@Hadithoftheday Abi Ayyub Ansari R.A.

When the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ entered Madinah, he told the people to allow his camel to go her own way for “she is guided by Allah.” Adjacent to the spot where the camel knelt was the house of Abu Ayyub Ansari R.A
@Hadithoftheday Qaswa was the camel of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ on which he made his Hijrah.
Qaswa was the she camel.
On reaching Madinah first time, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was riding on the camel Qaswa and he let his camel decide the location of his humble abode.
@Hadithoftheday The prominent personalities of Madina wanted the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to stay with them but he refused them saying:

“[This camel i.e Qaswa] is commanded by Allah; wherever it stops, that will be my home.”
@Hadithoftheday When the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ entered Madinah, he told the people to allow his camel to go her own way for “she is guided by Allah.” All of the Muslims desired that he would lodge with them. Finally the she-camel knelt, but the Prophet (ﷺ) did not dismount. +
@Hadithoftheday The she camel rose to its feet again, ambled ahead for some distance, and then turned back and knelt in the same place it had before. Masjid-e-Nabwi was erected on this very spot.
@Hadithoftheday Adjacent to the spot where the camel knelt was the house of Abu Ayyub Ansari R.A who hurried to lift the saddle from the camel and took it to his home. The Prophet (ﷺ) remarked humorously, “A man must follow his saddle“, and went along with Abu Ayyub Ansari R.A.

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22 Nov
@Hadithoftheday True.

Narrated from Anas ibn Maalik R.A that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “There is no land that the Dajjaal will not enter, apart from Makkah and Madeenah.” - (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)
@Hadithoftheday The Dajjaal will be a man from among the sons of Adam. He will have many attributes which were described in the ahaadeeth to acquaint people with him and to warn them of his evil.
@Hadithoftheday Dajjal will be a young man with a ruddy complexion, short, with thick curly hair, a wide forehead, and broad upper chest, blind or defective (mamsooh) in the right eye. This eye will be neither prominent nor sunken, and will look like a floating grape.
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21 Oct
@Hadithoftheday Mus'ab Ibn Umayr R.A
Prophet ﷺ commissioned Mus'ab R.A to assist the people of Madinah, then known as Yathrib.
Mus’ab R.A proved worthy of the Prophet’s ﷺ choice, dealing with the tribal mentality of the leaders and citizens of Yathrib with patience and sagacity.
@Hadithoftheday Mus’ab R.A was known as the “flower of the Quraish” for his handsome looks and charming demeanor. He was perfectly groomed and wore the best and most exquisite clothing from foreign lands.
@Hadithoftheday When speaking of Mus’ab, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ would say, “I have never seen anyone in Makkah with better hair, finer clothes and enjoying as many bounties as Mus’ab bin ‘Umayr”.
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18 Oct
@Hadithoftheday True.
It was there during the night journey that Allah gave this ummah the gift of compulsory Salah.

At that time Allah made five-time prayers obligatory for Muslims, the prayers were fifty in the beginning but Prophet ﷺ requested to Allah & reduced them to five.
@Hadithoftheday On the night of the Mi’raaj, when Prophet ﷺ was taken up into heaven, Allah initially enjoined fifty prayers to be performed night and day. Then the Prophet ﷺ kept asking his Lord to reduce it until it became five prayers to be offered night and day.
@Hadithoftheday Allah decreed the reward of fifty prayers for these five, so whoever prays five prayers will receive the reward of fifty prayers.
The Prayers are five with regard to what is to be done, but they are fifty with regard to the reward.
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16 Oct
@Hadithoftheday Sidrat-ul Muntaha.

Sidrat-ul-Muntahāʿ, is the divine lote-tree station that separates the earthly creations and the heavenly creations.
Sidrat-ul Muntaha marks the utmost boundary in the seventh heaven, which no one can pass.
@Hadithoftheday It is called Sidrat al-Muntaha because the knowledge of the angels stops at that point, and no one has gone beyond it except the Messenger of Allaah ﷺ.
After crossing the seven skies in the journey of Mi'raj, Muhammad ﷺ witnessed the Sidrat Al-Muntahā.
@Hadithoftheday In the famous hadeeth about Mi’raj (ascent into heaven), the Prophet ﷺ said that when Jibreel A.S took him up into the heavens, he went through from one heaven to the next by the command of Allah, until he reached the 7th heaven. He said: "Then I was taken to Sidrat al-Muntaha+
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15 Oct
@Hadithoftheday Al-Kawthar.
Al-Kawthar is a river in Paradise which Allaah has given to His Prophet ﷺ. 

Allah says in Qur'an: 
"Indeed, We have granted you, [O Muhammad], al-Kawthar."
(Qur'an. Al-Kawthar 108: Verse 1)
@Hadithoftheday Narrated from Ibn Umar R.A that the Prophet ﷺ said: “Al-Kawthar is a river in Paradise. Its banks are made of gold and its bed is of pearls and rubies…” - (Tirmidhi)
@Hadithoftheday Narrated Anas R.A: Whilst we were with the Prophet ﷺ, he dozed off then he raised his head and he was smiling. We said, “Why are you smiling, O Messenger of Allah?” He said: “A soorah has been revealed to me.” And he recited:

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10 Oct
@Hadithoftheday Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
When Prophet Muhammad ﷺ reached Al-Aqsa, there waiting inside were all 124,000 Prophets. Jibraeel A.S led the Prophet ﷺ to the front,& he led them all in prayer in that blessed space.
This is one of the reason that Muhammad ﷺ is called as "Imam-Ul-Anbiya"
@Hadithoftheday With regard to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s leading other prophets in prayer, the Night Journey was of great significance in more ways than one.
For the Prophets to pray together at Jerusalem signifies the continuity of their messages and their unity of rank and purpose.
@Hadithoftheday That unique prayer of the Prophets, led by Muhammad ﷺ, also signifies that Islam has completed all Divine messages and brought them to their final form.
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