Aside from Axie deciding on which Play to Earn games to invest your time and money in can be tough.

Here's what you should look for when analyzing NFT games:

πŸ’™ Community
πŸš€ Tokenomics
πŸ’« Founding Team Vision

I'll go in detail below...(thread)
πŸ’™ Community

You cannot have a solid NFT project in the gaming space if community is lacking.

Benefits of a strong community:

- Conviction
- Inspiration for the Dev Team
- Authenticity

One might ask: How do you know if a community is legit. (See the next post)
To test if a community is legit do the following:

Hop into a project's discord and start interacting with the community.

90% of the time the responses will give you a sense of how the community is doing.
Beyond just discord:

- Dive deep into the comments section of youtube videos

- Twitter is your best friend, scan the official twitter of the project and interact to see who speaks back

Here you want to gage community temperament
Community is the difference in a project surviving a bear market. It should be the first check you make and often you can make a decision on a game based on community alone.
πŸš€ Tokenomics


I cannot stress this enough and below I will tell you why.
No game has it all figured out from day one but the amount of time, attention to detail, and effort that a project puts into it's whitepaper is a clear indicator of how much effort they will put into executing on that vision.
If you read a whitepaper and afterwards feel more confused than when you started you should probably back far far away from that game.
Explainer videos are also very good but ultimately if your goal is to invest in a game, tokenomics are at the forefront of importance.
Here's how I analyze tokenomics:

1. Read the White Paper
2. What an explainer video (youtube)
3. Have a friend read the same white paper

After you finish these compare your notes with your friend and if you still feel confused the game is likely one you should not invest in.
πŸ’« Founding Team Vision

It does not matter how great a game could be if the founding team is lacking the skills necessary to execute.

So here are my thoughts on what a founding team should have. (keep reading)
1. A Fearless Front-Facing Leader/Leadership team - we see this from @Jihoz_Axie and the Axie team.

@Psycheout86 & @trungfinity are behind the scenes superstars but the community is unified through the outward facing work of Jiho.

Every game should have this type of synergy.
Additionally, although it's archaic, Linkedin is a great way to learn much more about the backgrounds of a founding team.

You wan tot ensure that you're not dealing with scammers and the best way to do so is by doing background research.
These platforms are great for doing research on founding teams:

1. YouTube (Look for interviews/podcasts)
2. Linkedin (Look for background Info)
3. Crunchbase (Learn about the team of investor backing the founding team)
4. Twitter (Are they legit?)

Great places to start
90% of the games being built right now are ngmi. You need to be smart and DYOR if you want to make it in this space.

If you follow these steps you journey will be much safer and feel free to message me with any questions. 🌞

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