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It's #AutisticPrideDay and, you know what, I am proud. I wasn't. It took me years to be proud. It took me years to realise it is part of me. It took me years to realise it makes me better at what I do when I acknowledge it. I wasn't always proud to be autistic. I am now though 1/
Twitter helped with that. I have met and seen so many people on here who helped me realise that being autistic isn't something I need to feel "ashamed of" or "hide from". I can't possibly list all of them here, but to all those who have helped, thank you. 2/
Being #ActuallyAutistic means navigating a world not designed for you. It can be hard. It means being stereotyped. It means being simultaneously dismissed as unable to do things, while it is also assumed you must have some savant superpower. 3/
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Why I’m proud to be autistic.
I’m proud to be autistic because it means I’ve rejected the narrow, prejudiced, pejorative definition of autism most people subscribe to.
I’m proud to be autistic because I’ve accepted the parts of myself that are different to what society expects of me.
I’m not denying my true identity to appease other people any more.
I’m proud to be autistic because of what it took me to get here.
A raw, painful retrospective exploration of six decades of my life.
It would have been easier to let things lie.
But I sought the truth.
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Yesterday’s episode of the The Untold on @BBCRadio4 was a tough listen.
It was about a 9 year old autistic child who’s started refusing to go to school.
It highlighted so many issues I thought I’d write a thread with some reflections.…
My first thought was how woefully inadequate the post diagnostic support seemed to be.
Although professionals had tried to help, the parents were clearly frustrated and confused.
And ‘Andrew’, the autistic child at the centre of this situation, was powerless and distressed.
The overriding sense was of a family overwhelmed.
Some people had suggested ‘Andrew’ was putting on a performance
because this bright, sensitive, autistic child clung to the wall like a barnacle, or hid in bushes, to avoid school.
But his distress was so obviously genuine.
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[THREAD] I am going to start curating resources for an Autistic Strategies Network course for autism professionals.
There is an abject shortage of schools for autistic children in my country 🇿🇦, but simply replicating what's already out there will not meet the need. We have to fix up what's currently broken. This course would be part of that, but it's not the whole solution.
The course will be constructed largely around publicly available artefacts, and one of the key learning mechanisms will be exegesis, or, more simply, comprehension tests.
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Since NEXT for Autism has never advertised this on here,

Guess I will
because I want these funds to be going to good autistic-led nonprofits.

You must submit a letter of intent by August 1st 2021 to apply for the Color the Spectrum 25k grant -…
Are you going to do any more informative sessions for how to apply aside from the ones you already did (that were on June 7th and June 10th) .@NEXTforAUTISM ??

Were you planning on advertising these sessions to autistic-led nonprofits?…
I implore any autistic-led nonprofits to apply for these funds, as long as you are helping with transition services, housing, social, or employment services.

Please please apply for this funding! It is worth it. Please share.
@awnnetwork_ @NeuroClastic @autselfadvocacy
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Coming out of autistic burnout.
Can this really be happening?
How do I avoid relapse?
It’s really easy to say when I went into burnout.
My elderly dog died in August 2018.
I was being horribly bullied at work.
To cope with the psychological pain I started walking excessively.
It didn’t seem excessive, and it didn’t hurt, until suddenly I couldn’t walk anymore.
I’d developed bursitis and tendonitis without even realising it.
I was grounded.
I could hardly walk at all.
Without being able to go out walking my anxiety increased exponentially.
The thread I had been hanging on by broke.
I pulled up and simply couldn’t get going again.
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Stop calling me a "self-advocate" in political stuff. I'm not here for me. I'm here for all autistic people, to protect a huge community.

No one ever called me a "bi/queer self-advocate", just a queer advocate.

Stop degrading #autistic & #disabled ppl like this. Thread. ⤵️
This means no offense to those Autistic folks who identify as "self" advocates.

But I'm not in this for my self. Using that language implies that I'm here to fight for my individual needs. I am a "self-advocate" when I'm alone, fighting a professor at school for accommodation
I'm a "self-advocate" when I challenge a doctor who has ignored my symptoms.
However, that's not when this language is used.

When I'm organizing autistic people across the country and doing years of research and engaging with my community, I'm not a "self" advocate.
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FYI, #ActuallyAutistic, #ADHD, #ADHDautism peeps...absolutely LOVE this Daily Planner app, & it’s rare that I ever feel that way.

It’s the first task app that I not only use, but feel *motivated* to use. The click & color change is so satisfying when I get something done🥰
I think what I also love is how customizable it is. I made labels that are more reflective of general times in relation to when I wake up (so I don’t feel shamed for not being an early morning person).

