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12 Apr
The biggest surprise of the night is in Peru, where presidential election exit polls show Pedro Castillo, who had been seventh in earlier polls, unexpectedly came in first place.

Castillo is an activist and organizer of a major strike, from an anti-imperialist socialist party
This is the leader of the party whose candidate Pedro Castillo came in first in Peru's election tonight: "Perú Libre is a party of the socialist left, in a neoliberal ocean," which is attacked "not only by the right but also by the revisionist pseudo-left"
The Perú Libre party of Peru's first-place presidential candidate Pedro Castillo is firmly anti-imperialist.

It has condemned the US coup attempts against Venezuela, pointing out that the Chavista government of President Maduro was democratically elected…
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9 Apr
The existence of Prince Philip was the most compelling evidence that the parasitic colonialists in the British royal family really are lizard people
Regular reminder that the British royal family is full of Nazi sympathizers who praised Hitler and Mussolini as allies against communism, and the sooner the monarchy is abolished the better for humanity
The UK monarchy is led by a monster who was raised to Nazi salute as a child.

The Third Reich and the British empire had a lot in common. The genocidal crimes the UK committed against its colonial subjects abroad is what Hitler did to people within Europe…
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8 Apr
Basically all English-language media reports on the death toll in Myanmar are based on unverifiable claims by a pro-Western opposition group, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), which is supported by the US govt's NED, a CIA cutout…
There are a lot of parallels between Syria and Myanmar. For years, Western media reporting on Syria has also reported death tolls by uncritically regurgitating unverifiable statistics from a UK govt-funded, UK-based opposition group called the SOHR…
Nothing to see here, it's extremely normal for "peaceful pro-democracy protesters" to attack and burn down Chinese factories

(This AP article is also careful to note that Taiwanese and South Korean factories in Myanmar have not been purposefully targeted)…
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8 Apr
The US regime-change network has kicked into high gear targeting Myanmar. And Silicon Valley social media corporations are functionally an arm of the US government, pushing regime-change propaganda on its behalf.

This is yet another battle in Washington's new cold war on China
There is obviously an astro-turfed regime-change campaign targeting Myanmar. A bunch of US-based troll accounts created in February 2021 spread nonstop propaganda calling to "implement R2P," demanding Western intervention under the imperialist "Responsibility to Protect" doctrine
A ton of these "Save Myanmar" troll accounts were created in February 2021, and they are amplifying US government propaganda from Radio Free Asia (a CIA cutout) while calling nonstop to "implement R2P" - just like the imperialist interventions targeting Yugoslavia, Libya, & Syria
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6 Apr
The Western left's favorite "anarchists," the Kurdish-majority SDF/YPG, who were fetishized in media (and are helping the US occupy 1/3rd of Syria), are being trained to call in US airstrikes.

It's the first case of non-state actors getting this training…
While Western "leftists" like DSA's so-called "Libertarian Socialist" Caucus @DSA_LSC lavish praise on the SDF/YPG, the Air Force Times proudly refers to them as "US proxies," as they help the US empire militarily occupy Syria's oil/wheat-rich territory
This Air Force article on the US military training the SDF/YPG to call in airstrikes repeatedly cites this neoconservative operative who called for the US empire to use its Kurdish proxies to starve Syria's civilian population, boasting "wheat is a weapon"…
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29 Mar
This interview with @RaniaKhalek is excellent: @EHSANI221 explains how Western imperialism will prop up entire economies like Lebanon's, which was built on a huge bubble that was basically just a Ponzi scheme, in order to advance its geopolitical interests…
The financial implosion in Lebanon shows how economics is mostly politics and only a small part science.

Lebanon's economy was built on a huge Ponzi scheme kept afloat by periodic infusions of capital by Western states and Gulf monarchies, in order to keep Hezbollah out of gov't
Lebanon shows how neoliberal economics is predicated on imperialism.

Its private banks were giving loans to the central bank (in dollars!), and Western financial institutions praised the con artist who oversaw the scam as brilliant, because he served their geopolitical interests
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28 Mar
This should be a huge scandal: A Western govt-funded regime-change org that collaborated with Syrian al-Qaeda, @CIJAonline, was accused by the EU of fraud.

So CIJA ran a dishonest sting op on a UK academic to discredit critics and cover up its corruption…
.@CIJAonline was given tens of millions by the EU, UK, US, Germany, Canada, etc. to wage regime-change lawfare against Syria.

But the European Anti-Fraud Office investigated and found major corruption

So CIJA's pro-war friends in the media covered it up:…
The man who runs @CIJAonline, William Wiley, directs another Western govt contractor called Tsamota, which is named in the Panama Papers

He cashes in on conflicts that advance Western foreign policy interests, advising Canadian mining companies in Africa:…
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26 Mar
In a historic blow to US neocolonialism in Latin America, Bolivia's socialist President Arce just visited Mexico's progressive President AMLO, and they signed a declaration challenging coup-plotting US proxy the OAS for meddling in their internal affairs…
During his historic visit to Mexico, Bolivia's socialist President Arce joined AMLO in celebrating the Day of the Victory of Chakán Putum—when the region's Maya resistance defeated Spanish colonial invaders in 1517

A clear message to neocolonialists today…
The US gov't created the Organization of American States (OAS) as a coalition of reactionary anti-communist regimes at the beginning of the first cold war.

