Btw I don’t think many men actually get turned on by women reading Quran at all. There’s other things that actually turn them on more that they haven’t banned.

They just hate to hear women reciting Allahs words because it breaches their authority and dominion over those words.
I don’t think they genuinely and truly believe there’s massive sexual harm and chaos in society that results from a woman speaking, enough to warrant these extra added rules.
They just don’t want us to speak and bother them and their public authority.
Everyone’s getting appalled and saying “if it turns you on, that’s something wrong with you” but I don’t think they’re getting turned on. They just shudder at the sound of Allahs words coming out of a woman’s mouth and they want to put a stop to it at all costs.
that’s why I made my original thread about how these men actually don’t care or notice womens voice in non Islamically authoritative contexts. It’s not causing chaos. They won’t run out of a room bc their cousins speaking. They just bring up this fitnah when it’s Islam/authority
And it’s because it is a useful and already in use Legal Technique to ban things for women. (Fitnah, temptation)
Not because it’s actually a massive sexual issue/temptation to warrant banning.
When Muslim men listen to women reciting Quran they often laugh or mock or criticize the recitation, or just get extremely uncomfortable at hearing something they feel is wrong.
They are not usually rushing to commit sexual indecencies.

• • •

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24 Nov
A Friend recently got divorced. She had been married for 20 years, 5 kids. Married at 17, from a simple family. Took care of husbands house for 20 years, helped with budgeting, savings. Helped him start business. She helped make the products to sell. All money in man’s name
So she’s in poverty now after 20 years of caring for husbands home, growing his business, while he is very well off and is living in her home with a new “upper class” wife he married a few years before their divorce. She’s in a Muslim country so her kids are with him and new wife
No home, no money, no kids.
For 20 years devoting her life to a man, his home, his wealth and his kids.
The family wealth+home is being used on a new wife who never worked in that home. He got her 2 maids since she requested and she was “used to it”, and his wealth afforded it.
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23 Nov
"We go out and make money and you think you can just sit at home & do nothing" 😡😡
Yes, I do
If you're actually making money (i.e. wealthy), then you can pay to have your house chores taken care of, and your wife live in ease, as was the practice for most of Islamic history
I will take my free time that my husbands wealth afforded me, and pursue hobbies, focus on my kids, meet friends, work and earn my own money.
Whatever I wish to do.
But I will not and do not have to clean toilets and mop floors if my husband can afford to clean his own house.
Because Islamically this is not my house. I am not entitled to it if he divorced me or if he dies.
He can move me out tomorrow to move in another wife.
That is HIS house, and he will use his own wealth to maintain it, rather than grow his wealth through my work.
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22 Nov
anyways, I always tell women interested in Islam and women protection. look at the legal techniques men use to restrict us, and which they insist are valid, and use them to protect women.
i.e.: banning permissible things (speaking, reciting Quran) for *fear of fitnah or harm*
even if the Sahaba themselves did these things (attend masjid, spoke in front of men), even if there is no Hadith or Quranic ayah prohibiting it, men still manage to ban things.
So if women need protections, just use their own approved methods of banning otherwise legal acts.
Say women need to be aware of husbands other marriages, need to consent to protect themselves from STD's, need child protection laws, etc, to protect themselves from harm, then no man should come and say "it is FORBIDDEN to ban anything not explicitly banned by ALLAH"
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22 Nov
A woman voice in itself, is not awra
It makes no logical sense to make this claim.
-Female Companions spoke to the Prophet and other men. The sahabiyyat did not expose their awra, astaghfirAllah
-Awra means nudity and prohibited which means men who listened to a woman speak are listening to prohibited. Male companions and Prophet ﷺ listened to women speak.
-slave women and non muslim women have different laws for their dress/awra,
Is the voice of these women also "awrah"? bizarre to claim it is, and bizarre to claim it isn't (slave women reciting Quran is suddenly not a cause of fitna)
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22 Nov
You notice how it’s always women uttering the words of Allah that makes them so mad? Or speaking authoritatively about Islam? Then it’s all, your voice is nudity!

But same men will listen to female news-reporters, talks show hosts, women speakers condemning feminism.
Their Siri lady, gps directions lady, etc etc. womens voice is everywhere and fine. When they hear it I guarantee you they don’t think they’re consuming forbidden nudity.
But when it’s Quran or Islam suddenly the whole landscape becomes different. Suddenly it’s soo seductive
Like I’d sit with these guys who believe it. They’ll watch their Pakistani news channel with women, their shows with women laughing like hyenas. They say nothing. But if a religious woman came on their channel to talk about Islam or read Quran suddenly they’d shout about awra
Read 4 tweets
18 Sep
In South Asia Women are
Robbed of rightful inheritance.
Lied to abt Islamic marital obligations (inlaw care)
Financially abused (their money controlled by men)
Unaware of marriage/divorce rights
Lied to about Islamic rules
Unwanted from birth
Uniquely banned from Masjids
These are all very serious oppressions even from even from an Islamic standpoint.
And one of the most important and effective ways to tackle these abuses is through education. Any honest person would concede that preventing access to education would make all these problem worse
So all those who are ok with women being banned from education are actually supporters of all these abuses only increasing. Frankly, they hate women and they hate even the basic rights Islam gave women, and they have no desire to see justice and good for Muslim women.
Read 7 tweets

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