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I was told that #Xinjiang #Uighurs were kept in concentration camps.
I lived in Kashi Xinjiang when I was a kid, I even know a little bit Uighur language, like Yakexi, Dabazha, Balang.
I followed Xinjiang people on Douyin (China tiktok) randomly.
Here is their life.
This is a very beautiful scenery of Xinjiang.
This Douyiner used his drone to photograph many landscapes and buildings in #Xinjiang.
He was not caught for shooting in the sky with a drone.
Please follow him if you have a Douyin account, you can explore more Xinjiang scenery.
This #Xinjiang #Uighur girl is sharing her life in a funny way to tell everyone about the climate of Xinjiang.
The temperature can reach 65 degrees Celsius during the day, but very very cold at night.
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A report on @CCTV dated May 13th offered the latest signs that forced labor is continuing across #Xinjiang, with the Chinese government claiming that at least 292,000 people have been transferred to other parts of #China in an "organized manner" for the first ...
... four months of the year. The number of 292,000 only account for the four prefectures in Southern Xinjiang, where more #Uyghurs are situated.
The scheme is divided into four categories based on the report. First, the government will keep enforcing the "cross-region employment" of Uyghurs, and they are focusing on strengthening the labor coordination between the four prefectures in Southern Xinjiang and other ...
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1/ If you truly care about #Uyghurs in #Xinjiang #China, you must first know who they are & where they came from. It's a piece of 2000 years of history so let's focus on the simple to understand facts. From Oxford, Origin of Uyghurs:…
2/ More details into #Uyghurs #history. Historians have proven they came from the Huihe Empire which had deep ties with Han-Chinese since ancient times. They were never the original inhabitants of #Xinjiang, but modern day #Mongolia…
3/ The Huihe Empire worked with Tang Dynasty to fight against the East Turkestan Empire many times. Eventually Huihe fell when Tang was weakened & the East Turkics persecuted the Huihe people & forced them to convert to Islam. This video has English subs:
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I’m taking this seriously because this argument is being used inside and outside gov’t., so this is going to be a thread. I care less about what direction policy goes (OK, I have preferences) than I care that the US approach is based in reality. 1/30
If you want to argue party congress & plenary documents, certain kinds of speeches & essays are cheap speech, then you must make the argument. Dismissing them challenges established scholarship on how the CCP functions. A WP is cheap speech, not a party congress work report 2/30
Dismissing docs as “cheap talk" has three problems.
(1) Its a warped view that “most China scholars” dismiss policy docs
(2) The process for key party docs matters and is more substantial than say a State of the Union speech
(3) Domestic “propaganda” often is policy guidance 3/30
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1. @Telegraph carried a piece Integrating @Huawei into the UK’s 5G is a gift to China by a member of @HouseofCommons . It beggars description.
2. It is condescending to describe not to keep Huawei out as a gift to #China, to say the least. Any business relationship is a deal, not charity. @Huawei brought in investment, create jobs and upgrade UK telecoms.
3. Labeling #Huawei a high-risk security partner is slandering when you can produce no shred of evidence. Do u have confidence in your own regulators? "A high-risk securtiy partner" is a concept that beggars belief.
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China has resumed placing tens of thousands of #Uyghurs from #Xinjiang's notorious re-education camps to forced labor in at least 19 provinces around the country, @SCMPNews revealed.…
"Excellent graduates were to be taken on as labourers by various inland governments, in particular, 19 provinces and municipalities," said one source.
