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24 Nov, 3 tweets, 2 min read
Noah Smith slided into my DM
Obligatory link to my China Debate with @Noahpinion:
Check out my Silk and Steel Podcast @SteelSilkn on China and surrounding regions, history, culture and politics:

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2 Nov
I didn’t expect to see Elon Musk quoting Cao Zhi on my TL.

Ok, I will tell the Three Kingdoms story of this poem 🧵
Well known to Dynasty Warriors fans, Cao Cao is the baddest warlord to emerge out of collapse of Han Dynasty after Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out in 184 AD.

Trailer frm 2010 Drama Advisor’s Alliance
Cao Cao’s heir Cao Ang died giving his horse to Dad to escape in battle of Wancheng. Favorite son Cao Chong died young. That left No 2 son Cao Pi (L) and No 3 Cao Zhi (R) to fight to be Dad’s heir
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1 Nov
I just woke up from a vivid dream that seemed so real:

A constant buzz coming frm me while I was in a crowded area. I tried to go inside the building, away frm crowds’ gaze. Suddenly 🚨 went off, securities rushes out to stop and search people. security woman questioned me abt..
A microchip in my wallet which I didn’t realize was there. I just realized they’re after the chip. She placed a security badge inside my wallet. I grabbed it and ran.

I ran into my old IT boss, he was discussing the alert w someone and he seems to know the reason behind it...
I just want to get away. I went inside elevator to get back to my desk. The elevator suddenly lost control. We were taken straight to the top. masked gunmen greeted us on the top level. They’re looking for the chip and Carl Zha. I gave my name in Chinese and was overlooked...
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7 Sep
During Vietnam War, Times Magazine had a “Chrismas in Vietnam” special to promote US troops sex tourism around Asia on Dec 22, 1967

The photo in Taiwan exposed how KMT created sex tourism industry catering to GIs. 200,000 GI visited Taiwan frm 1965-1970.
Japanese Colonial authorities on Taiwan started the women attended bath in Peitou hot spring. After Imperial Japanese Army left Taiwan, KMT used Peitou hot spring sex industry to cater to US troops.
Chiang Kai-shek esp ordered regulation on taxi, hotel and sex workers health check to cater to US GI because GI spend abt $200 per visit. Taiwan earned total abt 10 billion Taiwan dollars during Vietnam War. This part of Taiwan economic takeoff rarely discussed
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6 Sep
I do remember the pressure to assimilate was intense among immigrant Chinese families in 1990s US. Many Chinese parents explicitly wished their children gain mastery of English so they would have better opportunities than them. Keeping Chinese language wasn't a priority 4 most
I also knew many kids who knew Chinese but CHOSE to only speak English. so to save both of us frm awkwardness, I would only speak Chinese if other person initiate convo in Chinese. Over time, Chinese became an intimate language that I would only speak w family
Our family language also shifted from Sichuanese to Standard Mandarin when we moved to US. Since my parents' circle were mostly Chinese students frm all over China studying in US. Dad's 1st language is 海宁话 frm Zhejiang. He prbly relieved not having to speak Sichuanese again
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29 Aug
Kyrgyz living in Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan has
a storied past. I will make a thread abt their history navigating empires and nation-states

photo by Matthieu Paley
By 1600s, nomadic Kyrgyz were subjugated by Oirat Mongols who had growing increasingly powerful in the Altai region in their war against Khalkha Mongols in Monglia. Oirat power based in Ili valley of today's #Xinjiang
1 tribe of the Oirat Mongol confederation soon pushed out other Oirat tribes (Khoshot went to conquer Tibet, Torghut went to Volga river in Russia) to establish Dzungar Khanate in present day #Xinjiang/nearby regions. Dzungar Khan Galdan then drove Khalkha frm Outer Mongolia
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23 May
70 yrs ago today, Tibetan government delegate and representative of 14th Dalai Lama, Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme signed 17 Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet on May 23rd, 2021.

Jigme presents Khata, traditional Tibetan ceremonial scarf to Chairman Mao in Beijing
signatures of Tibetan delegates on the Seventeen Point Agreement for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. May 23rd, 1951
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