Presidential aspirant and VP Leni Robredo participates now speaking during the 47th Philippine Business Conference and Expo along with other presidential bets. #PHVote #WeDecide @rapplerdotcom
@rapplerdotcom Robredo reiterates that if she wins, she would dedicate the first 100 days of her presidency focusing on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

She earlier said her "Kalayaan Mula sa COVID" plan is estimated to cost around P500 billion.… #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: In our first 100 days, we will focus on addressing our most urgent problem – controlling the pandemic and mitigating its impact on our people’s lives. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: This means increasing support for our healthcare workers, improving hospital capacity, and making COVID testing more accessible to more Filipinos. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will ensure vaccines for all and increase the capacity of Local Health Units to allow them to dispense vaccines on their own. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will not stop at vaccines: We will start stockpiling different COVID treatment medicines and deploy them to areas where there are shortages. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will set aside P216 billion in the national budget for ayuda distribution to protect families from hunger and provide them with their basic needs without being forced to go to work. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will also accelerate the rollout of Universal Health Care by concentrating on enrolling every Filipino in the UHC system in the first 3 months. While people are signing up, we will start partnering with local health service providers to deliver health services #PHVote
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: All of these can be done only if we rebuild trust in our institutions—and that’s exactly what we are going to do. We will put our house in order and restore confidence in the Philippine government. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will continue to engage all of society in rebuilding our nation and making the lives of all Filipinos better, safer, healthier, and more secure. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: These are just some of the initiatives that we will prioritize in our first 100 days. You can read more about them in our Kalayaan sa COVID Plan at #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo on creating jobs, helping MSMes hit by pandemic: Our administration will protect MSMEs through the passage of a stimulus package of at least P100 billion for the capacity building of critically impacted MSMEs. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: The package will include grants on the condition that they will not lay off any member of their workforce. We will increase the availability of credit to MSMEs through govt guarantee programs, and reduce interest rates on loans and extend grace periods on existing loans.
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Almost 4 million Filipinos became unemployed due to the effects of the pandemic. Most of them lost their jobs because of massive lockdowns and through no fault of their own. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: That is why we will create a National Unemployment Insurance Program which will enhance and consolidate the benefits of the SSS and the GSIS. We will give workers who were laid off involuntarily 80% of their salary for three months. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will facilitate training, reskilling and skills training so that our work force is better prepared. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will accelerate our tech and digital infrastructure, and we will ensure that we encourage community entrepreneurship and provide the necessary environment for it to thrive #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo says infra spending needs to be improved:The point is not about building more,but about building better, making sure that quality is assured,corruption is eliminated&the infra we build actually contributes towards making the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable better
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our government will prioritize feasible and strategic projects that provide high impact for the Filipino people. This means shifting away from the failed car-centric public budgeting. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We need a better balance for a better normal: More bus rapid transits, better service contracts for transport workers, a just transition for transport workers, protected bike lanes, bike racks, safe pathways, better bus stops, and railways for our long-term needs #PHVote
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will map the points where corruption enters the procurement process, and we will plug those holes. This means being more discerning on which projects are actually needed, and which ones are being used as cash cows by politicians. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will also enforce evidence-based cost estimates, and regular audit checks on the procurement process. We will proactively disclose relevant data. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: To avoid bureaucratic delays: We will streamline the contracting process in accordance with the recommendations from the ADB. Evaluation criteria will be simplified, and project requirements will be closely specified. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Even the registration process for the submission of bids will have to be revamped. We will also capacitate the procurement arm of government units: There should be no more delays because of technical mistakes. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: On major infrastructure projects that we propose to immediately undertake: We will prioritize building a nationwide active transport infrastructure, starting with the most traffic-congested areas. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our goal is to make roads for people, not cars. Examples of these would be the EDSA and Cebu bus rapid transits, and the expansion and improvement of protected bike lane networks. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Why should farmers, fisherfolk vote her? Robredo: Our administration will double the budget for agriculture from 1.7% of the national budget to 3.4% in 2028, and balance priorities by investing adequately in the different agricultural sectors #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will also increase investments in and modernize agricultural equipment and infrastructure such as farm-to-market roads, and cold storage and postharvest facilities. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: In light of the Mandanas ruling, another priority is to ensure LGUs are equipped to plan for and implement agriculture-related programs and that they allocate sufficient funding for these. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will ensure that importation is always the last resort and prioritize support for local production. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our priority is still to move towards self-sufficiency and food security. This not only helps our farmers and fisherfolk but also protects consumers from volatility of food prices. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our benchmark for effective programs and interventions: Increases in our agriculture workers’ incomes. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will raise their productivity through the creation of a master plan or road map to harmonize production across the country, with the goal of going beyond subsistence farming and moving towards supplying products on an industrial scale. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our administration will also invest in Blue Industries, such as shipbuilding, aquaculture, and maritime transport. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Combined with our strategic location, we have the potential to become a leading maritime power. This sector has huge employment potential in the country, and this is something that our government will really tap into. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo asked about her catch-up strategy to address gap between the Philippines and the other more successful economies in Southeast Asia. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: To address this, we will invest in next-level infrastructure that will help local industries compete, cope with the pandemic, and become innovative. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: With special attention to SMSEs and agriculture, this includes providing greater access to digitization; upgrading the country’s logistics industry and the maritime sector; lowering energy costs #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Providing a roadmap towards a more sustainable energy source and in compliance with our international commitments #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Supporting private firms and social enterprises that provide institutional links between small-holder agriculture and large domestic institutional buyers and foreign markets #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Incentivizing innovation; and extending credit to SMEs to allow them to physically reconfigure their business establishments to better cope with the changes brought about by the pandemic. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will invest in human capital to unlock the potential of our emerging workforce. We will build capacity and improve the quality of education, making sure that graduating senior high school students are employable. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will provide trainings to upskill the current workforce in preparation for the shift to digitization. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: What we learned in the pandemic is that traditional infrastructure is not sufficient to make the economy resilient. We will shift away from the largely urban, transport-oriented, and costly “build-build-build” emphasis of the current administration. #PHVote
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will build smarter—putting greater emphasis on building and expanding infrastructure to support our current and emerging communities and industries. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: For example, providing greater access and infrastructure support to digitization will benefit not only the IT and BPO sector, but other industries as well. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our administration will foster an environment that is open to innovation and access to information. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Not long ago, the Philippines was known for innovation, with projects like Project NOAH and the Diwata satellite missions. Our government will prioritize innovation by ensuring funding for science and technology. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will foster competition and be open to new ideas. We will properly implement the Competition Act and give the Competition Commission our full support. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: On the supply side, we will amend the Open Access in Data Transmission; allow Internet service providers to operate without need for congressional franchises; remove telcos as a utility to spur investment; and ensure access to the Philippine satellite for wider coverage.
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: On the demand side, we will utilize the National ID system to fit a digital world—physical ID may not be needed; we just need to issue numbers per person and that can be used in an interconnected system. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will also digitize business regulatory processes, which includes applying for business permits, filing legal forms, and sending out notices from the government. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo on preparing youth for industrial skills of the future: Our target is to raise education spending to 6% of GDP as recommended by the United Nations #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our administration will also propose a new round of educational reforms and investment in education to repair the damage wrought by the pandemic and to address the deficit that existed even before that. This means investing in data for effective decision making #PHVote
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will roll out a national learning assessment program that will diagnose missed learning at the student and school level and will guide a remediation program to address learning losses. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will also continue participation in international large scale learning assessments. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will invest in educators by organizing communities of practice for teachers, school heads, and school boards at the provincial level, so they can come up with localized ways to deal with COVID but also scale best practices of continuous high-quality learning. #PHVote
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will establish a strong partnership between government and industry to ensure that our graduates are employable and are meeting the needs of the industries we are targeting. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: We will efficiently implement Technical and Vocational Education and Training and strengthen industry-government linkages. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Our experience in Angat Buhay has shown that sometimes, all that is needed is to link schools with local companies and business groups so that these pathways to employment are provided to students. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo asked: Win or lose, how do you want to be remembered by the Filipino people after the elections? #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: I simply want to be remembered as a public servant who did everything she could, with whatever platform or resources she has, to uplift and make a difference in the lives of the people around her. #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: [I want to be remembered as] a Vice President who transformed her office’s mandate and did not allow the limitations to keep her from doing the work that matters; someone who rose above any challenge,any difficulty and always answered the call to serve,no matter the cost
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: I hope the Filipino people will remember me as a leader who marched and worked alongside them, who stood with them, and fought for their dreams and the country that they truly deserve #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Once again, thank you to PCCI for opening up this space. It is my hope that with this forum and the conversations that it will start, we will usher in the future of our hopes for our nation #PHVote #WeDecide
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: A country where fairness reigns & where every individual is empowered; where plans are concretized because there is a sensible and efficient govt; with honest and accountable officials; and leaders who put the interests of the Filipino people first. Thank you very much.

