I did some consultancy in the music industry. The misogyny and victim blaming blew me away. I actually came away from that work disgusted.

As soon as I started questioning the objectification & sexual assault/harassment of famous female artists shit got seriously uncomfortable.
It made me realise that sometimes I am asked to do consultancy or pieces of work as tokenism, and that I would never allow that to happen again.

I only work with people who are looking for true change, critical reflection and honest feedback about misogyny.
It changed the way I looked at all female artists - not that I had any negative views of them, but that I started seeing everything they did or said through that new lens I had experienced of the way their managers, producers and teams just saw them as temporary sex objects
Sometimes I see something happen in the music industry to a woman, and whilst everyone is judging them and criticising them, I think of the immense misogyny and internalised misogyny of the people around them and how it must make them feel
The conversations about their bodies and ages and sell by dates and sex appeal - just grossed me out

• • •

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25 Nov
More & more violent men and their defenders are twigging that they can use trauma, ‘ACEs’ and their own experiences of abuse to justify their violence against women & girls.

We must not let this narrative succeed or become accepted in practice, theory or legislation

We have decades of psychological theory which contests this, but it’s an easy and seductive explanation for male violence against women - and so many people accept it to be true under the whole ‘hurt people hurt people’ message.

This doesn’t stand up to basic logic though…
If it was true that victims of abuse and male violence went on to be violent criminals themselves, the majority of all violent offenders would be women and girls. As victims, they outnumber men, but men make up 97-99% of all violent offenders.
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30 Oct
I think everyone needs to be paying attention to the amount of women who have been subjected to abuse and trauma suddenly being told they have ADHD and autism.

This is the next wave of pathologisation after BPD and EUPD, mark my words.
You may disagree, you might think that the huge increase in women being diagnosed with ADHD & autism (both currently described as psychiatric disorders) is a good thing, but I’m not so sure. I think it will lead to more women being oppressed & discriminated against.
It amazes me that the same people who can see that the huge increase in women being diagnosed with personality disorders after disclosing abuse is negative and detrimental, but the same with ADHD and autism is positive and progressive. They are all from the same book.
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6 Oct
Just saw yet another academic supporting ‘women’s self defence’ as a ‘solution to VAWG’ and honestly I am sick to the back teeth of hearing it.

70% of women will naturally freeze when attacked, no matter what skill or belt they have.

And what about disabled women & girls? Hmm?
It might sound like a progressive, cutting edge study to do conversation analysis interviews and funded interventions of teaching young women self defence with self reported confidence measures but when you’re being raped, groomed, abused or controlled THAT SHIT WON’T WORK
We also know from decades of research that women and girls are very likely to self blame (and be victim blamed) if they don’t fight back when being raped or abused, so this suggestion only furthers the original rape myth that ‘if you were really raped, you would fight back’
Read 4 tweets
3 Oct
We have been working with several police forces and PCCs on their misogyny issues for months now, and I can tell you that some forces are absolutely ready, and have the right people at the top, to challenge and explore their misogyny throughout the force for years to come.
In all cases, they approached us (which is great).

They all already accept their misogyny issues exist, and are impacting their staffing, and their responses to crime.

Crucially, it’s about who is in charge and who is ready for uncomfortable exploratory work.

Some are.
What I can tell you, is that in some forces, it’s easier than others. One force found out that someone in leadership was trying to address misogyny and woman blaming and called them in for a meeting to shut them up.

But other forces are way ahead.
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3 Oct
I do find it interesting which feminists are being ‘allowed’ to publicly talk about their work and their personal experiences - and which ones are being accused of attention seeking, lying, and self gain.

Almost like there’s a disgusting cliquey hierarchy that’s developed 👀
I guess it’s the same with any women, and any communities, there’s always the ones that are allowed to speak, and the ones that aren’t perfect enough to speak on their own lives.

Almost ironic that this dynamic continues in an arena where it’s not supposed to exist at all.
Maybe for clarity, we could make a list of the feminists who have been able to openly talk about their own work and their own experiences in the last week and which ones have been criticised or have been accused of doing it for self gain - so we know for future reference.
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30 Sep
To everyone commenting on my thread about police corruption (most are well intentioned comments), saying to ‘take it higher’ or ‘go to your MP’. It doesn’t work. I’ve done this several times & had the same outcome. Scrutiny of police needs to be external, powerful & independent.
I have twice taken something to professional standards and conduct but it’s been completely covered up or denied. When I pushed for the truth and an outcome, I was actually threatened with arrest for ‘harassment’ for writing a letter back to the force saying I disagreed.
I still have that letter. It said that if I made any more complaints about a particular officer (I’d only made one but wouldn’t accept the decision), they would charge me with harassment lmfao

I laugh because of how ludicrous that really is
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