Here's a thread on scumbags with huge platforms that demonized white people after the Rittenhouse verdict. If you're someone like the Waukesha killer, what might you conclude by reading them is the solution to white people? His social media shows lots of BLM media narratives.

According to the New York Times' @CharlesMBlow, the Rittenhouse verdict affirmed the "idea of taking the law into one’s own hands not only to protect order, but also to protect the order...central to the maintenance of white power and its structures."… 2/
According to @CasMudde, the Rittenhouse verdict means "White people now have the apparent right to travel around the country, heavily armed, and use violence to protect the country from whatever and whoever they believe to be threatening to it."… 3/
According to The Root's @michaelharriot, "The Rittenhouse verdict is proof that it is reasonable to believe that the fear of Black people can absolve a white person of any crime."

So whites can kill blacks at will now. What might you do about it?… 4/
According to @JohnBlakeCNN, "It's this angry White man . . . who poses the most dangerous threat to democracy in America. . . . White male anger could prove to be one of the biggest roadblocks we face in building a successful multiracial democracy."… 5/
According to NAACP president and CEO @DerrickNAACP, "Kyle Rittenhouse's trial was a 'warning shot' for Black communities that 'vigilante justice' can be allowed in this country or in particular communities."

Was Brooks pursuing "vigilante justice"?… 6/
According to @NebraskaMegan, "Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist murderer" and "the justice system is working just as it was designed to, and the courts continue to be debased by right wing opportunists." What does this tell political terrorists?
If you live on consuming anti white media, like Brooks appears to have done, what are you going to figure the correct course of action is against whites? How much blame do these race hustlers deserve? I think most or all of it 8/
A guy who is already inclined toward violence reads a bunch of idiots in the Times and CNN saying that "America has declared open season and blacks and released the racist Terminator," what are you going to do about it? What consequences should people like Charles Blow face? 9/
That is actually a typical kind of political terrorist, the social scum. Welp, this particular one reads a lot of mainstream media. And mainstream media told him over and over that white people are bad, America is racist, and there is no negotiating with white supremacists 10/
This spin will be that he intentionally drove his car into the crowd but it had nothing to do with race. But even if you make that argument, it's clear that in his mind, what's the value a few dead white people anyway? They're evil. They deserve to die like the media suggests 11/
That's not hyperbole. That is what the media's messaging does to people's brains. Sometimes libs are dumb enough to say it out loud 12/

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21 Nov
Which is a better return for right wing benefactors?

-a donation to a think tank

-funding a meme conservative campaign in a laughably unwinnable district

-a major media outlet, prominent journalist, or politician ruined by a lawsuit for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse
Generally speaking lawfare is the frontier that the right needs to explore. Rittenhouse is just a relevant example of a possible opportunity. Jake Gardner’s family is also pursuing some kind of legal action
Peter Thiel destroyed Gawker by bankrolling Hulk Hogan's lawsuit. This is the way, brothers
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20 Nov
Thank you GOP official, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and House Republicans for supporting Kyle Rittenhouse
Somebody tell them that Kyle did what he did to defend tax cuts
Thank you Ronna for a single tweet that came after it was safe to do so
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20 Nov
So we need to talk about punishing journalists at places like the New York Times and MSNBC who lie about people like Rittenhouse. Journalists need to be terrified of reporting anything more than the most harmless, straightforward details about a case
They won't stop unless they feel afraid and the only way to do that is to professionally and financially ruin a few of them
If that sounds harsh consider that these people tried putting a way an innocent kid for life because he was at a riot that they instigated by lying about the Jacob Blake shooting
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19 Nov
Youngkin got elected on culture war issues about race and sex

So, Youngkin chose a guy with pronouns in his bio to do his comms who also served on the Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum and supports virtually everything Youngkin's voters voted against

This is peak GOP
I'm not surprised by any of this, just the speed at which Youngkin is sinking the knife into people's backs, it has to be some kind of land speed record for the GOP
If Youngkin boots him, I'm sure he'll be able to land a job at the America First Policy Institute
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18 Nov
Right after winning on a populist wave against critical race theory and bureaucratic overreach, Youngkin appointed Heritage Foundation race hustler Kay James to his transition team and capitulated on mandates

The GOP hates you and you should hate it back and bend it to your will
The GOP has not fundamentally changed under Trump. It is a weathervane that will go along with trends to the extent that it helps them win elections. But unless you regard the party as your instrument, not your friend, it will continue stabbing you in the back
The "hands off" argument doesn't make any sense: Youngkin won't mandate to prohibit COVID mandates because that's limited government conservatism or something but also he's going to mandate against CRT?
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16 Nov
A principal wagged his finger at his community about racism, so parents ousted him. This is how things should work everywhere: soapboxing about racism and diversity should cost you your job

It's also notable that parents, not politicians, did this…
There is no debating with these people. If you have the power to get them out of a position of influence, that is the way forward, not arguing over ideas
This is perfectly fair considering that saying something totally innocuous but politically incorrect can cost you your job. Why not the reverse? That's what these parents are saying, and they're *more* right than the other side about removing these people from power
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