Almost funny... The climate alarmism movement, including the UN and the Guardian have been "warning" of the dangers of climate refugees for years. And now they claim that fears about climate migration are a far-right trope. Own it, greens.…
Here, for e.g. from 2005...

"50m environmental refugees by end of decade, UN warns"…
Today, the Guardian says: "This wrapping of ecological disaster with fears of rampant immigration is a narrative that has flourished in far-right fringe movements in Europe and the US and is now spilling into the discourse of mainstream politics."
What the @guardian means to say is that the 'far right' have absorbed their fear-mongering.

Needless to say, the UN's projections were false in 2005. And are still false today.

All the same, they have unleashed the 'far right', it seems.
@guardian H/t due to @ret_ward, who has done much to urge the far right to become greener over the years. It was clearly of great personal disappointment to him that racists and fascists seemed to stand in the way of climate policy. He seems much happier now.

@guardian @ret_ward I've been pointing it out for quite some time, though, that racists and environmentalists are birds of a feather.…

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24 Nov
The @BBC and @ISDglobal, using cash from @cabinetofficeuk and billionaires, try desperately to make equivalents of jihadi terrorists and people who think that wind turbines are a bad idea. But such obvious propaganda falls on its face. Me in @spikedonline.…
@BBC @ISDglobal @cabinetofficeuk @spikedonline Here's one BBC article, which uncritically reproduces the ISD's claims, as though it was an authority to be deferred to, not a political campaigning organisation.…
@BBC @ISDglobal @cabinetofficeuk @spikedonline Here's the ISD's "analysis", which claims that "climate lockdown" was nothing more than an "innocuous phrase", which has been twisted beyond recognition, by "far right" anti-vax conspiracy theorists who are "pivoting" from covid denial to climate denial.…
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23 Nov
Some of my scribblings on the paranoid conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories, posted earlier, if you think I'm being unfair here.

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22 Nov
No, Ed.

It's the direct consequence of:

1. The Climate Change Act 2008


2. The cross-party consensus on climate and energy policy.


You offered no opposition and no criticism and no alternative.
Nothing has happened since 2010 -- when you lost the election -- that you were not told would happen in 2007.

You were told that there would be ever greater "systemic risks".

You were told that prices would spiral out of control.

You were told that it would create hardship for poorer people.

You were told that it would cause the government to lose control of policy.
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20 Nov
Looks a bit hasty to me.

No doubt politics was hollowed out. But by being 'soft'? By people not having to do so much physical labour? By a sense of entitlement? I think the implications are somewhat ugly.
Deindustrialisation is a thing, though. And the political distaste for industry and for that matter, democracy, needs further exploration. I don't think the issue is one of 'culture', because that seems to imply that culture is the business of politics to engineer.
Too many politicians will tell you that 'materialism and self entitlement' is a problem. But that's not what people who face spiralling rents, stagnant wages, rising costs of living etc, will feel. It's only a consumer/ individual culture in the most superficial sense.
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20 Nov
You're in for a shock.

They don't want you to drive. At all. And they're not going to stop putting inconveniences and costs in your way. They're committed to it, and there's nothing to stop them and no sitting political alternative.
If they can extort money from you in the process, so much better for the local councils and the private equity firms that have bought all the bailiffs that service local authorities. The first thing they come for if you can't afford a fine/penalty charge... is your car.
Their policies might leave you immobile, unable to work, unable to afford basic things.

But your hardship is progress, according to their measurement. Another car off the road.

The world is now a better place.
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19 Nov
What Dr Doug calls 'hope' is in fact moral blackmail.

There is 'hope' only if you do as you're told.

So he's not against doomism.

Engagement is a two-way street, Doug. And the problem with your ideological framing has been pointed out to you for the duration of your activism.
Climate science failed to confront alarmism. It indulged and continues to indulge alarmism. And if it didn't ignore them completely, it framed anyone who was critical of alarmism as 'deniers'.

And that's why there are many children who believe they have no future.
The weaponisation of children's emotions for a political project is something that institutional science will ultimately be remembered for, as will its unwillingness to 'engage' with critics of the politicisation of science.
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