9 Common Mind Games People Play On You.

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1. Gas Lighting

Using denial, lying, misinformation, and contradiction to make you doubt your sanity, memory and perception.


Disengage and walk away.
2. Negative Humor

Making critical remarks disguised as sarcasm or humor to make you feel inferior or less secure.


Remain calm. Smile and put that person in the spotlight by asking questions.
3. Victimhood

Designed to exploit your good will, guilty conscience, protective and nurturing instinct in order to benefit personally.


Don't get emotionally involved or let go that relationship.
4. Pretend Ignorance

Playing dumb in order to get away with behaviour or things.


Judge action not intention.
5. Projection

Criticizing others for things they do themselves as well.


Don't take the bait and remove yourself from the arena.
6. Guilt Tripping

Passive aggressive way to remind you of something bad you did in order to make them want to make up for it.


Respond with empathy but trust your intuitions.
7. Silent Treatment

Ignoring messages, calls or questions to make you feel uncertain and to make you start doubting yourself.


Ignore it until it blows over.
8. Constant Criticism

Constantly marginalizing, ridiculing and dismissing you to make you feel inferior and to make them feel superior.


Say thank you and get on with your life.
9. Throwing a Tantrum

Raising their voice, using a lot of gestures and sometimes even physical abuse to get whatever they want.


Stay calm. Set boundaries. Give space.
How about you stop dwelling on past and regretting your failures?

How about you take full control over your emotions, thoughts and actions?

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2. Think Flexibly.

- Look at it another way.

- Be able to change your perspective.

- Always consider options.
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