According to SCMP, at least 19 provinces and cities have been given quotas to hire Muslim minorities, mostly Uyghurs, who have “graduated” from re-education camps.
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THREAD about how Douyin, the Chinese version of #TikTok, is banning livestreamers for speaking Cantonese instead of Mandarin. 1/
On Monday, the Guangzhou-based WeChat account Yangcheng Net (羊城网) posted an article detailing how several Douyin users had received 10-minute bans from the platform for speaking their native Cantonese during livestreams. 2/…
A pop-up notification told the streamers to “Please speak Mandarin to involve more users from other areas (of China).” Among the suggestions for “rectification” was “please speak Mandarin.” 3/
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In the UN Inner City Press is banned from by pro-China UNSG @AntonioGuterres for 608 days now, these are those let in to put Qs to China's PR Zhang Jun. Will they ask about #Xinjiang & Uighurs? #HongKong? CEFC China Energy's bribes that Guterres covers up? thread
@antonioguterres @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @UyghurProject @tingdc @DanGarrett97 @LeniDiamond @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong @SaraCarterDC @allimadi So far China's Ambassador Zhang Jun has only spoken about "terrorism" in Africa. Music to the ears of dictators like Paul Biya, who justify their killing of civilians by calling all opponents terrorists. And @AntonioGuterres and Francois Lonceny Fall go along
@antonioguterres @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @UyghurProject @tingdc @DanGarrett97 @LeniDiamond @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong @SaraCarterDC @allimadi Look who's mindless promoting this China presidency of the UN Security Council? It's the UN Correspondents Association, which has long given a veto-wielding seat on its board to state media Xinhua, blocking any raising of @AntonioGuterres ban on Taiwan journos
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1/ Think Tank @ASPI_org found that over 80000 #Uyghurs as forced labour from #Xinjiang’s #ReEducationCamp are forced to work in factories for 83 well-known global brands, including @Apple, @BMV, @Gap, @Nike, @Samsung, @Sony, @Volkswagen and #Huawei.
2/ Also, #Uyghurlabour is forced to receive ideological brainwashing, live under surveillance, barred from religious practices, and deprived of their freedom of movement. Without doubt, #China now tramples on human rights of the ethnic minority to boost its economic growth.
3/ It is terribly disgusting and morally wrong for #China to frame those Xinjiang workers as “government-led, semi-military style management, can withstand hardship, no loss of personnel” in advertisement these state-sponsored #Uyghur labour.
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A lot of big companies are going to face some pressure over the allegations in this report regarding the use of Uighur forced labour in #China including Apple, BMW, Gap Nike, Samsung...…
It’s a long list part [1]:Abercrombie & Fitch, Acer, Adidas, Alstom, Amazon, Apple, ASUS, BAIC Motor, BMW, Bombardier, Bosch, BYD, Calvin Klein, Candy, Carter’s, Cerruti 1881, Changan Automobile, Cisco, CRRC, Dell, Electrolux, Fila, Founder Group, GAC Group (automobiles)...[cont]
[Uighur labour cont] 2: Gap, Geely Auto, General Electric, General Motors, Google, H&M, Haier, Hart Schaffner Marx, Hisense, Hitachi, HP, HTC, Huawei, iFlyTek, Jack & Jones, Jaguar, Japan Display Inc., L.L.Bean, Lacoste, Land Rover, Lenovo, LG, Li-Ning, Mayor, Meizu... [cont]
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Chinese agents contacted “Erkin”, a #Uyghur living in the US, and sent him a video of his father asking him to cooperate with the agents. Read Erkin’s and others’ stories of how #China intimidates Uyghurs living abroad. #NowhereFeelsSafe…
#YunusTohti was a student in Egypt when Chinese police contacted him through WeChat. He was asked when he would return to Xinjiang and was ordered to provide personal details, such as a copy of his passport.

