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24 Jul
This is why I suggest we ban the unvaccinated from farting.

Especially in groups of more than six. Instant death. Image
Any unvaccinated people caught farting in public should be sentenced to 1 year of hard labour.

2 years if not wearing a diaper.

Vaccinated people may fart, but only in groups of other vaccinated people. And after showing evidence of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hrs.
Children under the age of 5 may continue to fart.

Children over 5 may fart after receiving two doses of an approved vaccine, or within 72 hours of a negative PCR test.

Please carry your fart passport with you at all times to protect others.

This is the only way out. Thanks.
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21 Jul
It's more than that...

If you are being pressured, coerced, bullied, shamed, or heavily incentivised to take any 'medicine', it's reasonable to assume it may not in your best interest.

That's why they pay people to do clinical trials.

Ethical medical practice requires consent.
The communication behind this whole thing has been an ever increasing series of red flags.

A lot of people have gone from "Maybe" to "Hell no" as a result of all of the coercive tactics, hostile messaging, and horrible, conflicting communication.
I don't think there's been enough talk about just how awful the communication has been throughout this entire thing...

Unless the terrible communication is intentional. Which is possible.

My skepticism is at an all time high. With good reason. And I don't think I'm alone.
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21 Jul
Many Western countries are evolving into authoritarian regimes in real-time.

But people are so convinced by the illusions of 'freedom' and 'democracy' that they outright refuse to admit what's happening.

The cognitive dissonance is off the charts... The ego won't allow it.
Europe alone has seen the rise of multiple authoritarian regimes over the past few centuries.

It is arrogant and foolish to assume history is 'over' or 'that can't happen here'.

It absolutely can. Human nature has not changed.

Have a Plan B if you value liberty. Real talk.
The ONLY country in the West that is largely protected against totalitarianism is the USA.

And that's because of the 2nd Amendment.

UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand... all ultimately reliant on the benevolence (or wickedness) of their leaders.
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20 Jul
The only reason people even believe there is a 'deadly pandemic' is because of TV, advertising, and social media.

Without non-stop daily propaganda and PR framing, most would have just thought we had a bad flu season.

Most heavily marketed and over hyped virus in history...
Fact is, if you're under 70 and in decent shape, this whole thing is a nothingburger.

Even if you're older, it's hardly a death sentence. Especially with early treatment.

And we've known all this for well over a year... But the hype and idiocy continues. 😬
I think even the naming of the virus is marketing.

If it was called the 'Wu Flu' or something, people would be less scared, because they are familiar with flus.

'Covid-19' sounds more scary and novel.

Greatest overreaction of our lifetimes.
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12 Jul
Racism, sexism and homophobia are at an all time low.

It's just that we have the internet now, so you can see the thoughts and actions of billions of people,
all over the world. And react. And see reactions.

An illusion is created where 0.1% of people end up looking like 20%
Also, many people actively seek out content that will anger or upset them. Especially if it confirms their pre-existing beliefs.

Nobody is 100% immune to this. But it's a cognitive error to assume it's representative of the norm.

It's an exception. That's why you noticed it.
A double edged sword of the internet is you can find examples (often with video) of every ill, to paint whatever narrative you want... And use as evidence.

It's not hard to do when you have access to billions of tweets, articles, and videos, dating back decades sometimes.
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10 Jul
I wasn't joking when I said this. It's convenient that people have magically forgotten how this whole debacle started...

The West is so cucked now they'd rather blame their own citizens.
People here were more concerned about someone saying 'Chinese virus' than the fact the CCP government let this thing spread across the entire world, lied about it, shifted blame, then had their whole country back to normal in months. By magic.


That's some Sun Tzu stuff.
Nobody even asks how China got back to normal so quickly. Prior to any vaccines being available in other countries.

And our 'journalists' don't ask these basic, obvious questions.

What a joke. 😂
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7 Jul
The last 18 months have split populations along personality traits.

People higher in neuroticism & agreeableness favour lockdowns, mask mandates & mass vaccination.

