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Jul 7 5 tweets 2 min read
Already tried. Me: I'd say the church needs a new radical movement that pursues @racelessgospel and fully embraces @SheenaMasonPhD's work on @Racelessness because racial reconciliation always maintains racism. We dismantle racism by dismantling race. This is true liberation! You can't fight racism and racial injustice by racializing the discourse. Jonathan Tran makes this clear.
Jun 6 5 tweets 2 min read
This entire kerfuffle boils down to one thing: in 2022, white people, esp. males, fear being called “a racist” above anything else. Racism is a mortal sin. The psychology of how this functions on the right & the left is extraordinary. Both are driven by anxiety. Progressives will make sure they have #BLM, etc. in their Twitter bio even though they don’t have actually black friends, as seen in their wedding photos. They make a point to signal that they read current on black opinions, etc. “Oh, yeah, I’ve read X…”, etc.
Jun 1 7 tweets 2 min read
Finally got around to the Renn piece. Here’s the flaw: evangelicalism is not the sum of Christianity. Just because Americans are hostile to white evangelicalism does not mean it’s hostile to Christianity. Ex: Rev. Raphael Warnock was elected to the senate.… The three worlds of evangelicalism is only about evangelicalism. The article wrongly conflates evangelicalism with “Christianity.” Those stages are irrelevant to current US cultural dispositions toward the mainline church, black church, the Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, etc.
May 31 4 tweets 2 min read
Here’s one huge reason why comparing the US to “Europe” or Australia is irrelevant on most issues. Those countries don’t find themselves at the nexus of Latin America drug cartels *and* Asian organized crime combined. Several US cities are run by this intersection. It matters. ImageImage When looking at crime in the US, and all pathologies correlated with crime (all of them from broken families to education outcomes to violence and more), only compare the US to countries in Europe, etc. whose urban centers are run by international drug cartels & organized crime.
May 29 4 tweets 1 min read
The gun debate was dead on arrival as soon as the word "control" was introduced. There's such profound international ignorance of US cultural history that people won't understand why that was the *worst* word to use.… This is also why international comparisons with US gun culture are irrelevant. The cultural histories aren't even close to being the same. Only compare the US to a country with 1) a 2A equivalent *and* 2) a disenfranchised slavery/Jim Crow white society.…
May 28 5 tweets 1 min read
I've been teaching first semester college freshman for 12 years and it becomes glaringly clear during the first semester, for most students, which students are confident that their parents love them not b/c of performance & which ones have a proper self-confidence. For guys, (which is the area I'm researching for my next book), what his father (or another male figure that he loves) thinks him of usually determines his son's self-confidence and decision-making skills during those first few weeks of school.
May 28 7 tweets 2 min read
Why was this so controversial? I don’t get it. The psych data on this is so definitive. Boys learn empathy more from their fathers than their mothers. Dad-deprivation increases the likelihood that boys will end up in violent, in prison, low grades, mental health disorders, etc. So many books explain these facts:…
May 23 4 tweets 1 min read
A book worthy lament of 1990-2020, is the number of black men who were encouraged to turn their backs on the black church and black women for the “better, expository preached, Reformed gospel” & “racial reconciliation” only to find out that evnglclsm was theologically bankrupt. So many brothers are (1) walking around deeply wounded, (2) no longer in ministry at all, (3) needed to “leave loud” as a way of healing, (4) feel betrayed, (5) feel like they wasted their best years, (6) etc.
May 21 6 tweets 2 min read
What are roots of this theology, ecclesiology, & idolatry? What makes Christian nationalism possible? How does a “pastor” lack the accountability to consistently teach such error & idolatry? His ultimate authority is the Bible, as Greg Locke quotes it. From his church: “We unapologetically stand on the word-by-word and chapter-by-chapter teaching of the Bible. It is our desire to be loud where God is loud and silent where God is silent.”
May 17 11 tweets 3 min read
Boys are in trouble. Modern America’s egalitarian quest to dismantle all things patriarchal is inadvertently dismantling their son’s heart at home & school. This disparity keeps ⬆️. Young men are NOT going into trades. Young women now out earn men in male-dominated fields. The odd retort is “well, men still earn more.” In the aggregate, yes, but not really among millennials and GenZers in significant ways, following this trend line. Amongst 60 year-olds, well duh… but 👇🏾…
Apr 22 5 tweets 1 min read
Sometimes it’s not a conspiracy (that often requires intelligence & planning), it’s scandalous negligence. From 2005-2020, Doug Wilson, John MacArthur, James MacDonald, CJ Mahaney, etc., were all amplified b/c “they got the gospel right.” The scandal are the .orgs & conferences. Here’s the question: why was “getting the gospel right” the litmus test? What we’ve seen in the past few years from those formerly celebrated at TGC, T4G, DG, Urbana, Passion, etc. is worthy of several religion feature stories & a Du Mez-like book. They platformed these men.
