a short (hopefully) thought for #omegaLWJseason:

newly-presented omega lwj overhears alpha wen chao bragging that he's going to ask his father to make lwj his concubine. lwj asks alpha wwx to fake a relationship with him.

except. neither of them knows what that looks like.
wwx: an excuse to spend time with you AND piss off wen chao? sign me up!

lwj, relieved: thank you for agreeing


wwx: so

wwx: what now

lwj: … I haven't the slightest idea
wwx: we hold hands, I think! couples hold hands, right?

lwj: absolutely not. I will not do anything that could result in pregnancy

wwx: … holding hands doesn't result in pregnancy

lwj: are you CERTAIN?


wwx: perhaps we should consult your library pavilion
the library is of little help. there are poems speaking of loves as deep as the ocean and as radiant as a full moon, but there is no how-to-be-in-a-relationship manual.

"Maybe I should just repeatedly and excessively compare you to jade?" wwx suggests.
lwj shakes his head and examines the book in his hand. this one is different. it mentions a bed, as well as many metaphors of swelling, entwined rivers and heaving mountains and bountiful autumn harvests.

wwx peeks over his shoulder. "Maybe we should climb a mountain?"
((kudos to @/cicerfics for the idea of sex being described in overly metaphorical ways. that shit's just too funny to pass up))
so they climb a mountain—specifically one of the back mountains behind the cloud recesses. it's quite the climb, and they're both tired when they reach the top.

"Oh, look," wwx gasps in between breaths as he points. "There. I can see Caiyi Town."
lwj looks. indeed, it is.

"It's quite nice up here!" wwx takes a deep breath of fresh mountain air. "The view is amazing!"

"Mn," lwj agrees, soaking in the sounds of the wind through the leaves and the warmth of sunlight on his skin.
"I bet the sunset looks incredible from here." wwx takes off his outer robe and spreads it on the ground. he sits on it and pats next to him. "Lan Zhan! Come sit!"

lwj joins him, careful to keep some space between them. he pulls the book out; he'd brought it along for reference.
wwx shuffles closer and rests his chin on lwj's shoulder. "Any ideas on what it means?"

lwj shakes his head. the mountain metaphor is still confusing. the mountains in the text have many curves that seem to entrance and muddy the author's mind.
up here, lwj feels clear-headed—refreshed. he hardly feels muddied, or entranced by anything in particular.

he does feel warm, though. wwx is… warm. when the wind changes direction, lwj can smell nothing but his scent on the breeze. it's not unpleasant.
they pore over the poem to no avail, and soon it is time to watch the sunset. it is incredible, just like wwx predicted it would be—fiery oranges and pinks reach across the sky until the sun finally yields to the moon.

by the time they get back down the mountain, it is dark out.
as soon as the night patrol spots them, they immediately bring wwx and lwj straight to lqr and lxc.

"Wangji, where have you been??" lqr fumes. "Do you have any idea what it looks like when both you and Wei Ying disappear at the same time?!"
"We were just in the back mountains," lwj answers honestly.

"In the back moun—" lqr stops. his gaze is fixed on the book in lwj's hand. "Wangji," he says slowly. "What is that."

lwj holds it out. "It's a book of poems. Wei Ying and I were studying it together."
lqr takes the book. one glance at the title and his face reddens like a pepper.

"You—!" he nearly flings the book back at lwj. "Improprietous! The subjects of this book are not for—" he goes shock-silent. "Why are the two of you so disheveled?"
both wwx and lwj look at each other. the hike took a while, and descending a mountain in the dark was not easy. they can hardly be blamed for sweating and getting their clothes snagged.

"Mountains take effort to climb, xiansheng," wwx says.

lqr looks about ready to murder him.
what wwx says: hiking mountains is exhausting

what lqr hears: I exerted a lot of 'effort' on the 'mountains' of your nephew's body 😉😉😜
thankfully, lxc is present, and he gets the truth out of them—that they truly didn't do anything except literally hike a literal mountain. he agrees that mountain hikes can be rewarding, but he does confiscate the book of poems back.
word does spread, however, and in a few days, wen chao storms over to wwx and demands to know what wwx thinks he's doing with a future wen concubine.

wwx: lan zhan and I are together. we are in love. 😌 look elsewhere, wen chao

lwj: ..................... *quiet internal scream*
wen chao: *scoff* whatever. it's probably just a small affair. I'm sure lan zhan here would not do anything to tarnish his reputation. marrying well is important to omegas, and no omega would marry /you/, wei wuxian



lwj: i'm pregnant
"WHAT?!" roars wen chao, outraged.

"WHAT," screeches wwx, trying to remember if they'd accidentally held hands last night.

lwj gives wwx a very pointed look that means 'say something supportive and back me up'.

