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La verità sullo #Xinjiang: quello che alcuni media occidentali non ti hanno fatto vedere. @reportrai3
La lotta al #terrorismo è una scusa per reprimere gli uiguri?!
Questo video mostra quanto può essere violento e orribile!
Il governo e il popolo cinese si oppongono a ogni tentativo di forze esterne di interferire negli affari interni della #Cina con il pretesto dello #Xinjiang.
L'autoproclamata organizzazione "pacifica" World Uyghur Congress (#WUC) è sostenuta e finanziata dagli #USA e mira alla "caduta della #Cina" diventando uno strumento politico per la nuova guerra fredda e campagna mediatica contro la Cina. @TheGrayzoneNews…
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Latest for @dwnews: On Thursday's "Arts and Culture" program, I talked about #China's recent attempt to extend its #Xinjiang propaganda effort to the realm of cinema, with the release of a musical and several documentaries by @CGTNOfficiale.…
The musical, called the Wings of Songs, featured three main characters from three different ethnic community, is a clear attempt by #Beijing to present its version of "ethnic unity" in a very forceful way.
I cited the prominent phrase used in Chinese official documents and state media, describing the ethnic unity as "the seeds of a pomegranate," to highlight #Beijing's insistence to claim that all ethnic groups in #China live harmoniously together.
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Latest on @radionz: In my latest appearance on the Overseas Correspondent's segment, I talked to the host about #Taiwan's recent wave of local #COVID19 cases extended from a suspected quarantine hotel mismanagement, #Taiwan's challenge to ...…
... increase vaccination rates with the lack of #COVID19 vaccine options. The new #COVID19 case and the low vaccination rate have increased the anxiety here in #Taiwan, as both the government and the public becoming more vigilant about pandemic prevention.
Then I touched on the motion that the NZ parliament passed yesterday, which they unanimously declared #China's persecution of #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang as a serious human rights violation and concern.
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As Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan, those in #China are forced to follow strict government guidelines as they try to maintain their religious tradition. That's especially true for #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang. By @dakekang and @kmorit:…
" Tursunjan Mamat, a practicing Muslim in western China’s Xinjiang region, said he’s fasting for Ramadan but his daughters, ages 8 and 10, are not. Religious activity including fasting is not permitted for minors, he explained."
“My children know who our holy creator is, but I don’t give them detailed religious knowledge,” he said, speaking through a translator. “After they reach 18, they can receive religious education according to their own will.”
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New Zealand's parliament unanimously declared that "severe human rights abuses" are happening in #China's #Xinjiang. The statement called on the Government “to work with all relevant instruments of international law to bring these abuses to an end”.…
“The New Zealand Government, in concert with others, will continue to call upon China in the strongest terms … We call on China to uphold its human rights obligations,” Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta said, in a speech in Parliament.
On Tuesday, the Labour Party watered down a parliamentary motion that would have MPs label Beijing’s abuse of the Uyghur minority as “genocide”…
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Last week, Australian academic Jane Golley claimed that an anonymous academic paper "debunked" the estimated number of #Uyghurs detained in #Xinjiang as well as the evidence of forced labor in the region. She reflected on that incident:…
"The anonymous 18-page document took aim at work by Australia’s Strategic Policy Institute but primarily focused on the work by German academic Dr Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation who was recently sanctioned by China."
"Several of Zenz’s key works have been peer-reviewed by Xinjiang scholars. By contrast, the report attempting to discredit his work has not been peer-reviewed."
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“For the first time @HRW is offering legal analysis that the Chinese government has committed—and continues to commit—crimes against humanity against its Turkic Muslim people”

@SophieHRW at press conference releasing this new @HRW report on #Xinjiang:…
“Crimes against humanity are among the gravest human rights abuses under international law”

Specific crimes named in @HRW @StanfordLaw report include imprisonment+persecution of religious groups; enforced disappearances; torture; murder+sexual violence:…
“I haven’t seen or heard about my father since 2017. We don’t know if he has been taken to another prison or to forced labor—or even if he is alive”
@JewherIlham, daughter of #Uyghur economist
Ilham Tohti, speaking @HRW #Xinjiang report release conference…
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Friday’s virtual meeting on #climate change between Chinese President Xi Jinping, French President @EmmanuelMacron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a good sign not only for the human endeavor of saving our planet, but also for China-EU relations. #ClimateAction Image
Europe has remained a champion for the Paris Climate Accord during the past few years when former U.S. President #DonaldTrump exited the deal. #China made the solemn pledge of having CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieving #carbon neutrality before 2060. #ParisAgreement
China and EU being major stakeholders for tackling climate change, collaboration of the Chinese, German and French leadership will be instrumental in materializing what’s written in the Paris Climate Accord. #ParisAgreement #ClimateCrisis
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#Xinjiang #Uighurs #China
Are There 3 Million Uighurs in Detention Camps in Xinjiang, China?
