Can't sleep, watching creepy Let's Plays Pigeon Meme image: Man labe...
"You don't understand it's symbolic and a necessary part of the artistic vision."

I didn't say it was bad game design or good game design, I said there are a lot of dead children.
The giant spider is symbolic of a spider but very large.

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24 Nov
Working on nomenclature for abilities in my TTRPG project and after I found myself adding clarifying language to an opaque tier nomenclature that Tier III was specific things you can do, Tier II was stuff you can do, and Tier I was some bullshit...
...I dropped the references to numbered tiers and just called them Things, Stuff, and Broad Stuff.

An ability is a Thing if saying you're going to use it tells everybody what you're going to do.

"How are you dealing with this joker?"

"Roundhouse Kick." That's a thing.
It's Stuff if saying you're going to use it tells everybody what method you're using or outcome you're going for, but you still have to clarify what you're doing.

"How are you dealing with this joker?"

"Unarmed Fighting."

"Cool. What do you do?"

"Roundhouse kick."
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24 Nov
(Caution to bystanders: Do not @ me with RPG suggestions or "Have you tried...?", that's not what we're doing here.)

So, I enjoy D&D-style tactical combat and I've been trying to drill down what I like about it while moving away from what I see as the wargame fossils in it...
...which I think robs it of a lot of narrative richness and the actual dramatic potential of combat by basically reverting to the "all these characters are just *very small* units in a war game and they're fighting to the death" model as soon as combat is joined...
...and in between working on models of tactical combat that allow for more back and forth, more variety of win and loss conditions, more ways for the player side to lose and the game and story keep going... I keep thinking about things like the Kids on Conveyances system.
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23 Nov
In the annals of ways I have injured myself, there's a lot of foolish ones, but the sheer variety of Wile E. Coyote-like comeuppances I have received while *specifically* trying to avoid this problem is a category all its own.
Step 1: Clamp projector to shelf by bed.
Step 2: Connect projector to nearby laptop.
Step 3: Point projector at ceiling.
Step 4: Recline with handheld USB control device.
Step 5: Say "oof!" as projector falls on stomach.
...I was going to list multiple different such experiments but they're all mostly variations on "in order to avoid dropping my phone on my face, I dropped something else, larger and heavier, somewhere on or around my person".
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23 Nov
Anybody who is concerned by the plight of self-identified "trans widows" (*vomit*) should be against conversion therapy, for robust childhood education about gender, and affirming care.

The broken marriages that leave "trans widows" come from shoving trans women in the closet.
These women do not lose their husbands to a cult; they married women who felt compelled by society to try to Be A Man in a society that led them to believe that if they married a woman and had kids together, manhood would naturally follow.
And yeah, it's a bad situation to be in, but this Dan Savage-style nonsense idea that the solution is to shove the trans women who got married while trying to Be Men into the closet and keep them there "for the kids" or because "you made a vow"... that's a hostage situation.
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22 Nov
Okay but if Disney wants to make this for real, I would watch every episode of it.
Also the series mentioned in the stinger that would be Bob Odenkirk playing Geppetto as "just a guy who makes regular puppets for a while".
Honestly? This is the kind of Disney prequel/origin story I really want to see. Show me who these people were before their lives intersected, however briefly, with storybook magic.
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19 Nov
Pursuant to my ongoing ADHD med journey, I believe... and I could still be struck down for my hubris in saying so... but I believe I have unlocked two of the most important skills a writer can have:

1. Sitting down and writing a really bad story any time I want.
2. Editing.
The first one is mostly what I have been doing with myself this week: writing bad stories. I'm not setting out to make them bad. Just not making "not bad" a requirement of the process. Using random prompts and following random rules so that I always have an idea what comes next.
Yesterday my main random story project for the day worked like this:

1. Random first line from internet.
2. Make a list of 2d6 things that happen in the story while the stakes are rising towards a climax
3. Add 2d4 more things from the climax to the conclusion.
4. Write that.
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