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23 Nov
Your go-to guide to how web3 is changing the music industry.

Spoiler: It's happening at an extremely rapid pace.
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15 Nov
Music is having its web3 moment:

- Streaming - @AudiusProject
- NFTs - @catalogworks
- Royalties - @join_royal
- DAOs - @dreamsnevrdie
- Funding - @viamirror
- Research - @water_and_music
- Fans - @soundxyz_
- Collabs - @arpeggi_labs
- Grants - @audiogrants


- Talent - @sixweb3
- Memories - @__iyk
- Media - @mintsongs
- FanClubs - @medallionfm
- Community - @Wobblebug
- Stems - @AsyncArt
- Grants - @MusicFundNFT
- DAOs - @goodkarmadao
- Tokens - @rally_io
- Events - @DirtybirdArt
- Tickets - @YellowHeartNFT

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10 Sep
I'm going full-time DAOs.

Here's how - and how you can too. Image
I've been a DAO contributor since 2018.

First through writing.

Then through governance.

Now through leadership.

I stand up internet communities and create tokens that represent ownership.
Full-time DAOs means working for ownership.

Working for ownership means working for tokens.

I will be compensated entirely in on-chain assets - sometimes as ETH or USDC but mainly through governance tokens.
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24 Jun
DAOs are internet communities with a shared cap table and bank account.

Breaking down the DAO landscape πŸ”½…
DAOs seek to:

- Provide members with a voice through governance.
- Flatten hierarchy and create fluid workstreams.
- Allocate resources to achieve a core mission.

They turn a group chat into a success-driven community.
There are more than 100 DAOs managing over $10B in assets.

This is the DAO Landscape for 2021.
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25 Mar
Where do NFTs capture value?

One word - curation ✨

My first tokenized essay - $VALUE - is now live on @viamirror ⬇️…
NFTs move seamlessly between marketplaces and applications.

Here's a look at some of the key players that exist today. Image
Marketplaces will introduce curation tokens - allowing collectors to signal to the most valuable creators.

Curators that attract the most sales earn the most rewards.

Curators earn tokens, commissions and delegation by playing matchmaker between creator and collector.
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20 Jan
Looking to break into Ethereum?

Four flourishing ecosystems to get involved today πŸ”½
1) DeFi πŸ’Έ

Future of finance meets freedom to contribute and put capital to work.

Earn passive income and compound yields or break it down for the masses.

Guide to get started on @DefiantNews…
2) NFTs 🎨

From crypto art to gaming, collectibles to metaverse real-estate, NFTs define ownership in a digital world.

Curate creative universes and make a brand for yourself in any of its endless niches.
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