Some ideas and recipes for Thanksgiving, as you are planning...

Several years ago, we started breaking up Thanksgiving into two meals--lunch (nap) then dinner.

I like to do lots and lots of courses, and we found we couldn't eat it all at one sitting. Recipes follow...
we start with a cheese course, that we eat while I am shucking oysters.

We have 14 people coming this year, and unfortunately, despite trying hard to convince them they did not like them our kids like oysters, so this takes a while.
Next course is oysters with cranberry mignonette. (cranberry is the dominant theme here).

After that, we move onto a salad. I do a watercress salad with duck confit, pears, bleu d'auvergne, pickled red onions, and a cranberry vinaigrette.
The addition of this salad, which is SOOO good is what made it necessary to add the break/nap. It's just too rich. So now is when we break for football, which usually devolves into nap time.
After nap, we move to the artichoke soup from Guy Savoy. It is truly incredible. You also don't really need to truffles. I don't know if there is something wrong with me, but I can't taste truffles. I only smell them.
While making this, the leaves get discarded, so usually I make a lemon aioli that people will use to dip those, and have a sort of second appetizer.
Now we're onto the main event. Most people don't like Turkey. I do. Because I brine it. If you brine it over night, it truly is a wonderful thing. Any standard brining recipe will do. Don't overcook it--check the thermometer frequently, take out when it reaches 155.
For sides, we do my step-father's rice dressing. Roy is from Louisiana, and his mother had the good sense when she re-married, to marry a Cajun man. This rice dressing is to die for. Stuffing will become a dirty word to you after you eat this. moestestkitchen.blogspot.com/2009/11/pockey…
For sides we do mashed carrots, with mint and orange. The texture is simply wonderful. For other meals, I add toasted cumin seeds to give a more middle eastern flavor. moestestkitchen.blogspot.com/2013/12/mashed…
We don't bother with gravy, just cranberry sauce. Quite simple. Just take a standard package of cranberries, 1 cup OJ, 1/2 cup sugar. Boil till bubbly. Done. Make lots of extra for sandwiches.
Now, while I wish I could invite you all for Thanksgiving, I know you all have other plans. BUT, I would love it if you would join us for our holiday event the next week :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope to see you on 12/4

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23 Nov
Europe's vaunted health care system may be the issue...

This article notes that 562 of Austria's 600 ICU beds are in-use by COVID patients.

Alabama--half the pop of Austria--has 1500 ICU beds. At their peak (summer & winter), 55% of ICU capacity--843-- was in use by COVID pts. ImageImage
And yet, we see that last winter, Austria maxed out 709 COVID ICU patients on 11/25 (boy that sounds seasonal).

Suggesting that perhaps, what we are seeing is that like the US, ICU capacity fluctuates in Europe.

iconcepts.at/covid19/index_… Image
Alabama is a very unhealthy state, and as such, has a massive ICU capacity for its size. MA, is maybe a better look. We are 6.9 M (AT is 8.9). We R currently at 1271 beds--reduced from 1900. Winter max COVID patients was 433. app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjo… Image
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18 Nov
Ever wonder why kids routinely have higher case rates? Because they are tested at SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER RATES.

Here in Mass, kids are tested at 2-3x the rate of other ages. (except 80+ who are 99%+ vaxed here).

Kids represents 31% of the cases, but 38% of the tests--and only 23% of the population--34% vaxed.

Every other age group <70 is tested proportionally less than pop. Most are STILL over represented for cases--despite testing 2-3x less than kids.
Over 70's are a different case. They are tested similarly to kids (likely in hospital), but have lower proportional cases. But this group is 99%+ vaccinated!

There are appx 7000 people TOTAL unvaxed (i.e. no doses) in this group. Yet still ~1400 cases every two weeks...
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18 Nov
Reminder of the scale of the "emergency" here in MA that requires the wholesale exclusion of the unvaccinated from society. Orange are COVID patients. Note that hospitals have chosen not to add back the 30% reduction in staffed ICU beds from last winter

My guess is this is where we are going (FL, summer wave).
Here is US ICU Utilization as a whole.
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12 Nov
Parents won't.

BUT we have to MOBILIZE. We have to VOTE, and we have to DONATE to candidates who will ACT.

Let me explain a little...

W/my campaign, I have been calling large donors (R). These are the people who fund elections, who vote. You should be TERRIFIED.
These people, the establishment (R or D) have felt NOTHING over the past year. They don't care that your kids haven't been in school. They don't have them, or theirs were. Their net worth's have doubled. They like the masks--it makes them feel safe, secure, superior.
I asked a man today if he had any concerns. He had none (he was a large R donor). Asked if it concerned him that MA kids had access to 1/4 the # of in-person schooling as FL or other red-state kids, he said "it's a shame for the low-income kids, but it was necessary."
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10 Nov
History may not be poetic, but boy does it rhyme.

Following: 8 pages of an article written by an NYC doctor during the peak of the gov't alcohol poisonings of the Prohibition era.

If this quote isn't enough to whet your appetite, I don't know what is.

jstor.org/stable/2511063… Image

Below is pretty much the rallying cry of #TeamReality

jstor.org/stable/2511063… Image
Now for the whole article. Page 1.

jstor.org/stable/2511063… Image
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5 Nov
🙏🙏 RT 🙏🙏
#TeamReality 🎅holiday party🎅? HELL YES! December 4th, Newbury, NH.

Yes, it’s a campaign fundraiser, but it's going to be 🌲incredible!🌲

AND you’ll be helping to send a card-carrying member of #TeamReality to Congress to fight the CDC.

Now, let me tell you why it’s going to be incredible.
1) Fireworks
2) Mulled wine
3) 500 Members of #TeamReality+kids
4) Ice skating performance (!)
5) I'm doing it. You thought I was good at data analysis? Wait till you attend my parties


Part of reclaiming normal is BEING normal. Think about it, your patriotic duty as a liberty-loving American is to party. We rebel from this BS by having fun. Gato was right. The Karenocracy is coming down.
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