Chansley: "I was wrong for entering the Capitol. I have no excuse. No excuses whatsoever. My behavior was indefensible. Number two: I may be guilty of this crime. But I'm not a dangerous criminal.. I'm not an Insurrectionist.. I'm a good man who broke the law"
Chansley: "I'm nothing like these criminals I've been incarcerated with"
Chansley says he told the FBI everything.. because he's a "man of truth"

Chansley says he helped prosecutors and took the plea deal.
Chansley: "When people were throwing things at police, I told them to stop"

He joins a growing number of defendants who say he was trying to stop others in the mob. Lots of defendants are making this claim
Chansley is now blaming the media for ingraining "a narrative" in the public's mind.

He's calling it "controversial-ization"
Chansley says his tattoos are therapy for the emotional and psychological trauma he's experienced.

He is ..... unfocused ... at this moment of his remarks
Judge interjects to cite the letters of support that court has received about Chansley... about Chansley's prior work with at-risk youth
Chansley: "Most people will never understand.... what it's like to be in solitary confinement.. to go starving for 11 days.. to have the DOJ, FBI and the media put intense amount of pressure on you"

He's been leaning into his criticism of media. Heavily
At first Chansley appeared to be working through an organized checklist of talking points (numbered and thought out)

Now he's meandering.. talking about solitary confinement, starvation, being his grandfather's first grandchild, the judge's military service
Chansley: "I'm to blame"

Nearly 20 minutes into his remarks at his sentencing, the Q-Anon Shaman has *not* made any reference or allusion to being "caught up in the moment" or "caught in the frenzy", which has been popular line in other Jan 6 sentencings
Now Chansley is quoting Red from "The Shawshank Redemption":

"Hope is a dangerous thing"
Chansley: "I have white hairs now... I see your honor has a bunch of them.. I don't mean any offense"

He's all over the place now.. in his remarks
Chansley is questioning how anyone could re-offend after serving time in jail. Because jail is so horrible

"I never want to go through anything like this ever again"
Chansley tells judge "I want to evolve. I want to grow beyond what I was. That's what life is all about"
... This man sat at the Senate President's desk inside the US Senate chamber on Jan 6, 2021
Chansley to judge: "I could not have asked God for a better judge"

This statement from Chansley keeps going and going and going
Chansley wraps up: "I will never reoffend again"

After lengthy 30-minute statement at sentencing, referencing Jesus, Gandhi and Clarence Thomas
Here comes the judge. He's about to issue sentence... And begins by expressing concern about the impact of giving a "downward departure" from sentencing guidelines.. says he won't do it

That statement ensures Chansley is getting prison time... multiple years
Judge: "What you did was terrible."
Judge: "You didn't slug anybody, but what you did here was obstruct the functioning of the whole government"

"What you did was wrong. You know what you did was wrong" Judge credits Chansley with making very good remarks at this hearing
ALERT: Judge sentences Chansley to 41 months. Lowest end of sentencing guidelines. 10 months less than prosecutors recommended

He's already served nearly 11 months in pretrial detention

• • •

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17 Nov
HERE WE GO: Sentencing hearing begins now for high-profile Jan 6 defendant Jacob Chansley (so-called Q Anon Shaman)

Feds will seek 51 months prison, citing his leadership role, bullhorn & note he left at Pence desk in Chamber

Defense will argue Chansley didn't plot or injure
The note left at Senate President (Pence) desk on Jan 6, 2021. ( Feds say Chansley refused police order to vacate Pence's seat) ===>
Feds allege Chansley yelled "Time's up motherf***" inside the Senate chamber.... playing a leadership role, egging on the mob at a pivotal moment

He served time in pretrial detention, secured transfer from DC jail to Virginia, because of lack of vegan diet in the jail
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16 Nov
THREAD: The transcript of the FBI interrogation of US Capitol riot defendant Daniel Rodriguez says Rodriguez expected Civil War.

And a whole lot more ==>
Rodriguez is accused of using electroshock device against DC Police officer Michael Fanone

Per the FBI transcript, Rodriguez somehow argues he used a taser on Fanone to "protect" Fanone

Look ===>
Daniel Rodriguez told FBI agents the mob wanted tasers on the frontlines, per the interview transcript

Tasers were key to occupying the US Capitol ==>
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16 Nov

Plea agreement hearing in Jan 6 case of James Little of N. Carolina

Little is accused of texting amid the mob:

"We just took over the Capital (sic).. We are stopping treason! Stealing elections is treason! We’re not going to take it anymore!”
Little's plea deal is to a misdemeanor. Unlawful picketing/parading (he joins the growing list of Jan 6 defendants cutting this deal)

0-6 months jail are the guidelines
$500 restitution. (Little just asked why he's gotta pay if he didn't cause damage)
There's a back and forth over whether to prohibit Little from possessing a firearm as he awaits sentencing. Defense says Little lives in the country... in the Piedmont area of N. Carolina and once had to shoot a wild animal attacking his dog
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15 Nov
HAPPENING NOW: Court hearing for Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who is seeking release from jail to home detention, arguing substandard health conditions in DC jail

Tarrio is serving 5 months for stealing/burning BLM flag from DC church in late 2020
Tarrio is being held in a northeast unit in the Washington DC jail's Central Detention Facility, which is a unit for "protective" housing... to keep inmates away from general population

He's in cell 69, per attorney at hearing
Tarrio claims his cell has been impacted by standing sewage and smoke. Multiple defendants seeking release from DC jail have been citing a recent US Marshals inspection which found substandard conditions and medical care in DC's Central Detention Facility
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15 Nov
HERE WE GO: Steve Bannon hearing beginning in DC federal court
Bannon is appearing in-person in DC federal judge Robin Meriweather's courtroom. He was just sworn-in

Bannon confirms his full name, says he suffers no health problems and has not taken any drugs/meds that would impact hearing
Court reads charges aloud. "Contempt of Congress"
Two counts. Each count carries max of 1-year in jail and a $100,000 fine, per prosecutor
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12 Nov
BREAKING: Steve Bannon is charged with one contempt count involving his refusal to appear for a deposition and another involving his refusal to produce documents, despite a subpoena from the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol, per feds
Atty General Merrick Garland, "I have promised Justice Department employees that together we would show the American people by word and deed that the department adheres to the rule of law, follows the facts and the law and pursues equal justice under the law"
Each count of contempt of Congress carries a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail, as well as a fine of $100 to $1,000
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