Thread Warning - 10 Contradictions of Gender Ideology:

1. Don’t pathologise trans identity. However, you must offer treatment for gender dysphoria with medication and surgery.

2. Only refer to people by language they want. However, it is fine for us to label you “cis”. (1/5)
3. The real self is fundamentally separate from the material body. However, transforming one’s body can be crucial for personal wholeness.

4. Gender identity is a social construct. However, authentic identity may be attached to stereotypical male and female dispositions. (2/5)
5. People should be free to believe in what they want. However, you must see the world through our ideological lens.

6. The trans community (1% of the population) must be listened to. However, the experiences of detransitioners (1% of trans community) should be ignored. (3/5)
7. Children should not be able to smoke, drink alcohol, vote or get a tattoo. However, they should be able to consent to potentially irreversible medication.

8. You must understand us. However, you can never understand us because you haven’t had our lived experience. (4/5)
9. If the media report a crime and specify it was committed by a trans person, this is transphobia. However, reporting an accolade and failing to mention the person is trans is erasure.

10. Be kind. However, it’s okay for us to throw slurs at those we disagree with. (5/5)

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26 Aug
This video is such a disgrace that it needs a thread.

It is aimed at children and sole purpose appears to be to make them paranoid and suspicious of therapy/therapists.

It’s the moral equivalent of coaching children in techniques to avoid crucial prescription medication. (1/7)
The speakers define a ‘conversion therapist’ as any therapist who doesn’t use your preferred pronouns as soon as you meet them. This is not only scaremongering but completely misleading and disingenuous.

They go on to compare therapy to being in a POW camp. (2/7)
Children are warned that therapists will “pretend to be on your side and that they are concerned for you”. Here, the core conditions of therapy - including acceptance, active listening and empathy are turned on their head and made out to be something to be afraid of. (3/7)
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1 Aug

Dear supporters. As you know, I have spent the last few months campaigning around treatment of gender dysphoria for vulnerable children. This included a parliamentary petition which got over 10k signatures. (1/6)
A few months ago, without warning, I received an email from my educational institute - @Metanoia_Inst - expelling me with immediate effect from my Masters course that I spent 3 years working towards. I was provided no evidence and not a single opportunity to defend myself. (2/6)
That evening I discovered they had publicised the expulsion on Twitter, in an attempt to destroy my reputation.

I am taking legal action against them for their discrimination against my beliefs but also to stand up for free speech, women’s rights and vulnerable children.(3/6)
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28 Jun
Sentimental Thread Warning!

Yesterday, I was blocked by @OwenJones84. The crime? Challenging, respectfully, his use of inflammatory language on the topic of sex and gender. Previously, I had reached out to Owen, extending an invite to debate the issues, which went ignored. (1/5)
I realise I am not the only person to be blocked by Owen. It turns out he has a bit of a reputation for being trigger-happy in this regard. However, I was surprised with the strong feeling I was left with. Not one of anger or frustration or resentment but one of sadness. (2/5)
Sadness we live in a society where people can simply stonewall someone they disagree with. Sadness we seem incapable of listening to others. Sadness we deem others as ‘bad’ when we know nothing about them. Sadness we celebrate diversity in all except diversity of thought. (3/5)
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23 Jun
In light of @KLBfax’s Court of Appeal case today, I thought I would post another thread (apologies!) on some of the biggest risks and dangers associated with puberty blockers and why it is crucial that children are safeguarded. (1/7)
1. Up to 90% of children with gender dysphoria settle into their biological sex over the course of puberty. By delaying or stopping puberty in its tracks, we are denying children this opportunity to become comfortable with themselves. (2/7)
2. Studies show chemical, biological and neuropsychological changes that occur in puberty actually help children to become comfortable in identifying with their biological sex. The very things that those seeking puberty blockers fear, ironically may be the thing that helps. (3/7)
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13 Jun
I don’t tend to like threads. But, if you will kindly indulge me, this interview between @OwenJones84, @freddymcconnell and @Mermaids_Gender was so concerning and dangerous, I felt compelled to write one. (1/6)
1. Owen suggests we ignore the voices of detransitioners as they only make up 1% of those who have transitioned.

And yet this is the same man who calls for enforced conformity around use of pro-nouns, even though trans people themselves only make up 1% of UK population. (2/6)
2. Freddy states in relation to fertility: “You do not know as a child what you want to do when you do grow up”

And yet he is more than happy for young children to commence on medication - the physical, emotional and social impacts of which may be irreversible. (3/6)
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