This @michelleinbklyn column explores whether some left-of-center Americans are less politically engaged bc they might see fascism as inevitable.

I think that could be true, but I'd say more think that w/Trump out of the WH, no effort is needed…
Neither perspective is the accurate one in my opinion. To borrow the phrase of Stephen Jay Gould, the USA is currently in a "hopeful monster" phrase of social evolution. Lots of positive things have happened in recent years (especially for LGBT people)...
The danger of this moment is that religious and market fundamentalists have begun radicalizing as they see their last chances at democratic power fading.

The only way out is determined leadership to go where the public wants, but in a way that is inclusive...
In so doing, Biden & other left-of-center leaders must understand that lots of people don't speak liberalese or trust non-Christian media.

Progressive media that's independent of Democratic politics will be helpful.

I'll be making more content on this topic in the weeks ahead.

• • •

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3 Nov
Hello and welcome new followers! Here's a thread w/some of my writing & shows about right-wing brainwashing.

The most critical aspect is the manipulation of religion. I know because I experienced it first-hand before breaking free:…
It all began in the 1960s when anti-New Deal reactionaries decided to use fundamentalist superstition/hatred as a leverage point to flip the "Solid South" to GOP.

The voters didn't want far-right economics, but it didn't matter bc of identity politics.…
GOP consultants learned long ago that the majority of Americans don't want to slash the govt.

But a large enough minority are so full of rage about desegregation/secularism/feminism/LGBT that as long as they kept the focus on those subjects, GOP could win
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3 Nov
If Terry McAuliffe goes down in #VAgov election tonight, it shows:

🟧 Trump weakens the GOP. In 2020, Trump lost VA by 10 points. Youngkin publicly (though not privately) avoided Trump.
🟧 Corporate centrism is a loser for Dems, esp w/a GOPer who brands as non-Trumpy
One of the big things to keep an eye on will be turnout in #VAGovernor race. It may come down to a base vs. base race. GOP "critical race" obsession was about firing up its reactionary voters while puzzling everyone else. But McAuliffe played into that w/parent education comment.
We'll see what the final totals are, but here are some stats on the two-party VA topline votes:
2013 (D gov win): 2.08 million
2016 (D prez win): 3.75 million
2017 (D gov win): 2.58 million
2020 (D prez win): 4.38 million
2021 (?): 3.16 million (estimate)
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2 Nov
1/x: It's uncomfortable to contemplate, but it's a reality that Western white nationalists and Islamic jihadists are starting to come together.

I talked about how and what it means w/@MoustafaAyad on @TheoryChange…
Terrorist propagandists aligned with the Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda and other groups have wholesale adopted Christian radical memes. They have hundreds of them now, mixing white nationalist iconography with jihadist slogans and people.
This emerging trend is a mirror of what happened in the West when Christian supremacist groups began coming together in the 1970s, but especially in the 2000s, putting aside sectarian grievances in pursuit of the larger goal of eradicating religious freedom for everyone else.
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28 Oct
Charlie Kirk's audience member who asked "when do we get to use the guns" is the natural consequence of GOP elites' violent rhetoric.

A thread about @MatthewBoedy's latest essay for @DiscoverFlux:…
Here's the video in case you haven't seen it yet:
The fact that Charlie Kirk, the leader of a Christian nationalist youth group, would be asked about when the time would come for right-wingers to begin killing people has been linked to Trump's sore-loser lies about 2020.

Unfortunately, this tradition of violence is much older.
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26 Oct
Biden talking about how Fox News's vaccine/testing requirements parallel his own policies is drastically undermining the credibility of FNC.

Biden, @PressSec, & her entire team should focus on this point on a 𝗱𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝘀𝗶𝘀 for this reason.…
Why should Biden press Fox's callous hypocrisy daily? Because right wing politics has become inverted.

Democrats' real opposition is the right wing media, not Republican politicians.

GOP voters hate their elected officials, so attacking them does nothing for Dems.
Reactionaries have created so many media outlets that they fully insulate almost all GOP voters from reality.

The system is protected further because the media outlets don't have to make policy. So they have no accountability for their lies and dumb ideas.

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26 Oct
The Claremont Institute, employer of John Eastman, is trying to claim it's not a radical organization.

At the same time, one of its Lincoln Fellows recently appeared on a white supremacist podcast where he said he hoped to learn from "terror groups."…
The show, as @EyesOnTheRight reported, is hosted by one of the organizers of the "Unite the Right" fascist rally of 2017.

Claremont also has hosted a full-length podcast interview on replacing American democracy with monarchism, as @DamonLinker revealed…
Initially, Claremont was a relatively mild-mannered right wing group. It was always big on the "God made muh constitution" myth though, which led to much worse things.

The spiral downward began with nonsense about "multiculturalism" as @jaredlholt noted…
Read 8 tweets

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