We speak to Rushan Abbas, founder and executive director of Campaign for Uighurs. She discusses the alleged mass detention of 3 million Uighurs in Xinjiang China.
#Uiyghur “Activist” Quickly Exposed As #CIA Asset Slandering #China…
The CIA and Uyghur Jihadists
The World #Uyghur Congress, which was created by the #CIA during the Cold War, and which the US daily disingeniously portrays as being totally peaceful.…
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1/2 Digital RMB a Major Threat, @Jkylebass explains… via @news_ntd Foreign investors w/holdings in China, forced to convert fiat investments in China into a CCP-controlled-digital RMB, hand the #CCP ability to exert full control & censorship 👇
The #CCP can and will hold an albatross around any investor’s neck (whose holdings in #China are in digital RMB): they’ve got the surveillance networks & infrastructure ready. Foreign investors dare not “offend” the party unless they’re ready to have their digital RMB confiscated
Kyle explains, as most of you know, what “offend” means here: mention any disagreement with a given policy stance, you’re out. Mention Tibet? Out. Mention Tiananmen Sq? Out. #Xinjiang? “I’m sorry, your digital account has been closed for violation of policy.” This is a must watch
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Latest for @dw_chinese (Eng version): Journalist and researcher @xu_xiuzhong became the target of a horrifying smear campaign for her works on #Xinjiang over the last few weeks. She responded with a string of tweets and she vowed to fight on.…
In recent days, several articles about her emerged on Weibo, and she was characterized as a “female traitor that has betrayed the country” or a “female demon” in these articles.
Many articles even accused her of being the initiator of western businesses’ boycott of cotton from #Xinjiang. Xu began to write for the New York Times and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2017 as a freelancer.
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Scoop from @BethanyAllenEbr and @shawnarchen: the @iocmedia gave a uniform contract for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 #Beijing Olympics to a textile company in #China that has a factory in #Xinjiang.…
The company also openly advertises its use of #Xinjiang cotton. The company told the IOC that the cotton used in the Olympic uniforms doesn't originate in Xinjiang.
HYX Group has a long-standing relationship with the Chinese Olympic Committee and was a sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. In listings on Taobao and, the company advertises numerous products as containing Xinjiang cotton.
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The U.S. said on Tuesday that it is looking to discuss with allies how to proceed with participation in the 2022 #Beijing Olympics as calls for boycotting the game continue to grow globally over #China's human rights records.…
State Department Spokesperson @StateDeptSpox repeated Washington’s concerns over Beijing’s human rights violations, particularly its persecution of #Uyghur Muslims in the #Xinjiang region, which the United States deems a genocide.
Asked if the United States was discussing with allies whether or not to consider a potential joint boycott, Price said, “It is something that we certainly wish to discuss ...
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Latest for @dw_chinese (Eng version): @ASPI_org released a study last week detailing the spike of #Xinjiang propaganda efforts by #China. The study shows that Chinese diplomats and state-run media rely on several strategies to try to achieve this goal:…
"In 2020, Chinese state media and diplomats’ Twitter accounts tweeted about Xinjiang nearly 500 times a month, which is a huge increase from 280 times in the previous year. Chinese state media is able to reach more international users on Facebook."
"ASPI’s statistics also show that the top six pages posting on Xinjiang in 2020 all belong to Chinese state media, with state broadcaster CGTN being the most popular page with likes on posts related to Xinjiang for three years in a row."
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A state-backed musical set in #Xinjiang and inspired by Hollywood's La La Land hit #China's cinemas, portraying a version of #Xinjiang that's very different from existing testimonies or reporting.…
"China is on an elaborate PR offensive to rebrand the north-western region where the United States and other western nationals and human rights groups say genocide has been inflicted on the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities."
