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🧵Racial minorities are 40% of the US population but only 5% of jurors.

For @Stanford CS109, I built an interactive site that explores the probabilities of jury selection and race.

👇 more info Image
@Stanford 1/n

In the #AhmaudArbery trial, only 1 in 12 jurors was Black, even though the local population is 27% Black.

The defendants struck out 11/12 jurors.

In another case, a jury pool of 105 people in Stockton, CA had 0 Black people.

The website teaches probability in the context……
You'll learn about Bayes Theorem, Hypergeometric and Binomial Theorems, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, and the Chi-Squared test.

It's fully interactive with Python code showing how things are calculated.
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NEW: Family of AJ Stewart Speak on Patterns of White Supremacy that led to his Killing Over a Parking Spot 🧵

With Brian Kjellberg's murder trial slated for March 27, Stewart's cousin is speaking out about the racial dynamics of the 2021 St. Paul murder:…… defense attorney Earl Gray, murder defendant Brian Kjellberg
Unicorn Riot recently sat down with the Poet Laureate of San Francisco & cousin of AJ Stewart, @_Tongogara_ (Tongo Eisen-Martin) for an exclusive interview about the racial politics of Stewart’s murder, Brian Kjellberg’s upcoming trial in MN & more.…
“I think it begins with this white guy sharpening a metal pipe into a shank, wrapping it with a black tape handle & ideating about murdering someone Black,” @_Tongogara_ said of Brian Kjellberg, a white military veteran who killed his unarmed cousin AJ Stewart in Dec. 2021.
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A Black man in Georgia was sentenced to 10 years for fatally shooting a 17-year-old after he says he was almost run off road by white teens in a truck yelling racial slurs.

Marc Wilson, 23, claimed self-defense under "stand your ground" laws but was given the maximum sentence. Image
28 states have "stand your ground" laws, which justify use of deadly force as self-defense.

They are used unequally:
▪️ White shooters 12x more likely ruled justified for killing Black people than the reverse
▪️ White shooters 281% more likely ruled justified if victim is Black Image
Researchers say "stand your ground" laws are rooted in racism and used to justify white violence against Black people.

Such laws got national attention after George Zimmerman claimed self-defense after killing #TrayvonMartin, and were used to defend of #AhmaudArbery's murderers. ImageImage
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Let me take you on a trip through justice land

Police initially investigated #AhmaudArbery's death as a burglary/self defense case

The 1st Prosecutor failed to charge the men who killed Arbery

Video was later released. Public outcry erupted

So Georgia's AG stepped in (1/4)
The AG appoint another prosecutor

That prosecutor had to recuse himself

Allegedly he'd initially said he didn't see any grounds to arrest those "involved in Mr. Arbery’s death"

So a prosecutor from another county got the case
within weeks the video was made public 2/4
He called the GBI

Eventually a prosecutors from another part of the state took over

The case ended in a jury resoundingly convicting all three of Murder. BUT...

The case was not over.
Federal investigators said the men had violated #AhmadArbery’s Civil rights…
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BREAKING: The 3 white men who murdered #AhmaudArbery were found guilty of federal hate crimes.

Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William Bryan, already serving life in prison for murder, face additional life sentences. ImageImageImage
Wednesday marks 2 years since #AhmaudArbery was chased and murdered by 3 white men.

Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael and William Bryan avoided charges for almost 2 months after local DAs allegedly told police not to arrest them. They are now serving life in prison for murder. Image
The men who murdered #AhmaudArbery, found guilty of federal hate crimes, had pleaded not guilty to charges.

