THREAD: "We are almost dead bodies!"

What a heart-wrenching💔 expression from one of my contacts in #WesternTigray!

I saw the following picture going viral on Facebook. I was curious to know more & contacted the very person who posted it.

"A translation to his post: "Those who are in this picture are Tigrayans whom the Ethiopian govt announced about saying they are PoW. One of them [the one pointed out with an arrow] is a person whom I know very well. He's detained at Milabferes, Adigoshu, [Western Tigray]."

" His name is Muley & he is originally from Selekleka, [North_Western Tigray] and now they are parading him [who is a civilian] as a prisoner of war. They are torturing our civilian people."

My question to him: "Hi my brother, do you know Muley very well? Was he a civilian or a fighter? How about the others, do you know them?"

He was very humble and honest. He answered, "Yes, I know him very well. He was my neighbour."

I asked: "Where was he living? Did they detain & take him from Adigoshu? When did they detain him? Can you guess the month? Which detention camp is he now at? At Awash Arba?

He replied, "I don't know whether they have transported him to ..."

"... Awash Arba [concentration camp] or not. But I know that they [Amhara Forces] ordered him to join them [when he was at Adigoshu] & fight against the TDF."

"He rejected their order and then they detained him. I don't know where they took him and where he is now at. But I saw him today in the picture posted by an Ethiopian media under the title, 'these are prisoners of war & were captured by the Shewa Amhara Fano'."

For your information, Adigoshu is currently occupied by the joint Eritrean troops, Amhara Fano & Amhara Special Forces. A week ago, 100s of innocent #Tigrayans residents of the town have been taken to an unknown concentration camp.

Dozens among them were massacred by the Amhara Fano.

The int'l community has betrayed the people of #Tigray in general and the people of Western Tigray in particular.

How painful💔 it is to know that there is not a single int'l body that can investigate the concentration camps & massacres in Western Tigray?

Do not the lives of innocent #Tigrayans matter?

@antonioguterres @DrTedros @JosepBorrellF @Haavisto @RepGregoryMeeks @amnesty

A few days ago, one of my contacts in Western Tigray said, "Gerie, we've lost hope. Now, we are counting down the day we will be killed. Our days are counted..."


@nimaelbagir @ZekuZelalem @LABailey @ReutersAfrica @hrw @USAmbUN @AnnLinde @EUSR_Weber

"We don't have anyone to rescue us, no one; we are extremely traumatised: Right now my wife is begging me to stop talking with you. We're almost dead bodies."

All I could tell him & his wife was to have strong faith in God & persistently pray to Him.

• • •

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13 Nov

Ethnic profiling at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia!

One of my friends in Addis Ababa:

<<Gerewa, yesterday they took a copy of the employment IDs of every #Tigrayan employee at the Head Office of the Commerical Bank of Ethiopia.>>

I was curious and asked: " Wait, did they take the copy of the IDs of only the #Tigrayan employees or of all employees regardless of their ethnic background?"
To which my friend replied, "It is only the #Tigrayans ..."

@RepMcCaul @SenatorMenendez @USAmbUN @AnnLinde

"They might start detaining #Tigrayan employees tomorrow; that is what I feel."


@LaetitiaBader @hrw @GerrySimpsonHRW @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO @ICRC @katie_polglase
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13 Oct

#TheAgonies: #TigrayWarRapeVictims

THREAD: Western Tigray

Another day, another agony, a devastating story shared by a young #Tigrayan woman from a refugee camp in Sudan.

As I write her testimony, my heart is beating faster and and faster ...
@LaetitiaBader @jbgallopin
Few days ago, I wrote a lengthy thread about Christine, a teenager who was gang-raped by the Amhara Special Forces inside the compound of St Gabriel Orthodox Church at Humera town, Western Tigray.

Today, I write the story of Paula, another #Tigrayan woman.

Paula is originally from the town of Shire Endasilasie. She has witnessed the shelling of her hometown by the joint invading forces of @AbiyAhmedAli in November. She was there as the artillery shells were flying over her house and landing on households in the town.

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3 Oct
THREAD: #WeaponizedRape
Yesterday, I promised to write a thread about a 19-yrs-old girl who I talked with on the phone. I couldn't get the courage to write about her b/se I was overwhelmingly devastated by her story. But, I have to tell her story to the world no matter what.
Christine is originally from #Maikadra town. She and her family had to flee their hometown when it was changed to a hell on November 11, 2020. They took refuge at Humera town. After some days, the Ethiopian Army & Amhara Forces entered Humera. @LaetitiaBader @RepMcCaul @hrw
The Amhara Forces were targeting every ethnic #Tigrayan and hence they abducted her dad. Life got tough for Christine, her mom, and her siblings in Humera town. But, she decided to take care of her family by selling coffee & tea across the main streets in Humera.
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15 Aug

I have no words 📢📢📢

THREAD: #AbductedTigrayanCivilians

A heart-wrenching testimony from a #Tigrayan resident of Addis Ababa city:

Translated into English as follows:
Let my name remain anonymous for the sake of my safety. I'm writing to you about ...
..the atrocity that has been committed on us. So, please disseminate this to all concerned bodies.
They abducted us 20 days ago together with my love as we were walking from Gurd Shola [in Addis Ababa] to our home [in Addis Ababa] at 8:30 pm during the night.
First, they asked both of us to show them our ID cards. Both my love & I gave them our ID cards. Then, they said, "you have an ID card of #Tigray and this is perfectly what we are hunting after." They told me to get into a police vehicle they had. I challenged them why? @hrw
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13 Aug


Day 283: #AbductedTigrayanCivilians

Shedding light on the hidden concentration camps inside Ethiopia where 10s of 1000s of #Tigrayans have been thrown to & tortured mercilessly.

@amnesty @AmnestyEARO @FissehaTekle @hrw @LaetitiaBader @SenateForeign @nimaelbagir


Tsegay Tsadik was born at Alamata town, Southern Tigray. He was living in Addis Ababa & was studying his master's degree at Ethiopian Civil Service University. Previously, he was the administrator of Akaki Kaliti sub-city, Addis Ababa.
@AnnLinde ImageImage

Last week, the Ethiopian Federal Police abducted him from Saris [in Addis Ababa] & took him to an unknown location. His loved ones had not known his whereabouts until they saw his face on national TV a couple of days ago.
@USAmbUN @SFRCdems @SenatorMenendez @SweinEthiopia
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12 Aug

THREAD: #FreeGenetBirhanuManjus

Genet Birhanu, a selfless #Tigrayan humanitarian activist & CEO of Tinsae Tigray Humanitarian Organisation, was detained half an hour ago. This is for the 2nd time Abiy Ahmed's agents are detaining Genet within few months. ImageImageImage

Half an hour ago, the police arrived at Genet's office. They found her helping #Tigrayan university students whom @AbiyAhmedAli abandoned without anyone giving them food & shelter.

@amnesty @AmnestyEARO @hrw @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @mbachelet @mukeshkapila @wdavison10

Then, the police took her & the #Tigrayan university students who were there just receiving humanitarian aid from Genet.

@JosepBorrellF @JanezLenarcic @AnnLinde @eucopresident @EUinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @SFRCdems
Read 16 tweets

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