"Oh," wwx nods in acknowledgement and says, "I'm pregnant too."
once she realizes what's going on, wen qing grabs both of them and takes them away from the very angry and very confused wen chao. she then gives them a quick but thorough sex-ed lesson.

wwx: my what goes in lan zh—um, I mean—

wq: your penis


lqr insists that lwj see a physician to make sure he's not preggie. once the physician confirms that lwj is not carrying, lqr scolds lwj for his carelessness regarding his reputation—especially in front of the wens, who can easily spread rumors and destroy lwj's marriageability.
lwj: I can change that

lqr: what

lwj: i can get pregnant. i know how it works now.

lqr: WANGJI—

lwj: I will not be wen chao's concubine. i will get pregnant if that's what it takes. and wei ying will help me.


wwx: d

wwx: do I get a say in this or

• • •

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6 Dec
(cw: dubcon, mpreg, memory loss)

foxxian escapes lotus pier during a heat and mates with a stranger on the streets in a fit of lust. when he finally returns home, he's already preggie 😔😔😔

to make matters worse, he can't remember who the stranger is, or what they look like.
madam yu is FURIOUS. it's bad enough that she has been raising someone else's child for the past 15 years; there is no way she is going to raise foxxian's child either.

she nearly throws foxxian out. what a disgrace; he doesn't even know who the father is. it could be anyone.
in the end, foxxian is not thrown out—but he is locked away in his room, where the sight of him and his growing belly won't disgrace the jiang snake clan.

when asked how it happened, foxxian isn't sure; he remembers running, his body itching with need from his heat.
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5 Dec
🐉🦊au headcanon: dragonji can shapeshift into any animal he wants (although he will retain dragon-like qualities, such as his horns and blue-colored fur/scales).

the catch? there's a bit of a 'loading screen' period where he has to adjust to the gain/loss of senses and limbs.
dragonji strongly dislikes the 'loading screen' period in between shifts—because that is when his new instincts run at their highest, and his consciousness goes bye-bye for a little bit as he adjusts to his new body.

so, in general, he doesn't shift.
then a new class year at the cloud recesses starts, and with it comes new disciples—particularly a fox disciple from the jiang snake clan.

from day one, foxxian has been PLEADING for dragonji to try and shift into a fox form.
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23 Nov
cw // nsfw, age gap, omega!lwj, possible lactation?

just thinking about 35 y/o milf omega!lwj patiently guiding 20 y/o alpha!wwx through his first rut. 😌😌 his thighs tremble around wwx's waist as wwx clumsily thrusts, but lwj still talks to him in low, comforting tones.
((FYI this is def a spin-off of this shalsjaldjskhs))

wwx has been taken over completely by his rut. he doesn't know how to control it; he just knows he needs to fuck and breed SOMETHING.

so when lwj offers himself, wwx wastes no time pushing lwj onto his back and bullying his way between lwj's thighs.
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23 Nov
I always appreciate a good wangxian time travel, and it's still #omegaLWJseason, so…

35 y/o omega!lwj accidentally time travels back to his 15 y/o days. typically, presentations don't emerge until someone is around 16-18 years of age, so wangxian are unpresented at this time.
because they wear many layers to mask scent and it's rude to sniff others, the lan clan use different forehead ribbon designs to distinguish between different presentations. omegas get a jeweled bead hanging down from the center. alphas get a metal cloud engraving in the middle.
(for distinction purposes, bby unpresented lwj is lwj and 35 y/o omega!lwj is hgj))

hgj's arrival at the cloud recesses causes a bit of a panic, esp since the first thing hgj does is go directly to his uncle and tell him about the time travel oopsie.
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21 Nov
thinkin about omega!lwj and alpha!lwj meeting each other.

both wear so many layers and have their scents so carefully hidden under all their clothes. they look at each other for a long time before simultaneously bowing to each other, fully accepting of each other's presentation.
omega!wwx and alpha!wwx, on the other hand, would 10000% fight each other.
alpha!lwj and omega!lwj are the epitome of courtesy. when going down stairs, alpha!lwj gracefully offers his arm and omega!lwj takes it with the lightest of touches. they are perfect.

meanwhile omega!wwx has latched onto alpha!wwx's arm because alpha!wwx made fun of his teeth.
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14 Nov
very quick nsfw mpreg thought for #omegaLWJseason: omega!lwj finally being allowed to ride a train alone to go visit his brother—and ends up preggie from a brief encounter on it with a handsome alpha stranger. 😩😩
I just rly like the thought of lwj, dressed all prim and proper—elegantly chaste, as befitting an omega of his breeding. yet he tightly clutches a teacup in the train's lounge car as a handsome alpha teases him about being so uptight that he stands out.
the alpha, still talking, follows lwj out of the lounge car after lwj finishes his meal. lwj bristles. "Why can't you leave me alone?"

the alpha blinks, then laughs. "Little Cloud, you haven't once told me to go away! Just say so, and I will." he plays with a lock of lwj's hair.
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