3 common sense apolitical changes America could make to increase happiness and efficiency not only in the US but globally:

1. Holidays
A. Move Thanksgiving to a Friday or make Black Friday a holiday. It's too disruptive to have Thanksgiving happen midweek.
B. For the same reason, make Christmas Day to New Years Day a week-long holiday.
C. Get rid of Columbus Day. Discovering America (the 2nd time) was badass but we have too many holidays in Q4 and we need to compensate for the holidays we're getting rid of.
D. Get rid of President's Day. Same thing.
E. Celebrate Halloween on the last Saturday in October so kids can trick-or-treat and do their homework.
F. Move MLK, Veteran's and July 4th (indepedence day) so they always fall on Mondays and so we have holidays throughout the year.
You get the idea.

Stop having disruptive holidays midweek, give us some rest at the end of the year, and spread those holidays out through the year.

2. Daylights Savings Time
We're going to stop doing this nonsense and have summer hours year round. Even in southern Texas, it's dark at 5 PM so you can't do anything after work. It's stupid and makes it hard to work internationally.

Speaking of which...
3. Metric system
It's time we drop the standard system. It's hard to work with, metric system is easier, and our systems make it super hard for foreigners to work with Americans because we have these crazy 1/16th of inch measurements. So much time is wasted on this globally.
For the last 70 years America has gotten used to the world conforming to our rules and peculiarities. That's changing, and we need to change with it.

These changes will be 1-3 years of headaches but are like 1 step back and 3 steps forward, not only for us but the world.


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25 Nov
Covid origin occam's razor:

1. US government funded the research
2. Research was done in China because there were bans of gain of function research in USA

3. China didn't do as good of a job warning the world as they could have for the same reason why everyone locks down too late, it's hard to kill your own economy for something that might not happen.
4. The incentive to investigate is not there because US and China, two

biggest economies and most powerful countries in the world internationally jointly fucked up, so people within government are worried about their own careers investigating because of blowback from other parts of gov't, even though its right thing to do.

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24 Nov
Is there a company which dominates its category more than Lego?

Top 100 Best Selling Building Toys by Brand on Amazon:

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23 Nov
This is an insightful and afaik novel covid observation.

Your risk of getting covid is not determined by cases at the country level, nor even at the city level, but instead the cases prevailing in the subgroups you’re a member of.

Said another way, it doesn’t matter how

many cases are tearing through your city. It matters how many are at your office, your kid’s school, or your place of worship.

And because most people don’t work two jobs, kids don’t attend two schools, and people don’t worship at two different churches, these groups

are poorly connected, which can explain why you see these random waves in a city that aren’t explained by weather or behavioral changes. That wave was just everyone who partied, or all the Christians, or high schoolers.

Makes sense!

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21 Nov
Poll for inventorybois only

(Thread follows poll)

This holiday my inventory levels now appear to be:
The quantity of inventory I have arriving after the holidays (or arriving too late to sell) is:
I think a lot of inventorybois went into this holiday expecting inventory to be short but the opposite is happening:

- because of supply chain news stories purchases that would’ve happened in November and December were pulled into September and October

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8 Nov
Retweet and reply if you'd like @fmanjoo to unload a container with me in Texas.

@fmanjoo Kind of cool to be published in the New York Times as a writer!

The editor edited out the top paragraph unfortunately (kinda embarrassing to them/@fmanjoo maybe?)

@fmanjoo I'm surprised to learn that you can get hate mail not just from Twitter posts going viral, but also from the New York Times.

I really believe what I wrote.

The idea that there's a free lunch and that you can live a comfortable life long-term without working is all wrong.
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5 Nov
My impressions of Los Angeles as someone who spent 3 days there.

1. Amazing trees
Look at these bad boys.
2. Boy did they fuck things up by putting highways everywhere
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