"The movie, whose release was reportedly delayed by a year, focuses on three men from different ethnic groups dreaming of the big time as they gather musical inspiration across cultures in the snow-capped mountains and desertscapes of the vast region."
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Some accused @CGTNOfficial documentary on #Xinjiang #Uyghur textbooks of fabricating charges substitute Han for Manchu. I will make a thread abt the Uyghur legend of Nuzugum, the woman who resisted her Qing captors, a story of Uyghur nationalism...
1st little history background, Manchu burst out of frozen waste of Manchuria by 1600s to conquer a vast empire after subjugating both Mongol Khanates and Ming dynasty. Manchu Qing dynasty conquered present-day #Xinjiang by 1760 but rebellions continued
Afaq Khoja family ruled Kashgar as vassal of Dzungar Mongols before Qing conquest. A Khoja heir escaped to neighbor Kokand Khanate. A grandson Jahangir Khoja fled back to Kashgar to lead a revot against the Qing in 1826 and managed to capture Kashgar before been defeated by Qing
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Scoop from @wsjeva: #China's propaganda officials reportedly discussed how to pushback against international criticism on its policies in #Xinjiang and the possibility of pressuring foreign companies with biz interests in #China was raised.…
"As officials discussed responding in a similar manner on Xinjiang, the topic of cotton came up, two of the people familiar with the matter said. The possibility of pressuring foreign companies with business interests in China to advance Beijing’s interests was also discussed."
"Some scholars present at the meeting argued that Beijing needed to loudly refute every false story or statement about Xinjiang, the people said. Other scholars and political advisers suggested China should respond reasonably ...
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I'd like to share the full Press Statement I released yesterday, concerning the sanction China imposed on me for research documenting the genocide against #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang. (1)
"I learned in the early hours of [26 March] via social media outlet Twitter that I have been sanctioned by the PRC (Chinese) government for ongoing research speaking the truth about human rights violations against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims in Xinjiang, Northwest China; (2)
"in short, for having a conscience and standing up for social justice. That the Chinese authorities should resort to imposing sanctions on UK politicians, legal chambers, and a sole academic is disappointing, depressing and wholly counter-productive. (3)
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#Breaking: #China just imposes sanction American and Canadian individuals and entities — two American officials from religious organization ans one Canadian MP and an organization as countermeasure to latest sanctions imposed by two countries over #Xinjiang
The individuals put on #China’s sanction list are United States Commission on International Religious Freedom chair ans vice chair Manchin and vice chair, a Parliament member of Canada and subcommittee of human rights of Foreign Affairs of Canada Parliament
Conservative lawmaker Michael Chong— #Canada
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2 yr old video by 17yr old #Uyghur girl 安妮古丽 that shows production of #XinjiangCotton in #Xinjiang

Check out her YouTube Channel for more life in #Xinjiang
Before you say this is CCP Propaganda. This video capture on candid camera aspect of Xinjiang life that would nvr be shown in real Chinese gov Propaganda video.

She asked the farmer lady abt price of #XinjiangCotton (5RMB/kilo), farmer lady says farmers' life r hard
Ironically the #XinjiangCotton harvester shown in the video is Made in US John Deere. So US gov know exactly the mechanized level in #Xinjiang via export numbers. Instead they prefer to project historical association of cotton w slavery in US to China
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Multinational retail giants @hm
and @Nike are facing severe criticism on Chinese social media following their statements expressing profound concern over forced #labour reports in northwestern #Xinjiang province.
@hm @Nike In September last year, H&M issued a statement in response to the growing international scrutiny of China's use of Uyghurs in forced labour in Xinjiang.
@hm @Nike In the statement, the clothing retailer stated that it was "deeply concerned about reports from civil society organisations and the media alleging forced labour and persecution against ethnoreligious minorities" in Xinjiang.
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Nike's virtue signaling over #Xinjiang "forced labor" really helped Chinese brand Li Ning to hit a home run today. Let's recall how the founder Li Ning conquered 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and got dubbed the Prince of Gymnastics.
Compilations of the Prince of Gymnastics Li Ning, ethnic Zhuang from Guangxi, conquering 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
19 yr old Li Ning defeating Soviet and Japanese gymnasts to snatch 6 gold for China at 1982 World Championship in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. 1st earning the moniker the prince of Gymnastics
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