Since British private bankers are giving me shit and threatening me, let's go public with this.

Australia was the training ground that taught me how absolutely comprehensive the adversary is.

I know how to deal with you now.

So let's have fun.
Let's say someone approaches you and says "How do we remove an adversary that has slowly infiltrated us using our own laws, culture, and morality against us?"

What would you do?
Reach for the first display of power? The adversary spins that as tyranny.

Reach for logic and reason? The adversary spins that as out of touch and rigid.

Reach for compassion? The adversary spins that as ineffective.

This is the game. What do you do?
I am an ex-Marxist, so I am trained the same way the adversary is. I can perform critical analysis just as as comprehensively as they can. Some would even argue more so.

I use it as a tool. They use it as a personality and holy symbol. That's the difference between us.
So let's give the petulant adversary a flash of insight they didn't previously have because, by now, it's too late to do anything about it.

The Rittenhouse trial was essential because it is a pre-run of an operation. It refreshed the narrative grammar of legal situations.
As soon as Rittenhouse affair ends, the Ghislaine Maxwell event begins. A smooth transition where the legal priming of the Rittenhouse case can transparently transition into the Maxwell case.

A necessary narrative refresher of legal context.
The absolute and scientifically rigorous beauty of the Maxwell case is that it is the perfect distillate of epistemology: As @ScottAdamsSays states often: One movie, two screens.

But how?
The Democrats want to wring Maxwell of all of her secrets so they can finally defeat Trump.

The Republicans want to wring Maxwell of all of her secrets so they can finally defeat Clinton.
No matter how much censorship happens, one of the two predominate narrative frames will be able to goad their Big Tech underlings to allow details through.

Democrats obvious control all censorship in America, but their hatred of Trump is enough to let Maxwell facts appear.
Neither Trump or Clinton lose in the Maxwell case.

UK Royalty gets decimated as this case evolves.

Which, of course, is the primary target of the entire operation.
Did you know the CEO of Barclays was Jeffrey Epstein's private banker?

That's a bit of information my current threat shouldn't have divulged and now you have a serious problem on your hands.

Oopsie daisy.
Now that such information is part of the public domain (which was known via private investigation), this leaves us in a scenario that reveals the culpability of the City of London.
Why is Aaron Swartz, a person who hacked Epstein-funded MIT Media Labs, dead?

Why was nearly every academic institution Epstein funded quickly hacked by China shortly after his arrival?

What forbidden science needed the harshness of Chinese communism to provide test subjects?
Blackmail inflation prevents all of these actors from retreating and cutting deals. They went from assets to carry cost.

They have no choice but to accept my conditions now.
No attack on me or my network is free. There is always a cost. Always be ready to pay that cost.
How does the UK regain control of the narrative in the face of this?

Ten days of darkness.

You'll see.
Mr. Bezos,

Please... finish what you started and see this all the way to the end.

• • •

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