Can't shake from my mind just how unlikely this #McMichaelBryanTrial #AhmaudArbery verdict was:

• Original DA shielded the suspects from arrest (showing them "affection and favor") and obstructed police. She has been indicted for the coverup.
• Case was handed over to a second DA, who 1) wrote a letter to police arguing that there was insufficient probable cause to arrest suspects, 2) then recused himself, 3) but only after Arbery's mom highlighted a conflict of interest involving his son.
• The case turned only after cellphone video went viral and gained nat'l attention. The video was 1) recorded by one of the now convicted murderers, not a bystander, and 2) leaked by a local lawyer with support of the suspects, who may have expected the video to exonerate them.
• Suspects were finally arrested 74 and 88 days after the shooting, and only after the intervention of the Georgia Attorney General, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI.

Even so, justice prevailed.
Forgot one:

• A jury panel consisting of one Black juror and 11 White jurors was selected—this in a county that’s 26% black. Even the judge remarked that “there appears to be intentional discrimination” in the jury selection process, but allowed the case to go forward.
Even so, justice prevailed. But just barely.

• • •

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23 Nov
1. Although we are not the major characters in this plot, I want to offer some brief thoughts in response to @JonathanLeeman's recent article, which cites my/Greg's work as a noteworthy example ("to a T") of the so-called deconstruction project's discursive script.
2. Notably, we are set in close proximity to deconstructionist "wolves," or wolves-in-denial who "never think they are wolves," or prospective wolves who "soon discover their sitting on the very [confessional] branch the project is trying to saw through." Well, alright then.
3. Foremost, it strikes me as odd that Leeman identifies us as proponents of a project that "doesn't begin with exegesis but with exegeting the exegete" when the beginning of our public engagement was a book we wrote that broadly surveys 300+ years of exegesis/ethical reflection.
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14 Oct
1. The “third way of the gospel” has been used as a rubric for public life. Its main point is to stress that Christ's kingdom (upper register) reveals a politics “from above” (Jn 18:36). The gospel transcends human political categories (and false binaries)—and critiques them all.
2. However, this “third way” is often presented with a rhetorical “balance” (e.g., “the gospel is neither...nor...”) that implies that kingdom faithfulness necessarily entails political-cultural centrism and an equitable critique of each side.
3. But the gospel doesn't critique each side in symmetrical fashion on every issue. At times the best public expression of a particular kingdom principle or priority may be found on one end of the spectrum. The still transcendent gospel might make us “lean left” on one issue...
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23 Jul
To all who repeatedly cite Ezekiel 18:20 as if it were the scriptural deathblow to all things reparations:

Stop it. 😉

A Christian account of reparations isn't grounded in the imputation of a predecessor's personal guilt to an innocent party.
Rather, it is grounded, in part, in an old Christian ethical tradition that reads Numbers 5:8 as requiring stolen goods to be returned to descendants of the originally injured party, i.e., heirs whose rightful possession those good would have been had they not been stolen.
See, e.g., Aquinas (1456), Robert Some (1562), John Wemyss (1632), William Fenner (1648), Watson (1668), Baxter (1673), Ezekiel Hopkins (1692), William Beveridge (1711), Randolph Ford (1711), White Kennett (1719), Thomas Boston (1773), Thomas Ridgley (1814), William Plumer (1864)
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21 Jul
1/ I’d like to offer a some responses to several of the questions raised by Rev. DeYoung in his review. Some critics are suggesting that we focused on methodological concerns in our essay b/c we—intimidated by his arguments—had no substantive response. We predicted this reaction:
2/ Again, this is false. As explained, we regularly engage these questions & study them; they warrant sustained reflection. But we also believe DeYoung's methodology shapes/distorts many of his questions. This is why we sought to expose and critique his method first and foremost.
3/ What follows, then, are brief and provisional responses to some of DeYoung’s critical assessments. Importantly, they are offered against the backdrop of our previous essay. We continue to reflect on these questions & others, and invite you to do the same with curiosity & hope.
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20 Jul
This essay is intended to be more than a response to one review. It’s also not just an essay about reparations. It is also an attempt to address one important reason why the Reformed and evangelical tradition(s) has repeatedly, across centuries,…
found itself in collusion with the worst embodiments of white supremacy in America even while presuming its orthodoxy at each juncture. The answer, we believe, is found in its methodology—its culturally captive mode of theological reasoning/application—…
and the implicit theology it engenders. It is one that centers white cultural concern, performs the basic impulses of white supremacy. It masquerades as sound—and mere—theological reflection.…
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18 Jul
Deep basketball thoughts:

• Booker is very good at basketball

• Giannis is not good at free throws

• The Suns like playing at home

• The Bucks need to score more points, and stop the Suns from scoring so much, if they want to win
• When your team starts a game making all of their shots, eventually they will regress to the mean
• When a player misses all his free throws, eventually he will regress to the mean
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