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Jan 13,
ALERT: Feds arrest and charge Stewart Rhodes in OathKeepers case Feds: “The seditious conspiracy indictment alleges that, following the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election, Rhodes conspired with his co-defendants and others to oppose by force the execution of the laws governing the transfer of presidential power by Jan. 20, 2021”
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Jan 13,
FLASH: US Capitol Police have arrested 58 y/o Kery Mcattee of Michigan. Police tell @cbsnews Mcattee came to police headquarters near Capitol yesterday to talk about “information she and about Jan 6” She allegedly had guns and ammo in truck… Police tell me these are the items recovered from Mcattee’s truck:

·  Unloaded Remington Nylon 66 .22 caliber rifle
·  Unloaded Connecticut Valley Arms .50 caliber muzzle loader
·  Loaded Mossberg .410 caliber shotgun 
·  Gamo pellet gun
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Jan 7,
ALERT: FL sheriff's deputies arrest Garret Smith for allegedly carrying explosive device in backpack, while running from a Jan 6 jailhouse rally for accused OathKeeper

Sheriff: "I don’t know if he was in support or opposition of the protestors"

No criminal history The Pinellas County (FL) sheriff said his department has undercover deputies working at Jan 6 jailhouse rally Sheriff included images of alleged explosive device during news conference Sheriff said Smith was dressed in all black and was stopped while running away from rally
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Jan 7,
Feds ask court to tighten release conditions on Capitol riot defendant Josh Pruitt, who's pleaded not guilty

Prosecutors have linked Pruitt to Proud Boys, allege he picked up a "Quiet Please" sign & through it inside Capitol

It's what happened *after* Jan 6 .. though

(Thread) Feds allege Pruitt violated curfew at least 7 times and made threats. They want court to order Pruitt refrain from alcohol

"His curfew violations appear to place him at or near bars or clubs. Alcohol appears to have been involved in at least some of his threatening behavior"
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Jan 5,
Atty General Merrick Garland begins remarks at Justice Dept in DC about Jan 6 ..

"Among the many examples of such violence: One officer was crushed in a door. Another was dragged down a set of stairs, face down, repeatedly tased and beaten, and suffered a heart attack" Garland (more): "Those involved must be held accountable, and there is no higher priority for us at the Department
of Justice"
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Jan 5,
Sen Amy Klobuchar calls it an “astounding number”…

9,000 threats against Members of Congress this year. Significant increase from prior years. Capitol Police chief is telling Senate panel that his agency is chasing down these cases down.

Department says it is recruiting and offering bonuses to bolster its force, which is undermanned. Below authorized force level
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Jan 3,
NEW: Accused Jan 6 OathKeeper conspirator notifies court about witness subpoenas for April trial. Including for Stewart Rhodes, Ray Epps, Cap Police chief, Capitol Police officer, FBI agent, Architect of the Capitol, news director of DC radio station, New Yorkter mag reporter Image Per court filing from defendant, some of the witnesses are “to prove that the OathKeeper defendants were tasked with escorting VIPs such as Ali Alexander and Alex Jones from the Ellipse…” and went into Capitol for reasons “entirely unrelated to what they are accused of”
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Dec 30, 2021
STANDBY: Detention hearing begins soon in US Capitol riot case of Mark Mazza of Indiana

Mazza is accused of brandishing baton & being part of "heave-ho" push against police line amid the mob at Capitol

Charging documents say Mazza yelled at police, "This is our f**** house!" Judge says this case is unique... because feds allege Mazza carried a loaded firearm

Judge then leans into this allegation: "Mr. Mazza is taking a role in aiding and abetting and encouraging others to engage in assaultive conduct"
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Dec 29, 2021
NEW: Feds to seek 3-month prison sentence for Jan 6 defendant Eduardo Gonzalez, who's accused of smoking joint & distributing marijuana in Capitol

He allegedly went into hiding in Virginia to avoid police, continued to claim election was rigged and later appeared in HBO doc Possible complication for Gonzalez at sentencing next month:

Feds allege he continued to support the actions of Jan 6.. even *after pleading guilty in September ===>
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Dec 28, 2021
NEW: Justice Dept recommends five months prison in the Jan 6 case of Jeffrey Register, who is accused of running past police & seeking to enter House Chamber on January 6, while wearing a "Gods, Guns and Trump" hoodie

He then allegedly "factory reset" phone & lied to FBI Register pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, but feds argue his was among the most serious of the Jan 6 misdemeanors

They allege he waved & directed crowd.. and was in close proximity to Ashli Babbitt at House Speaker's Lobby ==>
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Dec 28, 2021
HEADS UP: Detention hearing begins shortly in high-level Capitol breach case of Mark Mazza

He's accused of brandishing baton & being part of "heave-ho" push against police line amid the mob at Capitol

Charging documents say Mazza yelled at police, "This is our f**** house!" And we're underway. Judge is asking series of questions.. and Mazza says he's not been getting his meds, while in pretrial jail

