WARNING to @verizonfios customers: If your system is working, do NOT update or upgrade anything. I made that mistake and now I'm stuck in HELL. 1/
The latest: One by one, over days, our TV One Mini set-top boxes are dying, unable to connect to the network, giving us NO TV. The were working fine, then they were not. Makes no sense. 2/
I tried everything: nothing. I then tried to set up the boxes with wifi, which is supposed to be possible. Impossible, it turns out. I found secret menus on the box and tried to set up my own SSID. Nope. Nothing. 3/
I called tech support AGAIN and did everything I was told: holding one foot up, twirling on the other while rubbing my tummy counterclockwise and sucking on a coax cable. Nothing. All the tech would do is schedule a "repair" call. 4/
I wanted the tech to walk me through trying to get the boxes working on wifi, Verizon's or mine. Nope. Tech wouldn't do that. So now I will go days without TV in most rooms until the service call. And that's not all... 5/
After AN HOUR AND A HALF in the original order call, a tech was supposed to arrive to do everything: upgrade my router & terminal to gig service, and install all the boxes. All he arrived with was the router. He supposedly scheduled delivery of the boxes & another call.6/
First only two of the boxes arrived. Then the rest did. But the service call disappeared. So I put the boxes in myself, because that's supposed to be easy. HA! 7/
On top of all this, my @verizonfios internet, which had been reliable for years, now had an outage EVERY DAY. 8/
Oh, and I"m now paying for gig internet service. What am I getting? Not even HALF that speed. 9/
So my advice is if your @verizonfios is working, DON'T FUCK WITH IT. Any contact with Verizon spells only doom. 10/
Message to my Rep, @Malinowski: If you're itching to regulate technology, instead of Google, which is popular, & FB, which 3 billion people still use, try going after the fraudulent & abusive customer "service" from phone/cable companies, which all voters abhor. @verizonfios 11/
Yes, a nice @VerizonSupport person DMed me hereabouts on Twitter offering to help and I explained what's going on. I will continue to chronicle this saga in public, on social media, as you all deserve to know what's happening. More chapters to follow.... 12/
Here's the sad part: I used to love my @verizonfios because it worked. Now I HATE it. It is the bane of my existence. It is a nightmare hanging over me, distracting me from everything else I should be doing. I want to turn back time and act as if I never called them. 13/
I'm supposed to be working on a syllabus, a book proposal, and lots of memos right now, but all I can think about is my goddamned cable not working.

• • •

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20 Nov
Ah, yes, remember when Tristan Harris said no one got upset over the bicycle? Here is Publishers Weekly in 1895 lamenting the state of bookselling and "the wheelman is blamed."
Note well that PW also fretted about magazines and newspapers (the line between them & books was not distinct), discounting department stores, and cheap books for the masses. Edison's audio inventions also worried them. See here podcasters circa 1894 via Scribner's:
In 1910 the Springfield Republican warned that cheap books would bring the culture what magazines had: "the peril of impermanence."
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17 Nov
I was happy with @fios for years because I never dealt with the company. Then I made the big mistake of updating my equipment. AND IT HAS BEEN HELL. 1/
I spent an hour and a half (!) making my order (i.e., upgrade speed, update boxes). Guy arrives for service with only a router, no terminal, no boxes. He sets up a next appointment. Oh, joy. 2/
Then only some of the boxes arrive. Then the rest arrive. Then they say I have no appointment. Then I install the boxes on my own. Then they don't work. Then I spend another two hours trying to get them to work. 3/
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12 Nov
Y'think, journalists, this just might be a failure of journalism? Climate change has almost never been discussed, for example, in presidential debates of recent vintage.
The strong winds of climate change have failed to move the opinions of many Americans washingtonpost.com/climate-enviro…
Journalists are willfully blind to the paradox of their work: They insist their journalism has impact but they refuse to acknowledge that impact at critical moments: like supposed worsening approval of a president or unease about the economy stirred up by the journalism itself.
Journalists also need to acknowledge their bias and the self-fulfilling prophesy of polls. As James Carey taught, polls preempt the public conversation they are supposed to measure. medium.com/whither-news/p…
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2 Nov
#internetlessons2021 starts with a negative tone as a moderator says "Public sentiment has turned against the internet." Really? Media sentiment has certainly turned and @DrTechlash marks when that happened in her book.
In the first 15 minutes, #internetlessons2021 is all about harms. After what the net brought us in the pandemic, can we not also focus on the good we want to foster and amplify?
"Americans have never hated technology more," says the moderator, Sarah Jeong, from the NYTimes. That is media--The Times--projecting its own moral panic and then reporting it as public opinion without evidence. #internetlessons2021
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27 Oct
Now Morning Joe is talking about "illiberalism on both sides."
Now it comes full circle as McWhorter blames social media.
"I don't know what you're up to." @esglaude to @JohnHMcWhorter. Amen.
I so wish Morning Joe had given Glaude the full segment to question McWorter.
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18 Oct
This is the lead story in the Süddeutsche Zeitung + Zeit Online + Der Spiegel + FAZ + taz ... but not Bild or Springer's Welt.
+ zeit.de/kultur/2021-10…
.@BuzzFeed angles:
* Ippen Digital bought BuzzFeed Germany. That team investigated Reichelt & Bild. Dirk Ippen blocked the story.
* Last @benyt target, Ozy, was, he said, in some sort of business talks involving BuzzFeed.
* Of course, @benyt founded & ran BuzzFeed News.
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