People lower in neuroticism & agreeableness do not.

Also explains why it's largely split along political lines.
It has little to do with IQ, 'following science', or 'wanting to kill grandma'.

It reveals how different personality types respond to perceived threats.

Same pattern in every country...

It's why you can predict other traits off something as simple as attitude towards masks.
Agreeable people tend to 'go along to get along' and are less questioning of authority.

Disagreeable people are the opposite.

Neurotic people are more anxious and prone to fear and worry.

Low neuroticism people are the opposite.

It all makes sense through this lens.
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5 Jul
20 Things I've Learned (Or Had Confirmed) About Humanity During The 'Pandemic' (THREAD):

1/ Most people would rather be in the majority, than be right.
2/ At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies, which will emerge under the right conditions.
3/ Fear of death is only rivalled by the fear of social disapproval. The latter could be stronger.
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2 Jul
I just want to remind everyone that if you'd all said 'no' to the lockdowns and mask mandates (like I suggested over a year ago), then all of this nonsense would have ended by last summer.

And no, everybody wouldn't have died...

The totalitarian litmus test was failed.
And virtually nobody wants to acknowledge those of us who warned EARLY about how this would inevitably lead to rolling lockdowns, incoherent restrictions, and the normalisation of governmental overreach.

People always like learning the hard way.

Wish I'd been wrong.
Now, we have politicians, media pundits, and public 'health experts' all over the world who are drunk off their own power and don't want to relinquish it. They love the control. And they've become richer in many cases.

But now you know.

'Conspiracy theorists' vindicated.
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29 Jun
Nobody talks about the fact that tons of black and brown people are the descendants of slave holders.

And there are white people who are the descendants of slaves.

Some people will even be descendants of both.

Throws a bit of spanner into the simplified narrative.
Ultimately, nobody should be held responsible for the sins (or accomplishments) of their ancestors...

If it wasn't you, it wasn't you.

But it's funny how this is completely overlooked.
When people think of slavery, they tend to only think about the USA.

But it was so much more pervasive than that.

Logically, there are probably more black people whose ancestors held slaves, than there are white people whose ancestors did.

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28 Jun
What if the c0vid 'protection' measures actually increased the spread and the death rates?

It's entirely possible.
Forcing millions of people indoors for a virus that spreads... indoors.

Telling people to avoid going outside (vit D + exercise boost immunity)

Weight gain from being sedentary, junk food, closed gyms.

Putting sick people in nursing homes.

Wearing filthy masks all day.

Also, some people in hospitals were killed by ventilators early on.

Not to mention the large-scale suppression of effective treatments... 👀
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22 Jun
It is concerning that providing FACTS that could potentially discourage someone from taking the rona jab, is considered 'anti-vax' or 'spreading misinformation'...

Why is informed consent being actively discouraged?

This makes me even more skeptical about the situation.
Before taking any medical treatment: from vaccines, to pills, to surgeries, the potential patient should be as informed as possible about the potential benefits and potential risks.

Short and long term. Objectively.

This is basic ethics and should not be discouraged.
Even more peculiar is hiring influencers, celebrities, etc. to promote a medical product, with NO MENTION whatsoever of potential adverse effects, despite there being so many.

I personally believe this is unethical and reckless.

Informed consent > propaganda & peer pressure
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19 Jun
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18 Jun
If you told me back in 2019 that in 2021, a significant proportion of the world's population would be worshipping face masks, vaccines, and Dr. Fauci, and basing their entire lives around a virus...

I would have thought you were insane. 🤣
Imagine falling into a coma in January 2020, waking up in 2021, and trying to understand what is going on. 😩

"Why aren't people going outside? Why are people bumping elbows? Why are people wearing masks? What's with all the propaganda? What are all these weird rules?"

"There is a deadly pandemic."

"Oh crap, sounds awful, what is the survival rate for most people?"

"Over 99.9%."