Hearing is halted. Might not be able to go forward with a pretrial detention hearing. Judge is shifting parties to private meeting
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Dec 27, 2021
ONE YEAR AGO: Accused OathKeeper Jan 6 conspirator got the "signal" she was waiting for .....
according to the feds

(quick thread) According to feds, in Nov 2020, she'd texted "I am concerned this is an elaborate trap. Unless the POTUS himself activates us, it’s not legit. The POTUS has the right to activate units too. If Trump asks me to come, I will. Otherwise, I can’t trust it.”
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Dec 24, 2021
NEW: In Xmas Eve court filing, feds seek pretrial jail for Jan 6 defendant Mark Mazza of IN, alleging he had *loaded gun* amid mob on & *dropped the gun* amid crowd. Feds say Mazza later falsely reported gun was stolen in Ohio and they say he had stolen DC Police baton in home Prosecutors: "Mazza loaded his Taurus Revolver both with shotgun shells and cartridges containing hollow point bullets, which are bullets that expand on contact and are significantly more lethal than regular bullets" ... on Jan 6 in DC
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Dec 22, 2021
STANDBY: Big hearing is imminent in DC federal court

Accused Proud Boys Jan 6 conspirator Matthew Greene of Syracuse is scheduled to plead guilty. This could be a breakthrough in a large & particularly high level US Capitol riot case ALERT: Matthew Greene will plead guilty to *conspiracy* and obstruction of official proceeding

Big get for the US Justice Dept
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Dec 22, 2021
HEADS-UP: There's a hearing shortly for Jan 6 defendant Joseph Hutchinson, who's accused of assault against officer at Capitol

Hutchinson wants permission to travel to Florida for wedding & New Year's Day bachelor party for...... his co-defendant

Standby Hutchison wants to travel to the wedding of co-defendant Josh Doolin next month .. and to serve as best man

But Doolin has his own challenge. Feds want to revoke his bond, after AR-15 was found in his mobile home. Fiancee claims it was hers. Judge is hearing arguments now
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Dec 22, 2021
Interesting hearing right now in DC court

High-level Jan 6 defendant Mark Ponder, who's in DC jail, wants trial fast & soon. Feds say evidence is ready

But defense lawyer says he needs more time, Ponder's upset about it. Judge is urging patience due to COVID paralysis of court Judge tells Ponder there are many other defendants (including non-Jan 6 defendants) who've been locked up awaiting trial "a lot longer than you" .... for years

Judge says the January 2022 trial date for Ponder is *not* going to happen. COVID restrictions are slamming court
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Dec 21, 2021
STANDBY: Sentencing of oldest charged Jan 6 defendant is beginning. 81 y/o Gary Wickersham pleaded guilty to misdemeanor, accused of swiping at arm of officer. He's army vet, who acknowledges Jan 6 was a "dark day" and has no prior crimes

Feds to seek 4 months home detention Prosecutors cites @gwupoe research that the average age of Jan 6 defendant is 39 years old.

Wickersham.... is 81
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Dec 21, 2021
STANDBY: Feds are about to argue for 60-day prison sentence for Jan 6 defendant Israel Tutrow of Indiana, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor.. was accused of wearing body armor vest & bringing knife into Capitol

Tutrow has criminal history & told FBI he wore armor to "look cool" Tutrow will argue Jan 6 was "A coup attempt fomented intentionally by right wing actors who used data mining and psychological manipulation. Vulnerable individuals were identified & persuaded through the internet that it was their patriotic duty to come to (DC) to support Trump"
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Dec 20, 2021
ALERT: Speaker Nancy Pelosi has notified colleagues there'll be an event marking 1-year anniversary of Jan 6

(more) Speaker Pelosi's letter to colleagues says House is out of session on Jan 6, but she's looking for a head count of who will/could be in DC on 1/6/22

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Dec 20, 2021
Alex Jones has sued the US House Select Jan 6 Committee, seeking a block on the subpoenas against him & AT&T for his phone records

He calls committee "now lawfully constituted" and calls himself a "controversial American journalist" "In a well-known episode..."

In his civil suit, Alex Jones gives his description of January 6... and references the arrest of one of his INFOWARS employees (who coincidentally had a court appearance this afternoon)
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Dec 20, 2021
STANDBY: Two high-level Jan 6 defendants are in court rt now seeking looser release conditions til trial

Alex Harkrider & Ryan Nichols of TX are accused of assaulting police. Just pleaded NOT GUILTY to superseding indictment

Allegedly equipped w/ gear, bullhorn, baton on 1/6 Nichols wants to be released from DC jail. Attorney will argue: "Mr. Nichols is held in high esteem by both the January Sixth detainees & the prison guards at the DC jail where he has languished in horrific conditions..."

(reminder Jan 6 inmates are in separate wing)
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