They initially planned to plead guilty in a plea deal that would have averted a trial, and which Arbery's mother said was designed "to make their time in prison easier." ImageImageImage
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Ahmaud Arbery | Prosecution recalls Maria Pagan the stand. Mid-morning break while waiting for the witness.
Judge tells jury "dont make up your mind, don't talk about the case".
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
Maria Pagan testified yesterday.
They do not know where Pagan is but she's been waiting since 8:30 am to testify.
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery #LiveUpdates
Ahmaud Arbery | Court resumed. 29 Oct 2020, Derek Thomas' Special Grand Jury Exhibit Testimony added as evidence without Objection. It is being read.
Audio is bad.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery #LiveUpdates
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The federal hate crimes trial of Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan will resume today.
Yesterday's court ended with the video testimony of Larry English, owner of the "house under construction" visited by #AhmaudArbery.
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news
English had motion triggered camera at the house,so he'd be alerted when someone was on the property. He'd sometimes call 911.
English testified that, it's common for people to look around buildings under construction.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
During one or #AhmaudArbery visit, English did call 911. He also called a neighbor. That was on 25 Oct 2019. English used the word "plundering" as in "looking around" not "stealing" he explained.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery #LiveUpdates
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Next witness (#6) in the federal hate crimes trial of #AhmaudArbery's killers: Derrick (sp?) Thomas, who first met Travis McMichael in school. He says they are good friends. @wsbradio
Thomas says Travis McMichael is a friend he'd also send funny videos to on social media, to get a laugh. Prosecutor asks him to read TM comment on some video (I can't see it), and Thomas asked if he's required by law to read it. #AhmaudArbery @wsbradio
@wsbradio Prosecutor told Thomas to spell what he's not comfy saying. It was the video of guy with firecrackers in nose, apparently--Travis McMichael commented "It would've been cooler if it blew that nigger's head off" and Thomas spells out the n-word #AhmaudArbery @wsbradio
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The trial resumes with the fifth witness on the stand. Amy Vaughn is a FBI Intelligence Analyst.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
Ahmaud Arbery | Prosecution goes through Vaughn's background (hate & terrorism crimes). Vaughn reviewed digital evidence of the murder case for Ahmaud Arbery. She reviewed the IG accounts of the defendants.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery #LiveUpdates
Ahmaud Arbery | Vaughn reviewed the Satila Shores homeowners Group's FB account as well as personal accounts.
July 2019,showed a post about a burglary on Holmes Rd, around 5am.
Travis McMichael commented "arm up".
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
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Good morning! The first witness today (#5) in the federal hate crimes trial of #AhmaudArbery's killers is FBI Intelligence Analyst Amy Vaughan. She testifies hate crimes and terrorism crimes share similar characteristics: motivation. @wsbradio
@wsbradio As the Gov't delved into Vaughan's deep background probing terrorism, there was an objection by the defense; Judge LG Wood told jurors the defendants aren't on trial for terrorism-specific charges. Vaughan's testified in 3 trials about digital evidence. #AhmaudArbery @wsbradio
Vaughan started supervising review of the digital evidence in the #AhmaudArbery case. She reviewed the Satilla Shores Homeowners Group as well as the personal FB accounts for all three men and Travis McMichael's Instagram account. #AhmaudArbery @wsbradio
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First witness after lunch in the federal hate crimes trial of #AhmaudArbery's murderers is GBI Asst. Special Agent in charge Richard Dial (pictured here in Nov. 2021). He was the GBI's lead investigator in the case. @wsbradio
@wsbradio ASAC Dial describes video showing #AhmaudArbery in khaki shorts and a white tee, walking into the house under construction. He was seen on motion-activated security cameras. He walked around; had nothing in his hands. House was just framed up; no walls or doors. @wsbradio
@wsbradio The jury is watching other neighborhood security videos that ASAC Dial identifies for them, which show #AhmaudArbery leaving the framed-up house and running down the street. When Arbery passed the McMichaels', Greg was working on boat cushions in the driveway. @wsbradio
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Good morning! Ready for Day One of testimony in the federal hate crimes trial of #AhmaudArbery’s convicted murderers Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan. The prosecution calls its first witness today. @wsbradio
@wsbradio The Gov't's first witness is a man who'd been living in Satilla Shores seven years at the time of the #AhmaudArbery's shooting, Daniel Allcott. Allcott and his wife heard "three loud bangs" on Feb. 23, 2020. He hustled his wife & baby inside then went outside. @wsbradio
@wsbradio Here are my notes about his testimony; I'll be updating my blog throughout the day. I'm listening remotely, and it has been difficult to hear a lot this morning. Things are better now with the 3rd witness up. #AhmaudArbery…
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Ahmaud Arbery Murder | Opening Statements started Monday Feb 14 in the hate crimes federal trial of Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael and William Bryan for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.
#STESSNews #news #NewsUpdates #BreakingNews #AhmaudArbery Image
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | The Jury consists of :

🟡 3 Black jurors, 8 whites & 1 Hispanic
🟡 4 alternates are white

Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery Sr. says pleased w/ jury.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | 15 Feb 2022 marks day 2 of the federal hate crimes trial for the 3 men convicted of the murder of #AhmaudArbery.
1st witness for the prosecution is set to be called at 9am.
30 to 40 witnesses are expected to take the stand.
#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news
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Ahmaud Arbery Murder | The three white men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia now face charges in federal court. Prosecutors say they killed Mr. Arbery because of his “race and color.”

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #NewsUpdates #AhmaudArbery
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | The prosecution’s opening statement outlined the defendants’ use of racial slurs. A federal prosecutor opened the hate crimes trial Monday by describing racist views that the 3 men had previously expressed, in some cases by using the coarsest of slurs.
Ahmaud Arbery Murder | “At the end of the day, the evidence in this case will prove that if Ahmaud Arbery had been white, he would have gone for a jog, checked out a house under construction and been home in time for Sunday supper.