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In an FB video, presidential aspirant & VP Leni Robredo tells supporters to exercise sobriety online, to calmly and respectfully reach out to other people who do not share their political beliefs. She says this is what being a Kakampink is truly all about. #PHVote @rapplerdotcom Image
@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Ang analysis ng mga eksperto, may mga puwersang sadya tayong pinag-aaway. Dahil kapag watak-watak ang Pilipino, mas madaling maisusulong ang personal na agenda ng mga puwersang ito. #PHVote #WeDecide
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29 Oct
Presidential aspirant and VP Leni Robredo holds a press conference at the Provincial Gymnasium in Sorsogon City, Sorsogon.

Sorsogon Gov Chiz Escudero is part of Robredo's slate in 2022. He will join her later at the soft opening of GSAC General Hospital Inc @rapplerdotcom
@rapplerdotcom Asked how she'll address the drug problem if she becomes president, Robredo recalls the recommendations she made after she stepped down after her brief stint as chair of the Duterte gov't's anti-drug body, says it shouldn't be heavy on enforcement

@rapplerdotcom Robredo: Nakita natin in the past 5 years na yung drug war kinonduct natin, parang lahat lang siya heavy on enforcement. Hindi ako doon naniniwala. Kaya yung first reco ko na after I stepped down as ICAD chair, baguhin yung buong sistema. #PHVote #WeDecide
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28 Oct
The Senate blue ribbon committee conducts its 13th hearing on the anomalous pandemic contracts inked by President Rodrigo Duterte's government. @rapplerdotcom
@rapplerdotcom Blue ribbon panel chair Richard Gordon recaps previous hearing, recalls that TigerPhil Marketing Corporation, a supplier of the Duterte govt's biggest pandemic supplier Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation, underdeclared about 30% of its sales

@rapplerdotcom Senators last week also uncovered that Xuzhou Consruction, the 2nd biggest winner of pandemic contracts under Duterte, bagged at least P1.8 billion in pandemic contracts but does not pay income tax.

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