USAID boasts that the OAS "promotes US political and economic interests in the Western Hemisphere"…
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24 Mar
Nicaragua has an election in November and concerns are growing the US may try to impose a fake "interim president" like Juan Guaidó

The US State Dep't special envoy and right-wing Central American leaders recently referred to opposition oligarch Cristiana Chamorro as "president"
At an event with right-wing Central American leaders, hosted by a US govt-funded DC think tank, the Biden State Dept's special envoy Ricardo Zúñiga called Nicaragua's opposition oligarch @ChamorroCris "president" - before others replied "Not yet! Hold on!"…
Nicaragua's opposition oligarch Cristiana Chamorro, the daughter of a right-wing ex-president, is from the country's most powerful dynasty. The US gov't funds her "NGO" with millions of dollars.

CNN propaganda is already claiming she will "save Nicaragua"…
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19 Mar
Today is the 10th anniversary of NATO's war on Libya.

On March 19, 2011, the US-led imperialist military cartel began bombing what had been the most prosperous country in Africa.

Today Libya still has no central gov't. But NATO did bring it slave markets…
When US-backed Salafi-jihadist fascists murdered Libya's leader Qadhafi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gleefully replied, not at all like a sociopath: "We came, we saw, he died!"

Those NATO-sponsored extremist "rebels" then ethnically cleansed and enslaved Black Libyans
Of course the obedient Western corporate media that 10 years ago helped sell the NATO imperialist war on Libya, spreading blatant lies and propaganda, later erased the role of the US/Britain/France in destroying the country and supporting fascist "rebels"…
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12 Mar
Ian Bremmer is an "intellectual" fraud whose life mission is to defend imperialism. He has helped sell many regime-change ops, and his firm advises colonial Western govts

Of course he opposes Global South nations uniting in solidarity against US global dictatorship. He's obscene
Never forget that professional imperialist propagandist @IanBremmer spread lies and cheered on the US-backed fascist military coup that overthrew Bolivia's elected, socialist, Indigenous-led government and installed a murderous racist authoritarian regime
This group was created to defend international law and oppose unilateral, murderous US sanctions and military aggressions, which are criminal.

But arrogant, racist imperialist apparatchiks like this get paid handsomely to defend the US global dictatorship
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25 Feb
I can't respond because Sana Saeed blocked me for exposing the US/Saudi/Turkish/Qatari/Israeli dirty war on Syria, but Qatar-funded Al Jazeera Arabic was always very right-wing

AJ English/AJ+ were just created to push imperial regime-change propaganda with a liberal IDpol veneer
Al Jazeera Arabic is basically a far-right propaganda network, funded and controlled by the Qatari monarchy

Its star hosts have repeatedly called for ethnically cleansing Shia from Syria, while whitewashing Salafi-jihadist fascists…
Al Jazeera Arabic celebrity host Faisal al-Qassim @KasimF has also, in addition to calling for ethnic cleansing of Syrian Shia Muslims, whitewashed ISIS and other Salafi-jihadist fascists, while praising Israeli colonialism

AJ has always been right-wing…
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25 Feb
Far-right extremists are gradually taking over Italy's government: This fascist who liked a Facebook post calling to put migrants in ovens was appointed Undersecretary of Defense.

She's a member of the far-right Lega party and friend of its leader Salvini…
Italy's neo-fascist politician Stefania Pucciarelli, of the far-right Lega party, liked a Facebook comment calling for migrants to be put in ovens

First she was appointed chair of the Senate’s "Human Rights Commission." Now she's Undersecretary of Defense…
Like many far-right parties in Europe, Italy's Lega party and its extremist leader Salvini wholeheartedly embraced Western imperialism.

He loves apartheid Israel, hates Iran, scapegoats China for everything, & supports the US-led coup attempt in Venezuela
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23 Feb
Spain's neo-fascist Vox party, which supports former dictator Francisco Franco (an ally of Hitler), is meddling in Venezuela.

Vox was involved with Bolivia's US-backed fascist coup regime. Its leaders met with Juan Guaidó.

Vox's mission is to revive the genocidal Spanish empire
Vox's neo-fascist Vox party has been very active in Latin America, collaborating with far-right oligarchic forces in Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.

Vox claims Latin America is part of the "Iberosphere" and wants the Spanish Empire to come back and rule it again…
A group of neo-Nazis in Spain held a demonstration last week honoring the Blue Division, a brigade of fascists from Francoist Spain who joined Nazi Germany's army during WWII.

