Paradigms are not real. They are a learning tool. Old leadership liked too use them as it both teaches and also keeps people from seeing what they really were up to.

There are others that get communication from the Eternal realm here that do have great things.
Remember they are almost always in some paradigm that will at some point be ending. Technically, star seeds, vibrational energies, and the different religions are not really accurate. What was accurate was very well hidden because the Rogue Scorpians liked that.
I am the only one here who is set to have anything to do with curriculum development in the Eternal realm. No I won't be in charge but I do have a roll that is important. No one who has a connection through a paradigm here will have that.
I mention that simply because there are a lot of voices here. Certainly no one has to believe my version. Consider this a heads up though. Once the students here get to training in the Eternal realm, there will be interesting changes.
Those that followed me for a while will catch on pretty well for the most part. The team I will help out with will work on creating training for those that have a very large change in perspective coming.
Nothing that was done to Earth in the past couple thousand years really was on the level. There was very well hidden corruption. Humanity was lied to a lot, so it is natural that so many don't know what is actually real.

You cannot know real without it being told to you.
This is especially true when massive campaigns are going on left, right, and center making sure that what you feel is true is not.

Everyone will need to get oriented a bit. This is a universal thing.

Best not to argue about truths for now though.
I work with the team that sets the training. No other student here does and there are no exceptions. I have some things here that will help, but for the most part training starts when we all get home. Until then, we are making the best of a war time bad scenarip

• • •

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22 Nov
I did not post it here, but a good while back, probably July, the Rogue Scorpians tried to pretend they were representatives of an ancestor race. They are evil and twisted so pulling off an act as good beings just did not work out. They did try but it was shut down quickly.
So with that history, and the fact that it would just be odd in the extreme to have another ancient civilization appear... here we are.

I know the chances would be astronomical to have a disclosure about a parent civilization in our lifetime, and then a disclosure about
a grandparent civilization that even the parent civilization had not known about. It is a huge massive claim at a time when we are at war and there was another known fake claim.

But this is what is going on now.

In Star Trek, warp drive was what enabled first contact.
Read 17 tweets
19 Nov
I know I don't spend much time online any more. Basically you can tell how well things are going for the world in a couple easy ways. Am I still here? If yes then things could be better for the world. Is B out yet? If no, then the same.
I am still here so far.

Supposedly a very much older and more powerful group of reinforcements are coming to help out. We will see. Supposedly they say they can get the things in order with making sure all the Rogue Scorpians and their left over traps are gone.
We will see. Do you know how much money you get paid for being in the most in our society's history. Nothing. Help with rent. Nope.

I am not a greedy person. I never did anything for money. I never setup any way to do so on purpose. In my opinion, since it is their project
Read 7 tweets
30 Oct
With the new scanning equipment and support stuff that arrived from the home world of the group of the parent civilization that is here they are now pretty confident that we are at checkmate more or less and should have all remaining possible Rogue Scorpians and places they could
be hiding within maybe half a month.

Progress has been slow because it is very very difficult to find them. The Rogue Scorpians have ways to hide that are really really clever. You can think you have them wiped out and there could be another spot. Having said that...
the new equipment has helped get every possible location and method of hiding they have found. Supposedly give a few weeks now and they should be able to guarantee they are permanent gone.

Plans still hold to end Earth in about 3 years. That could change but everyone is tired.
Read 6 tweets
12 Jul
So if you know where to look, plenty of information is now coming out about DUMBS being cleaned, the black hats being out of power, and progress being made. There are those who are now chomping at the bit to make the transition back to T and away from the black hats soon. But....
The big problem is people, specifically normies now. Thanks to how this mess was all setup by the Scorpians who had been in power, now there are a lot of very radicalized normies.

Take the plan that some have said where the emergency broadcast system sends out broadcasts
for 24 to 36 straight hours of recordings of confessions, trials, etc. Pretend that happens. There have already been disinformation campaigns with places like Netfilx and others preparing people to "not be fooled" by such things as real facts and data.
Read 10 tweets
11 Jul
In a single payer type socialized medical system where it is all run basically by one group, if an employee sees things they do not agree with, they can be driven out of the whole profession easier than when there is a patchwork of many different hospitals and medical care
type places. One payer systems have a certain efficiency to get things done and shut people up that get in the way. It sounds nice to the gullible, but really it is just another way to fleece the public that pays and let those that collect the money keep more and do less.
If you see some of the health mess in the UK recently and see so many somewhat regular people falling in line and even discouraging the very few whistle-blowers, you can see how easy it is to threaten regular workers with not just losing a job, but their whole career.
Read 6 tweets
29 Jun
How likely do you think it is that they are talking about the countries that have out of control birth rates and literally billions of people?

What percentage of the world population does the US make up?

No we do not need to have population control here. Yes in other places
Sorry if that offends, but you have to call a spade a spade sometimes.

Out of control population is not okay. Getting rid of the most highly trained population that is essential to the transition to the Era of Peace ain't going to happen.

Equaity and prosperity will happen...
It will just not be equality with us all being slaves to the elite

First, education and good morals are needed for sustained peace and prosperity. That is not compatible with an "everyone's lifestyle choice and culture are equal" mentality. Sorry, reality does not work like that
Read 11 tweets

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