Venezuela's socialist party won regional elections in a landslide, getting more votes in 20 of 23 states and the capital Caracas

So the US government responded by trying to discredit the vote—while reaffirming support for unelected coup puppet Juan Guaidó…
The US supported negotiations in Mexico leading to Venezuela's opposition participating in elections

But because the socialists won, USA moved the goal posts and claimed it was rigged beforehand

USA will never accept Venezuela's election results until its right-wing puppets win
The hypocrisy is mind-blowing: The US government claims it supports "democracy" while rejecting Venezuela's free and fair elections (monitored by the EU), and simultaneously reaffirming support for coup leader Juan Guaidó, who has not received a single vote to be fake "president"
Venezuela's right-wing opposition were unable to win elections, so the US told them to boycott elections

After years boycotting, USA told them to participate this Nov. 21. They did, but were defeated in a landslide socialist victory

So now USA is demonizing the elections again
A delegation of US National Lawyers Guild members traveled to Venezuela to monitor regional elections on November 21

They wrote: "We observed a balanced and transparent voting process which voters expressed confidence in," including opposition supporters…

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22 Nov
Venezuela's ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) won in a landslide in today's mega-elections, winning 20 of the 23 states.

The USA tried to crush the will of the Venezuelan people, suffocating them with a murderous blockade and brutal hybrid war. But Chavismo is alive and well!
The US-backed right-wing opposition participated in Venezuela's mega-elections today, after boycotting recent votes... and they were crushed.

The socialist alliance won 20 of 23 states and the capital Caracas.

#ArrasoElChavismo is trending, meaning: Chavismo won in a landslide
After competing in Venezuela's elections today and losing badly, it's likely the US-sponsored right-wing opposition will return to trying to delegitimize the elections, boycotting future ones, because they can't win them—while seeking more US intervention
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19 Nov
Nicaragua has officially left the US-controlled, coup-plotting Organization of American States (OAS), known in Latin America as the Ministry of Yankee Colonies.

Foreign Minister Denis Moncada called the OAS an "instrument of meddling" whose "mission is to facilitate US hegemony"
The US founded the OAS at the start of the first cold war as an alliance of right-wing regimes, including Somoza's dictatorship

The OAS orchestrated the fascist coup d'etat in Bolivia in 2019 and recognizes US puppet Guaidó as Venezuela's fake "president"…
This is part of the letter the foreign ministry sent to the OAS: "Nicaragua has repeatedly expressed its condemnation and rejection of the interventionist actions of the OAS, defending its sovereignty"

We are not "a colony of any power," and the OAS is a US "colonialist entity" ImageImageImageImage
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1 Nov
Here is Nicaraguan Sandinista activist Ligia Sevilla @ligiasevilla_, who was censored by Facebook

@Meta falsely claimed she's a "fake account," part of a government-run "troll farm"

Will Facebook retract its false claims and restore her account?
This is another Nicaraguan Sandinista supporter, Daniela Cienfuegos @dani100sweet, an activist in the Red de Jóvenes Comunicadores, which Facebook/Instagram suspended and falsely claimed is a gov't bot farm.

Any comment from @Meta?
And here is Nicaraguan Sandinista activist Franklin Ruiz G. @ElChequelito, whose personal account was censored by Facebook, which falsely claimed he is a government-run bot/troll.

Still no comment on this political censorship by
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1 Nov
The political censorship is so blatant: Tonight, one week before elections in Nicaragua, Facebook/Instagram suspended the accounts of many prominent leftist Sandinista journalists, activists, and media outlets

I know numerous people whose accounts were suspended at the same time
It's obvious there's a coordinated social media purge of leftist Sandinistas going on, mere days before Nicaragua's November 7 election

First Twitter suspended many popular Sandinistas. Now Facebook/Instagram suspended more, including media outlets' pages
In a coordinated purge tonight Facebook/Instagram suspended the accounts of major Sandinista media outlets in Nicaragua:

Also the Sandinista Communicators Network @somosredjs:…
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29 Oct
Twitter's politically motivated censorship is again targeting Latin American leftists:

Influential Nicaraguan Sandinista supporters @ElCuervoNica and @FloryCantoX were suspended

This is the SECOND time the US government thought police at Twitter suspended @FloryCantoR's account
The US government thought police at Twitter hired a right-wing Mexican political operative to censor leftists in Latin America…
Twitter recently admitted its algorithm promotes right-wing politicians and media outlets in numerous countries…
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28 Oct
This coup-supporting right-wing US propagandist -- who spreads constant fake news demonizing Nicaragua, its people, and their elected Sandinista govt -- is now spouting anti-vax disinfo against the *more effective* Russian and Cuban vaccines

Shills like him worship the US empire
Over a million Nicaraguans have gotten vaccinated, with no problems. But a few hundred (mostly wealthy right-wing opposition supporters) traveled to Honduras to get US vaccines because they listen to coup-supporting propagandists like this & worship the US
The major Western medical journal Lancet acknowledged Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is safe and 92% effective. It's also effective the Delta variant.

But the US and its puppets around the world keep spreading anti-vax propaganda to score geopolitical points…
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