Was able to avoid color schemes I’m avoidant of, & nothing anxiety-inducing.
For me, it’s my task unicorn. I’ve been looking for the right one for ages! Only for repeating daily/weekly/monthly tasks tho. Still working on finding the right calendar/unique task-type app.

Recommendations? I’m trying TickTick, but mainly bc I can have my SD as wallpaper😅
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Time for a random post on why my twitter/blog is called "curious autistic"

Yay a thread no one asked for 🐙🦕🦖

I grew up masking - a sad fact of being autistic in this society. I always felt different to others. Expectations started to grow as I got older. Example: I could no longer just not understand gender. So I just tried to get through the world in a way that I saw others doing.
I never knew who to be and life got complicated. I resorted to mirroring and copying pieces that I liked from various sources. On the way with masking, I forgot how to be me. I became whatever people needed me to be. I became stuck in this state of not knowing how to unmask.
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Today someone mentioned that for their psychology degree's ASD and ADHD module, they have to read ‘Autism: a very short introduction’ by Uta Frith (Oxford University Press, 2008).

Here, dear reader, is what psychology students are being taught, and it's bad.
“There are now a number of people who have diagnosed themselves as having Asperger syndrome. These individuals often call themselves Aspies, and they feel different from NTs or neurotypicals."
Bear in mind, Asperger Syndrome was removed as a label from newer editions of the DSM after this date, and the phenomenon was combined with Autism Spectrum Disorder. But students still get prescribed this. And now it gets worse:
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A part of me wants to seek an official autism diagnosis for the sake of disability benefits, but another part of me is opposed to the idea of some neurotypical person having the authority to legitimize or delegitimize my autistic identity...
I'm 28 yrs old, and only just discovered I'm on the autism spectrum late last year. Since discovering I'm autistic I've felt such a profound sense of relief and understanding towards myself. I finally felt like I understood myself and what I'd struggled with my entire life.
After learning more about autism by communicating with numerous actually autistic comrades on here, I came to understand that their experiences matched my own. I never felt like something had better described myself than this newly refreshed understanding I had of autism.
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Insomnia in #autistic people. A thread. Appropriate for this time of the day because it's midnight here in the UK. #autism #ActuallyAutistic /1
To make myself clear, insomnia is being unable to sleep and this can go on for a couple of days, weeks, months, and even years. It's an #autism trait for some autistic people and I will explain why. /2
Insomnia and sleeplessness (they're both the same thing) in autistic people can be triggered by sensory distractions. /3
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It has been a long time since I did a #FollowFriday. Today I want to highlight some of the people who make Twitter my favorite social media. In no particular order (& of course there are tons I'd love to include but you'll stop if this thread is 100 tweets long): ⤵
1/ @Cincy_Bookworm is always tweeting interesting things about writing and publishing, plus she's a fellow Midwesterner & is all around delightful.
2/ @m_scribe writes about many interesting things (and has a book about NICU life & having a premature baby, which you should definitely check out if that's relevant to you!) and is a really genuinely interesting tweeter!
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I sometimes see critique of Autistic People online, who don’t share enough about their struggles.

First, nobody owes you their struggles in pain to read like some kind of soap opera.

Second a lot of people only show the highlights of their life on social media.
Also, if I’m honest, these days I don’t struggle as much as I did before I learned I was Autistic & had no accommodations in place to help me with work, school, or life.

I struggled a lot more before learning I was Autistic.
When I didn’t know I was Autistic I struggled a lot.

I struggled to maintain relationships with other people. I still do, but understand why and that makes it easier now.

I struggled with the sensory environment. Now I avoid my triggers.
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Hey @target @AskTarget @TargetNews I love you. I do. But can I make a suggestion? The first round of suggestions didn’t work when I spoke to corporate about your blue Halloween buckets. I’m still upset over that and would love to chat more. DM me anytime.
My next suggestion is adding inclusive bathrooms to your stores. Including bathrooms areas that are private and can accommodate adults different toileting options (hint, not everyone can use a toilet).
I’m asking you because you seem to try to do right by your customers. You seem to care.

Did you know that there are many people, of all ages, that have to leave your store and go home because you don’t have accommodations set up for more accessible toileting options?
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Recently a group of parents has made a claim that Autistic Adults sharing the better parts of the Autistic Experience online has made it more difficult for parents to peruse services for their children because people don’t automatically see Autism as a bad thing anymore.
Being Autistic is not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it sucks sometimes, especially because of society systems & the world being stacked against us.

Let’s talk about why some of us share the good parts of being Autistic:
1. Historically, most of the conversation about Autistic People has only been about our weaknesses and completely ignored our strengths.