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16 Jun
I've received multiple messages today from distressed NHS workers, who are deeply concerned about the threat of mandatory vaccines.

The fact so many are terrified to speak out speaks volumes about the terrible climate that's been created.

Is this the UK or The Soviet Union?
I've been telling you all for years thst you need to speak up.

Entertainment, arts, tech, healthcare, academia, corporate, media... all of you.

Almost everybody is scared.

You're supposed to live in a free country dammit. Stop being so cowardly. Fight for something.
Some of the private messages I receive sound like they're from hostages...

Afraid of the 'Twitter mob'.

Afraid of 'cancel culture'.

Afraid of HR.

Afraid of co-workers.

Afraid of de-platforming.

Afraid of losing a paycheck.

If you don't fight, you will lose by default.
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7 Jun
There are people who STILL believe that all these authoritarian, illogical, anti-scientific measures are simply Daddy Government trying to protect them from a lethal virus. 😂

It's truly embarrassing at this point.
There are several dead giveaways that this is primarily about control and money, rather than public health and wellbeing.

If you haven't clocked this yet, then you deserve to be subjugated. 🤣

But the rest of us don't.
A few giveaways:

- suppression of cheap, effective treatments
- absence of widespread antibody testing
- push for ongoing PCR tests + masking, even for immune
- only private PCR tests accepted for travel
- no immunity test prior to vaxx
- push to vaxx the immune & ultra low risk
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18 May
If your car won't start and you just sit there at the wheel not doing anything, then nobody will stop to help you.

If people see you pushing your car to get it started, then many will stop, get out of their cars, and start pushing with you.

This tweet is not about cars.
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14 May
The MAIN reason why the UK and USA have higher death rates from the rona is because both countries have very high obesity rates.

And both are so consumed by 'political correctness' they'd rather people die or be hospitalised than suggest they lose weight.


It has been obvious for a while now that policies have a minimal impact at best.

Age + fatness of the population are likely up to 90% of the issue. No mask fixes that.

If pointing this out makes me the 'bad guy' I don't care.

It's unbelievable what we now consider taboo.
The fact that various US cities and states are giving out free cheeseburgers, fries, donuts & hot dogs to incentivise people to 'get the jab' is a PERFECT summary of where society is...

Always looking for a quick, easy fix, with max comfort & minimal personal responsibility.

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30 Apr
The word 'science' will not fully recover from the past year.
Once people started being called 'science deniers' and 'conspiracy theorists' for merely asking questions and pointing out logical inconsistencies, I was like

"It's a wrap..." 😂

RIP science.
It's also compounded by the fact that many people who use phrases like 'I believe in science' and 'follow the science', also will tell you that men can menstruate, and women can have penises.

The most basic of science is rejected when it does not conform to their ideology.
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19 Apr
I might go get an X-ray on my arm...

It doesn't hurt and there is no sign whatsoever that's it's broken, but it could be an asymptomatic break.
On my way to the radiographer...

I'm wearing a full body cast to be safe. I suggest you do the same. Can't be too cautious.

Which X-ray is everyone getting?

Should I go for the Fujifilm or GE? Or perhaps Siemens?
Good news!

Turns out my arm isn't broken, but they suggested I X-ray it twice a week from now on, even if it doesn't hurt and I haven't had any accidents.

And I should keep wearing the cast as a precaution. Don't totally understand it, but I trust the experts.
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17 Apr
I'm never going to forgive the politicians and media outlets responsible for brainwashing most of the population, lying to everybody daily for over a year, and turning families, friends & neighbours against each other.

They should be tried for crimes against humanity.
It's hard to overstate the impact of instilling huge amounts of fear into millions of people, for an extended period.

I'm ever the optimist, but some will never recover from this.

Their minds are baked now and they will forever have an irrational fear of other human beings.
Humans have a natural aversion to anything known to cause infection or disease (disgust response).

Propagandists have used this in the past to divide, enslave, and even trigger genocide.

It's very powerful and people are being trained to see each other as inherently diseased.
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