#STESSNews #BreakingNews #news #AhmaudArbery
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AUSA Bobbi Bernstein begins Government's opening statement: I want to talk to you about what turned out to be the last day of #AhmaudArbery's life. He put on shorts, running shoes, ended up on the public streets Satilla Shores on the Brunswick riverfront. @wsbradio
@wsbradio Gov't: A few minutes after running past the McMichaels' driveway minding his business, #AhmaudArbery was lying facedown in the street, bleeding out from gunshot wounds and gasping his final breath. @wsbradio
Gov't: Much of what got us here is not in dispute; what's at issue is WHY. This does not require proof of hate; it requires proof that the defendants acted because of #AhmaudArbery's race. They made assumptions based on his color they wouldn't have made if he was white @wsbradio
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HAPPENING NOW: They've struck a jury of 16--12 jurors, four alternates--in the federal hate crimes case of #AhmaudArbery's killers. Lawyers now have a chance to make Batson challenges, if they want--argue whether they think the other side used race to oust a juror. @wsbradio
@wsbradio U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood is giving instructions to the newly-seated jury for Travis & Greg McMichael and Roddie Bryan: Eight white, three Black, one Hispanic. #AhmaudArbery @wsbradio
Judge Wood outlined the counts against the defendants. She's telling jurors now that after going to lunch, they will hear opening statements--a road map of what attorneys believe the evidence will be--then evidence begins. #AhmaudArbery @wsbradio
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Travis McMichael and Gregory McMichael, two men previously convicted of killing #AhmaudArbery, are appearing in federal court right now to plead guilty to hate crimes charges brought by DOJ. Arbery's family has come out publicly against the plea deal, calling it a betrayal.
Travis McMichael is pleading to count 1 from indictment, interference with rights -- prosecutor says parties have agreed court should impose a 30 year prison sentence + 5 year term of supervised release, to be served concurrent w/ life sentence out of state murder case.
As part of the plea deal, U.S. will request McMichael is transferred to Bureau of Prisons custody to serve his federal sentence before being transferred back to state custody. (This is what Arbery's family has objected to -- they call it a "huge accommodation" to the McMichaels.)
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A new week has started in Brunswick Georgia. The national media who watched the #ahmaudarbery murder trial have left. But a group of committed residents are still fighting for justice for all #abetterglynn #BLM #America @thecurrentga…
A tragedy occurred here on Feb. 23 2020 but for at least a decade, Black residents of Glynn County have faced implicit racism with police. They are demanding accountability and justice for all…
We at @thecurrentga are helping shine a light on the problems in Savannah, Brunswick and all of Coastal Georgia and sharing stories about people dedicated to solving those problems too. @ACLUGAWorkers @abetterglynn
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Can't shake from my mind just how unlikely this #McMichaelBryanTrial #AhmaudArbery verdict was:

• Original DA shielded the suspects from arrest (showing them "affection and favor") and obstructed police. She has been indicted for the coverup.
• Case was handed over to a second DA, who 1) wrote a letter to police arguing that there was insufficient probable cause to arrest suspects, 2) then recused himself, 3) but only after Arbery's mom highlighted a conflict of interest involving his son.
• The case turned only after cellphone video went viral and gained nat'l attention. The video was 1) recorded by one of the now convicted murderers, not a bystander, and 2) leaked by a local lawyer with support of the suspects, who may have expected the video to exonerate them.
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JUST IN: All three men involved in the killing of #AhmaudArbery found guilty of murder

Although his killers will face consequences for their lethal actions, ​​no verdict can undo the senseless murder of Ahmaud.

We still need major change.

While this verdict shows our legal system can work, Ahmaud Arbery’s murder reveals how America’s weak and racist gun laws create deadly failures — especially for Black Americans.

Let’s be clear: Arbery would still be alive today if he were white.…
As a nation, we must confront the deadly intersection of systemic racism and gun violence.

The jury rejecting the claim of self-defense is a start. But we cannot rest until our laws clearly protect all Americans from the threat of being shot as we go about our daily lives.
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All three men guilty of murder in the killing of #AhmaudArbery.

I will never believe that "justice" will be found in our criminal legal system, but I am happy Ahmaud's family can exhale a little more.

Be clear: The real justice is Ahmaud still being alive. Period.
Over the years, I’ve learned that courts are not designed to provide justice. The real justice is rooted in a dead body not being the catalyst to go to the court to decide our humanity the first place.
Though these moments do make me understand why Black people are excited, it also makes me wonder how many of these “victories” we’ll have to juxtapose with courts that won’t ever see us as equal.

The whole damn system continues to be guilty.
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BREAKING: Jury reaches verdict in trial of three men in killing of #AhmaudArbery.
BREAKING: Travis McMichael found GUILTY in #AhmaudArbery killing.

Count 1: Murder - Guilty.
Travis McMichael has been found GUILTY on all counts. #AhmaudArbery
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#BREAKING Jury Reaches Verdict For 3 Men Charged With Killing Ahmaud Arbery

That's awfully fast. I fear the White men who killed an unarmed Black man in Georgia will go free. That would be another win for vigilantism. And a devastating loss for the family & justice in America.
💥Travis McMichael: GUILTY of ALL COUNTS—Malice Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravating Assault etc.

Jury Finds Gregory McMichael: GUILTY of Murder in Killing of #AhmaudArbery
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No “string of robberies” in the neighborhood at all.

"No burglaries were reported in neighborhood where Ahmaud Arbery was killed, contradicting suspects’ claim: report".
"Fucking Ni@@er" is what he said before he shot #AhmaudArbery.

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