Some of us are seeking balance to the narrative.

We are more than our weaknesses. We are a combination of our strengths & weaknesses.
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Most weeks now, there's new research published talking about autism in terms of monotropism: a tendency to concentrate attention, and have relatively few interests aroused at a time.

A lot of autistic people feel this explains our experience better than any other theory. Thread:
#Monotropism getting this much attention has been a long time coming!

My mum started talking about autism in these terms in the 1990s, building on her 1986 PhD thesis with help from Mike Lesser and later @WennLawson.

Here's a 1997 chapter on 'normality':…
She presented at various conferences about her ideas, developing them as she got to know and befriend various other autistic people, disabled to varying degrees.

In 2005 she published this paper in @JournalAutism together with Wenn Lawson and Mike Lesser:…
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Look at all this crap I did.

#autistichands ImageImage
Are my hands cut up always? Yes.

Are my feet dry af? Sure.

But am I rich? Also no.

It is contentment and inner peace that matters.

Which, SPOILER ALERT, I also don’t have. ImageImage
But I can toke till it stops hurting. Image
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It really sucks that what it takes to get people to talk about #Autism is a global misinformation campaign that threatens to undermine pandemic response efforts

We see you ignoring us until it's your own life potentially at risk
#ActuallyAutistic #Covid19
Other issues that you don't know about from Autistic discourse

Access to Alternate Communication(AAC)
Applied Behavioral Analysis(ABA)
Seclusion and Restraint
Bleach Therapy(not making that up)
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Refused to keep my hand over my heart for the “under God” portion of the Pledge of Allegiance when I was in 5th grade in a Texas public school.
I thought it violated separation of church and state. I would lift my hand discretely, but the teacher still saw me and slapped my face.
I’m sure some cynic will read this and think, “Things that didn’t happen...” blah blah blah.

But, if you have followed me for any length of time, you probably can envision my doing just that at an early age.

I’ve always been this way.

And, yes, I know it’s weird.
This has been quote tweeted by a locked account, which means it’s probably making its way through DM rooms for mockery.

It’s important to understand autistic people tend to have rigid ideas about right and wrong and to act on those ideas without thought to social consequence.
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Example of Internalized Ableism: I’m relieved when it’s yucky outside so I feel “justified” about laying in bed; it’s frustrating that society makes me feel unhealthy & unproductive, even though recognizing my true needs without guilt is healthy & productive! #ActuallyAutistic
While outsiders are quick to label me “high-functioning” based on what you see on social media & the stage, there are many more days when I can’t get up or speak. I’m realizing that resting for days in silence is a crucial part of sustaining my healthy ASD-ADHD life- So no shame!
Because I’ve been so conditioned to mask my pain and hide discomfort as an autistic woman in daily life, I learned to prioritize others’ expectations over my own wellness. Every brain is different- Mine works powerfully for certain tasks, but requires more down time in between.
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It’s coming and I’m ready with a theory for them that’s going to be uncomfortable
So check it before modern technology there was this theory of survival of the fittest and the most typical. Anyone different was hidden, killed or neglected right?
Like no one ask why there are more Glasses wearers than ever before, more deaf/non hearing people, more people with allergies…. Ect. Technology, accessibility, and a change in socialization means less “different” being hidden, killed or neglected
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A #thread about coming to terms with the past after a late autism diagnosis.

I discovered I was autistic at 58, so I had a lot of past to come to terms with.

Although the autism assessment was thorough, it barely scratched the surface.


What had happened to me was touched on only to the extent that was necessary to provide evidence of #autism.

So when I got my #diagnosis things had been revealed to me but not worked through, or dealt with.

That helps to explain why I’ve spent the last 2.5 years in turmoil.

When you get your autism diagnosis no one lifts all the responsibilities of daily life from you.

So there I was, burnt out, traumatised, and confused, still trying to earn a living, care for others, and cope with my own long term physical and mental health conditions.
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So I just randomly stumbled upon some noise-canceling earbuds that can be helpful for hearing loss,

and it turns out there are several reviews from neurodivergent people (including autistic people referencing sensory overload) saying they were helpful -
I've never heard of them at all but feel like it's definitely worth mentioning in case anyone thinks it would help them. I think most reviews were referencing the IQbuds2 Max.

The most common complain is that even the "small" earbud size is still painful &/or falls out easily.
But at least two people reviewed it who were autistic and said it helped with canceling out loud sounds, other people said it helped cancel out chewing sounds. And it has a lot of different environmental settings. Not sure if it would be good for hyperacusis or not specifically.
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