Just a note on the Dutertes and the Marcoses, based on the interesting book by Earl Parreño (a thread)
The President's father, associated himself with Sotero Cabahug and his brother Tosong who were appointed Sec. of Public Works and Acting Governor of Cebu respectively by President Osmeña in 1945. Vicente Duterte was appointed acting Mayor of Danao, Cebu.
The vice-mayor of Vicente Duterte was Luis Almendras, uncle of Alejandro Almendras who would become a political kingpin in Mindanao.
With the defeat of Osmeña by Roxas in 1946, Duterte would lose his position by 1947. Vicente Duterte engaged in copra buying in Cabadbaran and in 1949 the Duranos edged out the Almendrases in Danao. In the political wilderness, The Almendrases shifted to Davao.
By 1951 Alejandro Almendras had succesfully won the governorship of Davao province as a Nacionalista; he invited Vicente Duterte to join him in Davao as a lawyer and adviser. Almendras would prove adept at aligning himself with the national leadership of the NP.
Almendras would end up appointed by Pres. Garcia in 1958 as Secretary of the newly-created Department of General Services, with Vicente Duterte made Acting Governor of Davao; by 1959, Almendras was a senator, and Vicente Duterte had run for, and won, governorship of Davao.
By 1961 relations between Almendras and Duterte were deteriorating but Vicente won re-election in 1963. In 1964 Almendras helped Marcos secure the Senate Presidency and the Nacionalista nomination for the presidency. FM asked Almendras to be his Mindanao campaign manager in '65.
In 1966 President Marcos appointed Duterte to the Department of General Services (which Almendras had held a decade before: this suggested a path to the Senate) but he wasn't nominated by the NP to run for the Senate. But Davao had been divided into 3 new provinces.
Vicente Duterte wanted to run for congressman; Marcos offered to make him Mindanao campaign manager and spare him from a Cabinet revamp; Duterte insisted on running; FM gave his support to another candidate for the NP nomination. Duterte ran anyway as an independent.
Almendras publicly declared support for Duterte but Duterte would become convinced he was betrayed. Marcos threw his support behind Duterte's opponent. Duterte lost and three months after his defeat, in 1968, Duterte died. Soledad Duterte would be become famously anti-Marcos.
But the President's mother, though she became a Cory Crusader for the Snap Elections, would also withdraw her support. On December 28, 1990, she made a public statement launching the "Cory Resign" movement, calling on herto resign and hand over power to Vice-President Laurel.
The story of how Duterte became a fiscal, and then was appointed OIC Vice-Mayor, and then Mayor, is interestingly told in the book. /end
In all of the above, after the initial appointment by Aquino, RRD wasn’t of that alignment; he not only ran against the Cory candidate, he received the support of Alejandro Almendras and recall, he himself became a member of the RAM-affiliated Guardians scmp.com/news/asia/sout…

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14 Nov
So the past few days, down to this morning, a thread. The image we should bear in mind, is Goya's famous painting of Saturn devouring his son.
The original dilemma: FMJr. was a candidate representing the ruling coalition, yes, but leaving the President and his people without a viable contribution and thus no guarantee FM Jr. will have their back.
This situation arose because the President and Go and even Daughterte took a hit from Pharmally, but the President and Go took the biggest hit, meaning Go had to slide down and the President had to bow out of running. This left Daughterte.
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11 Nov
A quick thread on where we seem to be. While every ruling coalition will have its fair share of longstanding leaders, it also means a rearrangement of the pecking order.
The faces of the ruling coalition we shouldn’t fail to forget, included a new paramount family. As the hierarchy is reconfigured the ones who do best are those who recognize it and demonstrate they know it.
Each President manages differently but there are types of President and that includes those who freely delegate their powers to those they consider able and useful subordinates. Thus factions are created, and the President had two major ones within the ranks of the old reliables.
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11 Oct
Where the political class stands as of the deadline for officially filing candidacies, a thread taking off from my piece yesterday.
As I wrote some time ago, because of a six year presidential term with no reelection and because every administration has a fixed majority for its useful life, when that useful life ends, nearly everyone suddenly becomes opposition, which is why real oppositionists get edged out.
Since administrations more often than not have little effect on who replaces them, their energies are better spent strategically placing people in institutions like the SC to ensure persecution of them is ineffective: GMA was best at this. So-called machinery counts for little.
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10 Oct
For #ScholarlySunday a series of links to interesting papers, books, and documents.
1. The passing of Chito Gascon, who was the youngest commissioner, points to this essential reference on the thinking behind our present charter: archive.org/details/record…
Here is Vol. II of the 1987 ConCom Journal: archive.org/details/record…
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21 Sep
What happened: September 21-24 in newspapers. A thread. From Richard Wilhelm Beltran Ragodon. Why Marcos wanted you to forget what was actually happening on Sept. 21-23.

1. September 21, 1972. Manila Times, Taliba, and Daily Express.
What happened: September 21-24 in newspapers. A thread. From Richard Wilhelm Beltran Ragodon. Why Marcos wanted you to forget what was actually happening on Sept. 21-23.

2. September 22, 1972. Reporting what happened Sept. 21, including the rally. Manila Times, Taliba,
What happened: September 21-24 in newspapers. A thread. From Richard Wilhelm Beltran Ragodon.

3. September 23, 1972.
a. The Manila Times*
b. An explanation of how some issues came out before the paper was shut down.
c. The Manila Chronicle*
*shut down by Marcos
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