Watching the Kyle Rittenhouse interview with @TVAshleigh. He is exceptionally well coached. Striking that he expresses no emotions about killing 2 men & injuring a 3rd. He has a set answer he repeats. His only nightmares per this interview, are about the dead men "attacking" him.
Banfield keeps coming back and gently but firmly trying to elicit some sort of regret from him about killing two people, but he gives her nothing. Maybe it's because of potential civil litigation against him by the families of the dead, but it's striking.…
If you know anyone who's been in combat, you know that taking a life leaves a person with profound and deep regret, even if they believe they had to do it. Yet Banfield also strikes out when she asks if Rittenhouse has any feelings of empathy for the families of the dead men.
Rittenhouse does tell Banfield that if he had it to do it over again, he wouldn't have gone to Kenosha; in his telling, because of what happened to HIM there. I suspect that is the right answer to give, if one day you may have to face the dead men's families in court.
Banfield also asks Rittenhouse about Donald Trump, who promoted the shooting as an act of heroism. And Trump this week revealed that Rittenhouse visited him at Mar-a-Lago after the trial and referred to him as a "Trump fan" who with his mom asked to visit.…
Rittenhouse also talks about firing his initial lawyers, Lin Wood and John Pierce, calling Wood "insane," citing "Q-anon stuff," saying they tried to take back the $2 million they raised for him just as the case ended and revealing it was Pierce who set up the Proud Boyz meetup.
He also says he didn't know who the Proud Boyz were when he went to the bar (he was still 17 at the time but it's legal in Wisconsin for 17-year-olds to be in a bar if they're with a parent or guardian...and his mom took him...) and says he didn't know what the 👌symbol meant.
Here is the full interview.
One other notable thing: in the interview, Rittenhouse refers to his supporters as “fans” and deftly touts his fundraising page. He says he doesn’t want to be a cause but seems quite comfortable in the role. He had O.J. Simpson’s jury consultant and looks like media training too.
He also claims he thinks a Black person in his position would have achieved the same legal outcome and resources. Banfield pushes back on that, but he stays on message: that the entire case was merely about the right of self-defense, with no larger implications or meaning.

• • •

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24 Nov
Travis McMichael has been found guilty on all counts in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. All counts, down the line.
Greg McMichael guilty on all but one count.
William Roddy Bryan not guilty on two murder and one assault counts, but guilty on everything else.
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17 Nov
People seem shocked, given how craven they have been in bowing before the likes of Donald Trump, how eagerly they have embraced misogyny, bounty hunting women, book banning, anti-immigrant hysteria, anti-Blackness and even fascism, that Republicans remain so politically viable.
The idea that so many people would ignore all of that, and even shrug off the potential end of democracy and its replacement with fascism and autocracy simply because they are annoyed by late Amazon deliveries or sick of wearing masks or angry about price hikes seems off to some.
It shouldn’t. The truth is, Democrats are almost always at a disadvantage because they are the party of government, while Republicans are the party of messaging and memes and feelings. They don’t really DO government; they do tax cuts for the rich and complain about government.
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17 Nov
This is why the late Derrick Bell, ⁦@sandylocks⁩ and other Black legal scholars created the REAL critical race theory: because the criminal “justice” system in America has never been blind to race. Indeed, quite the opposite.…
These men were robbed of their lives, not by accident: but rather, on purpose.
And this sacred system of ours, also failed to protect the life of Malcolm X.
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3 Nov
Dunno who needs to hear this but McAuliffe’s problem wasn’t that Dems didn’t pass Manchin-Sinema’s infrastructure bill. Had that passed, the people who would disproportionately benefit: white guys who work construction & owners of big contract firms, would still vote 65/35 GOP.
It’s the OTHER bill — the one they nuked parental leave, college debt repayment and a major climate provision out of — that actually would help the people who mainly vote for Democrats: minority, young and single women, working class POC, white collegians… you know: their base.
McAulliffe’s problem was that A) the overall mood narrative is bad for Dems & Biden, and B) Youngkin, like the Republican he is, filled the vacuum with inchoate fear of threats to the cherished historical narrative of a glorious history of unbroken white Christian great/goodness.
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30 Oct
A thread. The "activist parents" fighting the bogeyman they have named "critical race theory" object to the teaching of history that paints anyone white in a negative light. They demand a version of U.S. history that uplifts white historical figures as both innocent and heroic.
They claim that they must have this because it's the only way to salvage the self-esteem of white children, whose spirits would be utterly broken were they to discover that there were mean white people in America's history. This isn't much of a vote of confidence in their kids...
So how do these supposedly grassroots "activists," allegedly completely unsullied by astroturf political organizations posing as intellectual outfits like the Claremont Institute, propose to teach slavery or the civil war, presuming they want them taught in public schools at all?
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29 Oct
.@CoriBush w/ a crucial point tonight: w/o BBB, the infrastructure bill crafted by an all-white group of Republicans & Democrats leaves behind the Black, brown, indigenous and AAPI voters, especially women, who put Biden and that Senate majority in power.…
It's pretty simple: picture the side of a road where the work crews are, or the big infrastructure jobs in your community. Who gets those huge, lucrative contracts & jobs? Now ask yourself: who largely does elder care, works in daycares and gets hit hardest by the climate crisis?
Here's a hint: the latter are overwhelmingly women...…
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