Whenever a fraternity gets suspended it’s confirmation that society has abandoned young men & left them on their own to figure out what it means to be an adult. Faculty presence alone would put an end to fraternity suspensions. google.com/amp/s/www.wate…
Why do expect a generation of high school guys and college men to act like they have father-figures as mentors forming their virtue,
& inviting them to greatness, when they have literally been abandoned by a culture that thinks it’s sexist to have unique spaces where boys are taught by wise elders how to men who use their strengths to sacrifice for others? Instead if investing in them, we give up on them.🤷🏾‍♂️
It’s insanity to expect fraternity culture to change without the direct involvement of faculty-as-father-figures. Those from whom students need receive grades & recommendation letters are an overlooked resource. Neglect & abandonment never produces virtuous male behavior. Ever.
The Revolution begins at UVA on Nov 30th. #heroicmasculinity heroicmasculinityusa.com

• • •

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12 Nov
The Ockenga/Henry/Graham(OHC) evangelical era is officially over (1942-2022). It will not survive the current fissures of race (CRT, anti-racism) & politics (tribalism). It was already on life-support, then Trump happened followed by George Floyd's murder. It was a good run.
I've surveyed a few articles on the current evangelical divisions and they all focus on the wrong issues. How the gospel is defined is *not* the issue, nor merely views of politics, etc. What really matters is how sin and evil are defined. In other words, "what's the problem?"
American Protestantism was doomed from the beginning because of a lack of consensus about the meaning of sin. Is sin primarily an individual issue (demanding substitutionary atonement) or systemic/structural (demanding social justice)?
Read 16 tweets
10 Nov
I am fascinated by the political ideology expressed here and what this signals about the currents in evangelicalism. Is it the role of government to force companies to have leave policies? Or should workers only work at companies that do have such policies?
Also interesting: the sociology of these policies. When children were born adjacent to grandparents, the policies weren't needed as much. When extended family networks disintegrated in a careerist culture, gov't policies were proposed to replace what family networks used to do.
There's incredibly good data on this: the key person who contributes to infant thriving is grandmothers. When you chose not live near grandmothers, there are more demands for family leave. I find this sociology fascinating. No grandmothers, no society. smithsonianmag.com/science-nature…
Read 5 tweets
6 Nov
Living in a mouse infested building 2009-13, I believe I developed a mild case of musophobia. Mice crawling around my feet while sitting my desk. At night, hearing them crawling over my furniture. Ok, not a mild case. This is my 3rd apt & they arrived this week. I am not rich.
When I arrived home last night, I walked into the kitchen and one of these demonic creatures greeted me. In NYC, this is a reminder of one’s social class;). So, this is Season 3 of the mice war for me. They are not paying rent nor potty trained so they can’t live here.
I learned from the first three years of these mini-demons crawling around me day and night at home, that they cannot resist peanut butter. Yes, I also made popcorn for them. They love that as well.
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6 Nov
Wait, why American religion reporters are sleeping on this Doug Wilson story? His views were advanced by Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, John Piper, etc. for years & his views are implicated in racism scandals currently destroying all of American evangelicalism+. Crickets?
Doug Wilson’s influence is at the center of all of the controversy in Minneapolis. christianitytoday.com/ct/2021/august…
Doug Wilson is driving the growth of a new group of evangelical & Calvinist pastors defending chattel slavery as biblically justified
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4 Nov
Somehow I was linked in this UK article warning the West about Doug Wilson. He was removed from the PCA(1990s), yet promoted by J. Piper, Desiring God, & The Gospel Coalition for years. How did that happen? theguardian.com/world/2021/nov…
Many Presbyterians have been trying to warn the world about Doug Wilson for 25+ years. 1689ers, YRR types, Calvinist Baptists in the SBC, TGC types, & many conservative evangelicals, etc., refuse to see what the PCA saw. I don't understand it. theaquilareport.com/a-question-for…
Not slander, facts.
Read 4 tweets
4 Nov
Screwtape: "Wormwood, I need something that's going to rip Christians apart after the death of George Floyd. Got anything?"
Wormwood: "Hmm, I found this obscure legal theory from the early 70s called #CRT."
Screwtape: "What is it?"
Wormword: "Well, it centers race as the interpretive key for understanding social & racial inequality in America."
Screwtape: "Oh, this is brilliant. Race and politics are blinding for these patients. Has been for 400 years."
Wormwood: "Blinding?"
Screwtape: "Yes! Politics is their Achilles' Heel. They'll be so distracted by the fake hysteria about CRT & their stupid culture war anxieties that they'll ignore actual demonic evil at work in other areas of society."
Wormwood: "Brilliant! Now what?"
Read 6 tweets

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