been triggered to make a threat of violence against
me online or send bags of human excrement to my children’s door step will take it further? @JayCaruso In your fantasy are you hoping for a gun? A knife? Has the FBI ever been to your house Jay? Have they ever been there to tell you that you were found on a list made by a Biden
Bomber? I’m guessing the answer is no @JayCaruso. The only bombers seem to be associated with the man you smear for, Trump. That’s what brought the FBI to the door my son answered. What gives Jay the right to smear me or the @ProjectLincoln is the First Amendment and as
Disgusting as I find @JayCaruso I will be the first in line to defend his right to use it to defame me and even create danger for my family as a result. The First Amendment is that sacred. What is broken, it seems to me is a media culture that lacks the ability to connect the
dots. It isn’t about the @ProjectLincoln and @JayCaruso doesn’t even matter. It’s about the intimidation, the intimations of violence and extremism that is spreading like a hemmoraghic fever. It’s about the School Boards and the citizens who volunteer to serve who are being
threatened with death by political extremists egged on by a former President and the GOP Leadership of the country. It’s about members of Congress who are threatened and intimidated as well as journalists who seek truth. It’s about fascist organizations like the Proud Boys who
are an open air part of the GOP emblazoning Kyle Rittenhouse on sweatshirts with dead black Americans at his feet. I’m proud of the role the @ProjectLincoln played in 2020. I’m sad that the organization has done such a bad job of communicating the facts around the Hundreds of
thousands donated to Stacey Abrahams or millions spent on grass roots activity with great leaders and activists like @Michael_Nutter and Reverend Tyler in Philadelphia. The Lincoln Project threw no low blows. I stand behind every ad and challenge someone to tell me what ad is
factually errant. There are none through the Georgia specials when I was running the strategy. Either way it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does is this. I am an American and it is my birthright to speak out and fight back against authority including and especially against
a President as awful as Trump. In the United States no person should be smeared for speaking up and out. If it can happen to me and @ProjectLincoln it can happen to anyone. How much longer does anyone think it will be before people start thinking twice about being involved
in a groups like Planned Parenthood or the NAACP or a thousand others that draw the gaze of hatred, extremism and menace. I called out @JayCaruso because he deserves it and because cleaning up this cesspool has to start with saying enough.
Politics is a tough business and it should be. The stakes are high. In this country it shouldn’t be a lethal business. It’s heading there because of men like @JDVance1, Trump, @rupertmurdoch, @GOPLeader, @TuckerCarlson and a thousand nodules of interwoven puss.
venom and misinformation. It is there that @JayCaruso lives, in the cesspool, inciting violence and smearing the enemies of the man who tried to be an American dictator.

• • •

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13 Nov
The dishonesty is appalling. You are a right wing smear merchant. 1. there are many men Weaver is alleged to have harassed. Most all of the harassment activity predated the Lincoln Project, as in before it existed. No person EVER filed a complaint against Weaver with
@ProjectLincoln. Your attack is guilt by association crap. I accused you of inciting violence. You are. Against me and my kids. You are supposed to be a journalist. You have called me a Pedophile enabler absent any facts, evidence. Ect…. Apparently, you feel license to slander
me like this because the NYT reported Weaver had email exchanges with a 14 year old boy when he worked for Kasich in 2015, 4 years before the @ProjectLincoln existed. You know full well that “Pedophile Conspiracy” attacks are core to Q ANON dogma. You know about the violence
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13 Nov
No @Cam_Cawthorne that isn’t what I’m saying. BTW, I was riding up Roger Ailes secret elevator, you know the one near his private entrance, the one he used to bring the women up, a long time ago for insane secret meetings. Are you incriminated by Ailes? O Reilly? There was an
investigation conducted by Hastings. It found no evidence of any actionable sexual harassment complaint being made against Weaver. When there was an investigation at Fox what was the finding? Weavers conduct was deplorable but NO person ever made a complaint. I only dispute one
point of fact and one characterization from the NY MAG story on this matter, including my quotes all of which are accurate. I’ll just lay it out for you and @JayCaruso an unfriendly Murdoch/Anschutz jury. The NY Mag story states the following
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12 Nov
You are extremely dishonest. More than 80 percent of monies raised by the Lincoln Project went to spending on voter contact. You should read the @costareports and @realBobWoodward book to understand the degree to which @ProjectLincoln destabilized Trump which is why you are angry
During my political career I have always attempted to run organizations with under 20 percent of gross receipts. It is not easy to do. The Trump campaign is a nine figure grift and it ran out of money. I’m curious why you haven’t ever written about that. Lol.
The @ProjectLincoln issued a report detailing its spending that is available online. Please compare the disclosures made beyond any legal requirements and compare them to any other SuperPac. There is nothing to hide and the donor money was well spent in campaign 20
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12 Nov
There are three profoundly important elections that will take place in 22. The American Media spends 99.9 percent of its energy focused on the US midterms. The two others are the French and Brazilian Presidential elections. This American autocratic movement is far from alone.
In fact, it is deeply connected to a global movement with which it coordinates. @TuckerCarlson went to Budapest and propagandized for an anti Semitic fascist, Viktor Orban. @Mike_Pence happily went to Budapest to smile on stage with European fascists and nationalists and CPAC
has announced it will be holding its convention there as well. @BarackObama delivered a clear, compelling, realistic and honest account of the challenges around dealing with Climate change in Scotland last week. Here is another truth. Brazil is essentially the Earth’s lungs.
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12 Nov
.@JayCaruso You are the Managing Editor of the Washington Examiner Magazine. Are there any journalistic standards there? Any? You have made a very serious accusation against me. What evidence do you have? What is the name of the person or people who told me about John Weaver?
The answer is there are no people. Donald Trump and Andrew Cuomo are two men who have had multiple credible allegations made against them for Sexually Harassing and assaulting women. Those women have names. They were born, here on Earth. They have Birth Certificates and Photo ID
What are the names of @ProjectLincoln employees who made complaints against John Weaver? You know the names? Right? Actually, there are no people. NO PERSON EVER FILED A COMPLAINT AGAINST JOHN WEAVER WHO WORKED FOR the LINCOLN PROJECT. Yet, you, a “journalist” have taken to
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12 Nov
I’ve only met your husband once and was only on one ten minute call with him during the entirety of the Lincoln Project. I was delighted when he left the organization in August because frankly, the Conway Show made my skin crawl. I directed the strategy of @ProjectLincoln
and we both know how much damage that did to Trump. I had no involvement in the day to day operations, management, logistics, ect of the organization. In fact, during the time of my day to day strategic involvement with the @ProjectLincoln I only ever gave one direct order to
the staff. Do you know what it was? No? I’ll tell you. I said if “I catch anyone following your daughter on Social Media or worse making any comments about her, they would be fired on the spot.” I did that to protect an abused kid, a kid abused by you. At least someone in the
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