Writing and reading have always been more accessible and more fluent for me than spoken speech. Not every Autistic person has this experience. I, however, also fall into the hyperlexic category of neurodivergence.
My reading skills are far above my spoken abilities, and I read very naturally, thanks to an early obsession with books and reading – starting from the age of one and a half.
My reading skills help advance my speaking skills because reading allows me to repeat the things I read or write out.
This gives me an advantage because I use this skill to create advanced scripts for different situations – like YouTube Videos, Educational Presentations, or even scripts that I can take into my everyday life. #ActuallyAutistic

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24 Nov
Someone keeps saying I have a boycott list.

💯% FALSE: I want to set the record straight that, though I have PARTICIPATED in MANY campaigns and boycotts with others in the #ActuallyAutistic community, I do not have any such boycott list.
I have made lists of resources before, listing HELPFUL resources, but I personally don’t like boycott lists, because I feel they don’t leave people room to grow, since people often don’t update these lists.
Lots of claims being thrown around about me recently but NONE of them have had any evidence or are conveniently omitting and changing details- EX: claiming I worked to get a single mom fired - who ACTUALLY got herself fired for harassing minors on TIKTOK.
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23 Nov
There have been a lot of people this year trying to get me to quit, thinking that if they make post after post about me, and harass me I will stop speaking about the issues that impact me and people I care about. I’m oppositional & defiant so it fuels me to do even MORE.
Every time someone tells me “stop taking about ________ - stop saying _________ - it becomes forbidden fruit, compelling me to scream louder and through more channels.

They are fueling my growth by demanding I stop.

I won’t stop… you can’t make me.
Keep sending your list of demands but I’m not interested in them and I won’t obey.
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23 Nov
My work recently was shared by @Upworthy, who lead respectful & didn’t change my words… I described myself as “autistic” I’m the article. Yay!

Not yay - nonAutistic people in the comments telling me and Upworthy they should have changed my words to say “person with autism”
Seriously, just stop it! I can’t believe it’s 2021, almost 2022, & we still have nonAutistic people trying to tell Autistic People how they should refer to themselves.

Note: most of them who are offended seem to be NT “professionals” that work with families. #ActuallyAutistic
Also not yay - all the people saying I’m not really Autistic based off the 4 one minute or less videos they included in the story…
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22 Nov
Growing up, I struggled in my relationships with other kids my age.
When I did hang out with other kids, they were often older or younger than me, additionally, my relationships were often very superficial, because, even when I wanted to, I didn’t understand how to get close to others or let people in.
For many years, as a preteen and a teenager, my best friends were our family cat and my dog, Ripley.
When I struggled to bond with others around me (even my family and caregivers) animals always were as kind to me as I was to them - like a mirror reflection back on me.
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22 Nov
It had been a long and tiring weekend. We’d had fun, but I was running on minimal sleep and hadn’t had enough to eat, so my blood sugar was a bit low.
As we neared the end of the day, I thought I knew what was coming next, but suddenly and without warning or my input, the plans changed – leaving me feeling shaken and unstable.
CW: desecration of past meltdown

Suddenly, I found myself past the point of no return. Tears started to well up in my eyes as I quickly hung up the phone.
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21 Nov
In many countries, driving is a rite of passage, but some people will always struggle with driving if they drive at all.
Learning to drive wasn’t easy, but I did it.
Learning to drive was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I had to put in many hours of practice, and even now must make extra effort to slow down and focus, but I managed to learn to do what some may have thought was impossible – learned to operate a motor vehicle safely.
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