You'd think constantly being in a state of extreme psychological distress about US politics wouldn't be such a great testament to the analytical acuity of a professional political columnist, but I guess times have changed
This has been going on for years with Michelle Goldberg: a never-ending cycle of psychic turmoil that serves as the impetus for her New York Times columns. Is lacking the ability to regulate one's emotions supposed to be an admirable quality in a professional political columnist?
In 2016, Michelle Goldberg confessed that Trump had "poisoned her dreams" and was causing her to regularly wake up in the middle of the night panicked with "agitated horror." Totally seems like a psychological disposition conducive to grounded, rational political analysis
All I'm doing is pointing out the absurdity of a NYT political columnist becoming so unmoored by national politics that she's spent 5+ years chronicling her own nonstop emotional volatility. The alternative to this loopiness isn't necessarily "apathy"

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24 Nov
How AOC "Emotionally Manipulated" The Entire Democratic Party To Do Her Bidding…
Few seemed to notice, but the censure resolution passed in the House last week at AOC's behest was the first time in 100 years that a censure was issued to punish speech. AOC's whole paradigm now dictates what is officially deemed by Congress to be "indecent and obscene" speech Image
Trying to popularize this saying on Twitter. "The drama is the point." Maybe the Atlantic will let me write a histrionic essay coining it
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22 Nov
You'd have to actually read the report to discover this, but after 8 months of investigating and $5 million in public funds, NY Assembly investigators conspicuously chose NOT to opine on the veracity of the Cuomo "victims" who prompted the whole investigation in the first place!
This whole affair was launched due to the claims of Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, who admit to having coordinated with one another to launch a PR offensive. Both were highly suspect, but Bennett in particular was later revealed to have previously fabricated allegations
Boylan and Bennett -- again, the very people who prompted this entire investigation in the first place -- were subsequently proclaimed "credible" by the AG Letitia James last August. Now the Assembly investigators omit any judgment as to their credibility!
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20 Nov
Shocker! My Column In Today's New York Daily News…
With a bonus aside on the Rittenhouse verdict: Image
Also don’t miss the note of qualified optimism about the US media. Perhaps the most shocking part of the entire Substack post
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18 Nov
On the very night the Steele Dossier was published (Jan 10, 2017) I wrote a post describing it as "obvious BS." But I didn't work for the NYT, which apparently entitles you to a five year lag period to begrudgingly admit you got the story drastically wrong…
Worth re-reading that post for "receipts" on how many journalists mindlessly circulated the Dossier claims, thereby littering the media landscape with "viral content" now demonstrated to have been based on an outright con-job
The fact that @DavidCornDC came out of this whole affair largely unscathed is such a joke:
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12 Nov
While the Washington Post has been forced to take the drastic step of effectively retracting two major articles involving the Steele Dossier, don't expect this to prompt much wider reflection about the journalistic failures of Russiagate. Because that'd indict the entire industry
Incredibly, these two Washington Post journalists -- whose article has now been effectively retracted -- received a PULITZER for their Russiagate reporting from exactly the same time period (2017). Kinda makes you wonder what else they got egregiously wrong, doesn't it? ImageImage
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12 Nov
Prior to this week Canadians could go to a crowded airport and fly into the US, but couldn't drive over the land border alone in their private vehicle. Nobody in a position of policymaking authority ever explained why this was the case. And now, down the memory-hole it'll go
The next time the media berates some musician or athlete for their allegedly irrational decision-making re: vaccines, please bear in mind that the US Government's decision-making in this policy area was so irrational that they were unable to even provide an explanation for it
The individual decision-making of these musicians and athletes largely affects only themselves, while the US government's decision-making about the largest contiguous border in the world affects millions of people and billions of $$ in commerce. Which one does the media focus on?
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