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23 Nov, 4 tweets, 1 min read
I may be biased, but I've found that people on 'the right' are generally kinder and more honest than people on 'the left'.

And I mean GENUINELY kind. Not just superficial lip service and platitudes.

There are good and bad on both sides, but I don't think it's 50/50.
It seems that a lot of left-wing people think they have an excuse to be complete pricks, because their politics alone make them a 'good person'.

I am speaking broadly, but this is very honest observation...

Left side is more racist too, despite the platitudes and labels.
I am aware that politics is far more complex than left vs right... And I don't like painting with a super broad brush.

I can't avoid pattern recognition though.

And I think it's shifted pretty hard over the past decade.
I think this phenomenon is similar to people who deem themselves soooo religious and 'by the book', that they believe they can treat other people poorly, because their piety alone makes them a 'good person'... No matter their words and behaviour.

It's interesting.

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25 Nov
These new injections are simply not as effective as people were led to believe.

We were told they would prevent infection.

We were told they would prevent transmission.

Both false.

But instead of just being HONEST, they continue to double and triple down on the narrative.
One of the biggest problems in our society is people are unwilling to simply tell the truth.

They would rather hide, lie, or repeat propaganda, rather than simply be honest.

That's why we can't have an honest conversation about anything important.

'Safe and effective' 👍🏾
People talk out of both sides of their mouth on nearly every issue.

When it comes to these 'jabs' they will admit they don't prevent infection or transmission WHEN IT SUITS THEM.

Minutes later, they will talk as if they prevent infection and transmission...

So much deceit.
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23 Nov
Since the 'pandemic' started, I have been called 'selfish' thousands of times...

What's funny about that is not once have I demanded anybody do anything, or sacrifice anything to 'protect' me. Or to make me FEEL safe...
I'm better protected from the rona, lockdowns & mandates than most...

I could have easily just sat by silently and had the 'Well, I'm alright' mentality, like millions of others... perhaps even telling people to just suck it up, stay home, WEAR A MASK, etc.

So who is selfish?
It's funny that some people think speaking out against this is fun or highly profitable. It's not. And that's not how I earn an income.

I just can't stand by idly and silently as millions of people get (predictably) rekt by terrible, overblown, unfair policies.

It ain't right.
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19 Nov
Some people wanted Kyle Rittenhouse to be found guilty mostly because he is white and male.

Let's keep it 100.

The specific details of the event are completely irrelevant to these people.
Every once in a while, a white male needs to be sacrificed at the altar of the 'woke gods'.

They just lost one, so there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
The fact people are even talking about 'race' in this case shows how brainwashed they are, and how screwed up US corporate media is.

Self defense. Cut and dry.

Dude could be black, brown, white, green, or purple. Whatever.
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18 Nov
The way that politicians, corporate media, and their paid stooges are using 'the unvaccinated' as a scapegoat for their incompetence, malfeasance, dishonesty, and corruption is one of the most disgusting things I have witnessed in my lifetime.

These are very bad people.
They know exactly what they are doing and that they are tearing apart families, friends, livelihoods, decency, and civil liberties through their lies, rhetoric, and manipulation.

I have more respect for drug dealers and prostitutes. They are more honest and cause less harm.
There are few things more vile than actively encouraging people to 'hate their neighbours'. And intentionally turning citizens against each other by hitting their fear and tribalism triggers.

It's despicable.

They will reap what they sow. Evil does not go eternally unpunished
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17 Nov
This one was my favourite... 🤣 #BranchCovidians
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17 Nov
Fauci and the NIH literally used US taxpayers' money to fund 'gain of function' research in Wuhan - that would potentially make coronaviruses more infectious and transmissible to humans.

But the media has convinced you 'the unvaccinated' are the villains.
This was discussed for like a day and then forgotten about...

The media treats the public like they are dumb, and then they are proven correct.

This is a HUGE story, but people are distracted with nonsense.

Meanwhile, Fauci is still on TV giving 'advice'. 💀
It's truly mind blowing how quickly everyone just moved on from this.

Ummmm... Hello?
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