Read other testimonies:…
#GulruyAsqar is a teacher living in the USA. Starting in 2018, Gulruy began receiving frequent telephone calls from the Chinese consulate in Houston. A recorded message informed her that she needed to speak to a staff member about an important document that she needed to submit.
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🔔 A newly revealed database exposes in extraordinary detail the main reasons for the detentions of hundreds of #Uighurs in the #Xinjiang region of #China 🇨🇳
📑 This is the third leak of official Chinese government documents that shed light on crackdowns on the #UyghurMuslims in #China.

Our Beijing correspondent @ChPilgrim breaks down some of the findings ⤵️
@ChPilgrim In #China’s northwestern #Xinjiang region, more than one million ethnic #Uighurs are believed to be held in internment camps.

France 24 was able to gather rare testimony recounting the horror of the camps in this #exclusive report ⤵️
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This story took me to Istanbul and Oslo, where I met the whistleblower who is taking a big risk by going public “Yes, it’s dangerous,” he told me. “But someone should speak up and tell the world what is happening (in #Xinjiang).” #uighurs
In Istanbul, I talked to people whose relatives have disappeared into China’s network of re-education camps. One of them is Rozinisa Tohti. After she found out her youngest sister had been sent to a re-education camp, she was heartbroken: “I couldn’t eat and sleep for many days"
The list has no signature or stamp, but we talked to several experts who all agreed it is most likely authentic. We also verified two (1 and 2) camps mentioned in the list. To find out how @bayer_julia @cheriechancy and I verified their location, see @bayer_julia's thread
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The leaked #KarakaxList mentions at least 4 “re-education camps” that Uighur detainees were sent to in #Xinjiang.

Together with @CherieChancy and @NaomiConrad, we verified and located the camps using satellite images and governmental documents and bids. (Thread)
We were able to verify and locate two of the “re-education camps” (1+2) mentioned in the #KarakaxList.
And we also located two other camps (3+4), using satellite images and governmental documents, including tender bids and financial plans.
We had a closer look at the largest “re-education camp” mentioned in the leaked #KarakaxList which is based at the south-east corner of an industrial park. (Satellite imagery 26.11.2019).
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Chinese speaking Muslims village Masanchi attacked! Shops and homes burned and owners killed! happened on Feb 7th across the border from #Xinjiang but because it’s in neighboring Kazakhstan, don’t expect Western MSM to spill much ink.
Dungan people call themselves Hui. Dungan is what Central Asian Turkic Muslim called Chinese speaking Muslims. Hui refugees from Dungan Revolt of NW China (1862-1877) settled in Russian Central Asia (now Kazakhstan) They preserved traditions of late Qing Dynasty NW China.
Village of Masanchi in Kazakhstan is a major Dungan settlement. It’s named after Red Army hero Ma Sanchi 馬三奇 who commanded Dungan cavalry regiment of Red Army to establish Soviet rule in Central Asia during Russian Civil War.
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>> #Chengdu On Lockdown As #Coronavirus #Deaths Hit 813, Surpassing Total From 2003 #SARS #Outbreak


Lockdown spreads to Chengdu, #China's sixth largest city (14.4.


Update (2130ET): Rumors on American social media claim the quarantine that is already affected 400m+ people, 60+ cities, and 3 provinces has been expanded to Chengdu, China's sixth-largest city, with a total population of 14.4 million.

Twitter's @CarlMinzner retweeted a thread from yesterday exploring whether the government is drawing on its experiencing interning more than 1 million Muslims in #Xinjiang to carry out its #quarantine.
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The #Wuhan #coronavirus has hit #Xinjiang, where #China has imprisoned at least 1 million Uighur Muslims. Its filthy detention camps will make inmates sitting ducks.

The prison camps have poor sanitation, hygiene, and cramped living conditions…
Authorities reported two cases in the autonomous southwestern region on Thursday, Radio Free Asia (RFA) and The Wall Street Journal reported, citing local health authorities.

Plastic buckets for toilets, and rooms so small people have to take turns sleeping
Sayragul Sauytbay, who escaped from a camp in March 2018, separately told Haaretz: "The food was bad, there weren't enough hours for sleep and the hygiene was atrocious," she said.

"There were almost 20 people in a room of 16 square meters," she added."
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Nobody is talking about #tuberculosis in #EastTurkistan (#Xinjiang).

This issue is central to understanding the full scope of #China’s #HumanRights atrocities.

We urgently need @WHO biosurveillance insight into this problem.

@robertsreport @grosetimothy @adrianzenz @dtbyler
… any #epidemiology expert will tell you that it’s a disastrous, monstrous idea to throw people into #ConcentrationCamps in the world’s #1 #tuberculosis hot zone.

