We are now at the phase where journos and authorities know goddamn well if the Waukesha parade was an ideological attack or not.

It is also the phase where, thanks to the Pulse Nightclub shooting, we know they will lie if there definitely is one.
Many looking to hang Waukesha on BLM for political reasons, but while the perp posted about it and his support for “knokkin white ppl TF out,” the really notable thing from his social media for me was a Black Israelite-style Hitler meme about how black people are the *real* Jews.
It may come out in law enforcement investigations, but the big question that journos are running from as fast as possible is

so uh is this guy a Black Israelite

because they have committed ideologically motivated murder targeting other ethnicities before
This is an interesting and useful question to investigate and it would be good to know, say, *what the Black Israelite scene is like in Milwaukee.*

Journos could ask those questions; there are certainly people who know this dude out there.
On the non-ideological side: notice how nobody’s really asking about the initial call mentioned in the charging documents where the pursuit was picked up from. So, uh, was that related to the guy or not? No idea! Thanks, journos! So good at your jobs!
Guy could have been in a garbage person emotional spasm, or tied that into a freaky ideology, or coldly plotted this out. There’s a big spectrum of possibility still.

We unfortunately can’t trust the press to tell us if it’s one of the latter two.

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24 Nov
THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (1978) is free on Prime, and if you’ve never seen it you should treat yourself, because it is a joy.

Michael Crichton, a clunky filmmaker, is downright sprightly writing and directing this period caper flick with a delightful Jerry Goldsmith score.
Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland, and Lesley-Anne Down are all marvelous, and every dollar of the budget is up on the screen — great costuming, sets, an antique train, tons of extras when they’re called for.
One challenge the film rises to: making its very simple action sequence visually exciting.

The sequence: Sean Connery has to make his way over the length of several cars of a moving train.

Something we have seen people do many, many, many times before.
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22 Nov
This rumor was flying around Twitter yesterday; while all options are open, I have to say desperate flight strikes me as very unlikely. There’s video of the guy entering the parade at low speed, swerving around the blocker at rear, and speeding up to hit people.
Sped up, slowed down, hit people, sped up, hit more people. Graphic videos included, so be cautioned, but this really doesn’t look like a guy in desperate flight.
Bunch of black radical and BLM stuff on circulating screenshots of suspect’s purported social media, but from a posturing more than activist perspective, if that makes sense

ie, not so much “here’s me at this protest,” more “Fred Hampton was awesome”

also stoned ramblings
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20 Aug
Tactical mistake on JEOPARDY!’s and Richards’s part
The cool kids’ table has been deferred to in one particular and now it is easier to defer to them in others

radical idea: a few years back, Alex Trebek himself floated a couple of names he thought could do the job as his successor

why not, I don’t know

give them a call
the cool kids’ table is out in force

they’ve tasted blood and they want more, more, more, more
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19 Aug
Moose-feeding movie of the last few days has been WIND (1992), a sailing movie directed by Carroll “THE BLACK STALLION (1979)” Ballard that sought to definitively answer the question “Are Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey movie stars”

answer: nope
The thing is that Modine and Grey are actually pretty great choices for the weirder movie lurking beneath the surface of WIND (1992)

but it was clearly a hella expensive movie to make so it got nudged in the direction of a “they’re together, they break up, they get back” romance
Modine and Grey are perfect for the weirder, more indie-ish, more introspective movie, but they’re not right for a blockbuster crowd-pleaser
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22 Jul
everybody is talking about the Buzzfeed News story about FBI informant involvement in the plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan

lots of focus on how many FBI informants were involved

less-remarked: the story on *when* the feds got involved has evolved
Here is the story in the FBI’s affidavit. Note:

a) the impetus for the investigation is sedition on social media.
b) the investigation starts with a guy named Adam Fox, who, following a meeting in Ohio, reaches out to a militia that has already been infiltrated by the FBI.
According to the Buzzfeed article, the affidavit is backwards.

Buzzfeed’s story starts w/ the militia, called the Wolverine Watchmen. Dan, a veteran, joins it blindly and is alarmed: his new buddies aren’t just interested in fun gun stuff but in potentially killing cops.
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21 Jul
Watched CARNIVAL OF SOULS (1962) on @Shudder and dug it — simple story, atmospheric filmmaking, great sense of rising dread.

Also, it made me realize an interesting edge for filmmakers in flyover country (like industrial filmmaker Herk Harvey, who directed): novel locations.
CARNIVAL OF SOULS was shot in studios and on location in Lawrence, Kansas, on location in Salt Lake City, Utah, and at the wildly atmospheric, unforgettable, but never seen on film Saltair Amusement Park in Magna, Utah.

Never seen on film because *it’s in freakin’ Magna, Utah!*
Just shooting in Utah means CARNIVAL OF SOULS offers a great, eerie, memorable location that you’ve never seen!

Think about all the times you’ve seen, say, the Bradbury Building in LA — OUTER LIMITS, BLADE RUNNER, WOLF, you name it. Now imagine you’d *never* seen it.
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