Apr 20 7 tweets 3 min read
Yep! Yet, irony: there are some terrible, toxic Christian mothers out there but their children are not allowed to say that & get help. If a boy has an abusive mother, where is he free to talk about that? He’ll never hear a sermon about abusive moms, won’t be given resources, etc. Father’s Day sermons are often Sundays of rebuke. Imagine having sit to through years of Mother’s Day sermons hearing about how awesome moms always are & going home & your Christian mom is abusive, mean, manipulative, and evil; and you can’t get help!…
Apr 20 13 tweets 3 min read
This is a 2022 book on Black Liberation Theology. It's become increasingly clear that single greatest cause of deconstructed/ing US evnglclsm is the abysmal failure to fully believe the gospel during slavery through the 1975ish. Sad but true.… @amazon The theological method that allowed Jonathan Edwards to own slaves and sadly prevented Billy Graham from marching on the front lines, arm-in-arm with MLK, is the exact same framework that set the stage for the current #deconstruction/#exvangelical trends. There be no Du Mez book.
Mar 29 5 tweets 2 min read
Latest Podcast: Joe Huett was the ‘21-‘22 prez of the Phi Delt frat at Arkansas. He’s a committed Christian. He said his greatest take away from leading is standing in front of 260+ men & asking for forgiveness when he failed them. His humility was 🤯!… I’ve never, in my life, heard a college senior say that his greatest college experience take away was standing in front of a group and publicly asking for forgiveness! What? At 22? This doesn’t make the fraternity movies but this is the reality. The way they love each. Amazing!
Mar 23 12 tweets 3 min read
Watching Protestant debates about politics, gender roles, clergy qualifications, marriage, etc., it’s pretty clear that, in America, it just doesn’t work. “The Bible” isn’t the standard b/c it requires interpretation. Who decides whose exegesis is right? Whose views are right? Because there’s no way for Protestants to adjudicate views, they are left with using inflammatory language about the consequences of various views as an appeal to authority. The inflammatory word of this century is “harm.”It’s not that views differ but some cause harm.
Mar 19 4 tweets 1 min read
Revivalist evangelicals who believe the book of Acts is normative (and not a narrative) should swap it out for the book of James. Send your kids to “Book of James Camp” this summer & cancel the apologetics/leadership camp. Maybe the book of James is what the revivalists need! Imagine how different conservative WASPs would be if James was the center of shaping their lives and raising their children. For urban elites (work and faith types) or country club Christians, James 1:27 isn’t often an aspiration (& they have more money than most). Any idea why?
Mar 19 5 tweets 2 min read
There are many Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran(LCMS), Presbyterian(PCA), etc. “complimentarians” who are wrongly conflated/associated with the Baptist-CBMW/evangelical expression b/c they are not loud & argumentative. Many are democrats, progressive, women, not misogynists, etc. It’s really ridiculous to assume that anyone who believes women can serve in infinite church roles minus one or two “haven’t read the Bible,” “hate women,” are an abusively patriarchal, etc. Here’s the Lutherans discussion from 1985. They have Bibles.…
Mar 4 9 tweets 2 min read
Dr. Du Mez, Conclusion Chapt: Imagine creating a well-intentioned, multi-million $ movement & naively believing that it was immune to serving white conservative cultural idols. Their pride (“we are right”) left them vulnerable & they have no structural way of purging their idols. This is story of Billy Graham’s evangelicalism that later became Reformed(not Dutch) Evangelicalism. They were so busy accusing liberals of accommodating progressive ideologies that they weren’t aware of the Trojan horse of US conservative socio-political ideology at their gates.
Mar 3 9 tweets 3 min read
Dr. Du Mez, chapter 16. I’m disappointed. Not at the book, but at critic’s hysteria. Chapter 16 is what WORLD mag always reported on. What’s the controversy? BTW, this book will have a Vol 2 in 10 years b/c their culture is not going to change. The tribalism is alive and well. As the book demonstrates, and maybe this is the controversy, it becomes very, very clear that the SBC, their non-denom friends, etc. have been a massive liability to the reputation of evangelicalism. No worse than the mainline churches they critique—when we pull the curtain back.
Mar 2 7 tweets 2 min read
Dr. Du Mez, chapt 11. This one was hard, personally. I was in the room when many of these conversations happened. Driscoll & I traveled together to the pre-TGC launch meeting. John Piper’s(&TGC’s) irresponsible platforming of Doug Wilson deserves attention. My racial attacks: Several people tried to warn Piper & the DG/TGC world about Wilson’s neo-confederate views. His fans relentlessly racially attacked me for 11 yrs, with impunity (save one ARP deacon in Memphis). Piper’s Wilson actions poisoned the TGC world eventually causing an exodus of blacks.
Feb 28 12 tweets 3 min read
Dr. Du Mez, chapter 10. Is this the controversy? A little context might help. Who was John Eldredge’s audience? Ans: Men in the suicide belt. Conservative evangelicals rejected Eldredge. Who loved him? The emergent church. Eldredge was a saint at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids. Eldredge is writing during a time when man in his state had extremely high rates of suicide. If you follow the book sales, they will like overlap. Men in the Deep South did not like the book. It was also hugely popular in Rust Belt and formerly industrial towns.