Moreover, many #Uyghurs have a polymorphism that puts them at risk of liver damage from drugs used to treat #TB
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Our Winter 2019/20 issue is now online!

Read articles by @SheenaGreitens, @ImMyungheeLee, and @emir__yazici, Brendan Rittenhouse Green & Austin Long, @j_r_mcallister, Galen Jackson, and @Andy_J_Payne.

#AcademicTwitter #PolicyTwitter
Articles for Vol. 44, No. 3 include:

"#Counterterrorism and Preventive Repression: #China's Changing Strategy in #Xinjiang" by @SheenaGreitens, @ImMyungheeLee, and @emir__yazici.…

This article is indefinitely *ungated* (free!) thanks to @mitpress!
"Conceal or Reveal? Managing Clandestine #MilitaryCapabilities in Peacetime Competition" by Brendan Rittenhouse Green & Austin Long.…
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#China's total exports in 2018 were $2.65 trillion, of which approximately $477 billion went to the #USA, $441 billion went to the #EU, and $157 billion to #Japan. Add #SouthKorea and #India, and that is over 50% of Chinese exports.
China's strong economy depends on the good will of a handful of governments. Gradually increasing tariffs (or economic sanctions) on Chinese imports in these and other like-minded countries and the EU, if linked to demands for: 1) human rights improvements in #HongKong, ...
... #Xinjiang, and #Tibet; 2) military deescalation in the #SouthChinaSea and #EastChinaSea, the #Korea n peninsula, and #ArunachalPradesh; 3) progression down a truly democratic path for all of China; 4) improved conditions in China for global business; and ...
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Qassem Soleimani was killed in an air strike by the #US in #Baghdad. Equivalent to Jiang Zemin in #China, Soleimani was a dominant figure in the military, politics and oil industry of #Iran. Most of his family reside in #HongKong, #Shanghai and #Beijing.
#China’s Bank of Kunlun was established by Soleimani family in collaboration with the #CCP. The actual #Chinese main shareholders are Jiang Zemin, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu (and Zhou Yongkang before jailed). Its asset has increased from $17 billion to $28 billion.
#Bank of Kunlun is a tool of #Iran’s Soleimani, Khamenei and the #CCP kleptocrats to launder money and evade the #US sanctions @robert_spalding @MischaEDM @WarrenPlatts @geoff_p_wade @DanRDimicco @Jkylebass @BenKTallmadge @IndoPac_Info @BoycottHegemony…
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From wargames in Washington to bridges over the Baltics, 1990s L0pht hackers to 1950s nukes on the moon — here's a thread on our favorite #DefenseOneRadio podcasts of 2019:
In February we looked beyond South China Sea tensions to hear from @GregPoling, who told us "So far so far [China has] ridden roughshod over international law in the SCS and they’ve paid very little price for it.”
@GregPoling Also in February, we took a look at Zheng He voyages, Chinese military action films, and historical revisionism with @daicing, @NavalWarCollege's Andrew Wilson + more.
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Latest for @dw_chinese - Following her video pleading for help from the international community, I got in touch with Gulzire Awulqanqizi, hoping to get the full picture of her situation. Here's what she is facing right now -…
@dw_chinese In yesterday's video, Awulqanqizi said a Kazakh government official told her that the Kazakh government suspected that she was a Chinese spy, and they wanted to deport her back to #Xinjiang before the end of 2019.
@dw_chinese "I was supposed to be back in China within 6 months. But, I stayed in Kazakhstan for more than one year. For this reason, China is urging Kazakhstan to repatriate me back to #Xinjiang before the end of this year," she said.
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For Christmas 2019, I skipped the usual festive celebration and instead received a holiday message from Ablimit, the #Uyghur father of four who lost contact with his family for the second time this year. We chatted a bit, and he sounded just tired and powerless.
Over the last year, I’ve had dozens of interviews or simply chats with overseas #Uyghurs who set aside their usual life and took on the mission of advocating for their missing families.
For all of them, repeated threats and harassments from #Beijing is nothing new, and having to actively engage with government officials as well as human rights organizations have become a new normal.
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