Vox's neo-fascist party defended the rally, saying it was "very legitimate"…
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22 Feb
.@TheSocProgram explains how, according to a growing body of scientific evidence, Covid-19 likely did not originate in China. Rather, China first discovered it, but it was circulating in W. Europe & USA earlier.

China "fell on the epidemiological grenade"…
Spanish scientists found traces of Covid-19 in a sample of Barcelona waste water collected in March 2019, nine months before the novel coronavirus was first identified in China…
Italian scientists found that Covid-19 was circulating in Italy since September 2019, before it was first reported in China in December…
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21 Feb
On this day in 1934, Nicaraguan anti-imperialist leader Augusto Sandino was murdered by US-backed dictator General Somoza, who violated a peace treaty.

Sandino built a guerrilla army and expelled US colonial occupiers. His legacy has inspired many generations of revolutionaries
Nicaraguan revolutionary leader Sandino was also an internationalist who, in addition to expelling US military occupiers, called for all Latin America to unite against US colonialism

His Army to Defend National Sovereignty (symbol below) included antiimperialists from the region
The US empire's terrorist war on Nicaragua's elected Sandinista government -- from the Contras to a bloody 2018 coup attempt and aggressive sanctions today -- is a continuation of Washington's attempt to re-colonize Latin America and undo Sandino's legacy.…
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21 Feb
An ex undercover police officer admitted the FBI and NYPD helped assassinate revolutionary Malcolm X.

The US gov't not only surveiled & blackmailed civil rights leaders & socialists in COINTELPRO; it straight up executed some, like Fred Hampton & Malcolm…
A civil court case in 1999 also found that US police agencies were involved in assassinating Martin Luther King Jr.

Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, and MLK were all murdered by the US government. We have strong evidence now; it's an undeniable fact…
The sooner people realize that the US government is not a "democracy," but rather an authoritarian capitalist regime that murders anyone that truly, fundamentally challenges its power (and especially its empire), the better.

They don't just do it abroad; they do it at home too
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14 Feb
The US/OAS is overseeing two coups right now, in Ecuador and Haiti, at the same time.

Unfortunately most of the US "left" is silent, yet alone trying to organize actions to meaningfully challenge imperialism.

The Professional Media Left is too busy still heroizing Pope Bernie
All most socialists around the world want of the US left is to organize to challenge imperialism, to at least try to stop the constant wars, coups, and regime-change ops run by their government.

But most of the US "left" doesn't even bother. If you do, they call you a "tankie"
Serious question: DSA constantly boasts of being the largest socialist org in the US. Cool. But what is it doing in moments like now, when the US is overseeing a coup in Ecuador to try to steal the election from a democratic socialist, and backing a neoliberal dictator in Haiti?
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13 Feb
I cannot stress this enough: What we are seeing in Ecuador is an attempt to steal an election from a popular leftist candidate.

The US, OAS and Colombia are meddling in Ecuador's internal affairs.

And the electoral body is conspiring with the 2nd/3rd place neoliberal candidates
What Ecuador's National Electoral Council (CNE) has done, holding a private meeting with the 2nd & 3rd place candidates, who used the platform to call to "defeat Correismo," & helping them do a recount of votes overseen by the coup-sponsoring OAS -- all of this is already illegal
Ecuadorian legal experts are stressing this is illegal.

This professor of constitutional law says US-backed candidate Yaku Pérez forcing a recount in Ecuador "passed from being a possibly legitimate claim or doubt to a temper tantrum without legal basis"
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12 Feb
Insane example of how the ultra-left often allies with the right-wing and US imperialism: The (Maoist, anti-Soviet) Communist Party Marxist-Leninist of Ecuador is campaigning for US-backed coup-supporting NGO candidate Yaku Pérez.

They supported banker Lasso in the last election
Ultra-leftism is just as bad for left-wing politics as right deviationism.

The so-called "anti-revisionist" Communist Party Marxist-Leninist of Ecuador hated the socialist Correista movement so much, in 2017 they endorsed right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso…
The cherry on top showing how insane ultra-left politics is: This is a leader of the front group of the (Maoist/Hoxhaite) Communist Party Marxist-Leninist of Ecuador meeting with US coup puppet Guaidó!

They're so anti-Venezuela they're pro-US imperialism
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10 Feb
Here comes a US-backed neoliberal alliance to defeat Ecuador's popular socialist Correista movement.

Neoliberal presidential candidate Xavier Hervas proposed an anti-Correista coalition with right-wing banker Guillermo Lasso and fake "leftist" Yaku Pérez.

Lasso supports it
Ecuador's oligarchs and the US empire are so afraid of the socialist Correista movement coming back, they are trying to unite all opposition candidates in a big neoliberal alliance.

Mexico's neoliberal parties did the same to try to stop President AMLO…
Capitalist elites and neoliberal parties are so discredited in Latin America, the only way they can beat leftists in elections is unite all together

Mexico's major neoliberal parties (PAN, PRI & PRD) formed an alliance, Va por México, to try to overthrow AMLO

Now in Ecuador too
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