DT was the ideal pick for the oligarchs in 2016. Imminently popular from his TV show as a straight talking business tycoon, and a willingness to do anything crooked for money and fame, he was selected and then financed by massive Dark Money super-Pacs.
Others had no chance then.
He had privately agreed to accept the Federalist Society's SC judge picks. That cinched it. If they controlled the SC, they wouldn't need Congress anymore.
They then sabotaged Clinton by tricking Comey to reopen his investigation 11 days before the election.
That did it.
Once in office, he delivered on everything the oligarchs wanted. Massive tax breaks, slashing regulations, opening up mining on public lands, destroying Obama era gains, ramming thru Supreme Court Justices, ripping up trade treaties and arms treaties, pumping up arms sales and
much more.
NOBODY else would have been as reckless, blindly following the Council for National Policy game plan funded by Koch and others. It was critical to keep him in office, so he was kept out of trouble by bringing in Bill Barr to stab the Russia Report in the heart,
concealing the worst of it (to this day) from the public. Barr protected him in the first impeachment, stonewalling everything in the courts, even attempting to discredit the entire report as corrupt.
But Barr had his limits, and saw what was unfolding after the election, so he resigned, washing his hands of the Big Lie and the coming Insurrection. By then, the plans for J6th were in high gear. Even after that outrageous power grab, DT was protected from a second impeachment.
They wanted him to be able to run again in 2024, and the impeachment would have prevented him from holding office again.
They won, by legal trickery.
Now they are stonewalling the J6th Cmte, funding the defense of all the key players, keeping them silent.
If they delay till the mid-terms, they figure to take back the House or Senate and kill all investigations in to the insurrection. Saving DT as their ultimate corrupt puppet, letting him think he is so important.
If DT is jailed, they will gin up another equally corrupt puppet,
like DeSantis, and use the state laws they have pushed thru to control election results by feigning election fraud. The stage is set.
They have @Sen_JoeManchin standing in the way of voter protections using the badge of bipartisanship. And they are tearing down Roe v. Wade while
@SenatorSinema refuses to push thru the WHPA, insisting on the 60 vote threshold that WILL NEVER HAPPEN in an anti-abortion GOP. She will insist it is not her fault, since she is a strong women's advocate and supports the bill.
So the oligarchs are all set. Take the Congress back in 22. Have partisan control of election boards in half the states, overturn Roe v. Wade in the courts, attack gay rights gains, whittle away at public school funding, put prayer back in schools, ban and burn books, and
reverse social spending programs put in place by Biden.

This is why it is so critical that FTVA and John Lewis voting acts bypass the 60 vote filibuster. That sits squarely on the shoulders of Manchin and Sinema. It will be 100% their fault if the radical right regains power.
People much smarter than me are saying the same thing. Pass the voting bills or kiss democracy goodbye - hello oligarchy.
Call, email, tweet and protest Manchin and Sinema demanding they relent on the filibuster. They are THE problem right now. @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats
In the mean time, DT can be quickly sidelined by using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to prevent him from holding office again for supporting an insurrection.
@threadreaderapp pls compile

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DT has made tens of millions from just being the President. Even after leaving, still hundreds of thousands. Why should we pay for rooms and golf carts at his resorts? opensecrets.org/trump/trump-pr…
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Watch THE COMEY RULE on Netflix.
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DT could not have done this alone.
By all reason, he should not have won the GOP nomination in 2016.
He was chosen by very powerful people who saw him as a tool to advance their causes. Saudi Arabia, Putin, Egypt, UAE, the Federalist Society, the Council for National Policy, Koch
related petroleum interests, Netanyahu and others.
Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, Kushner and Ailes got him elected by nefarious foreign associations and a massive disinformation campaign against Clinton. They invented Q and hawked absurd stories of cannibals and pedophiles.
They forced the hand of Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation by hinting at FBI corruption. Prince, Giuliani, Bannon, Junior, diGenova, Toensing, Parnas, Fruman manufactured fake stories to make Clinton look totally corrupted. They shared polling data with Russians to
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DT was certain he would win.
-He told us on Election Day that he would be taking the election to the Supreme Court, where he had appointed three judges.
-he had an army of lawyers blitzing the lower courts with thousands false claims.
-he hammered away at elections officials
in multiple states to do recounts or send alternate slates of EC electors
-he flew elections officials to DC to browbeat them
-he demanded governors throw out results
-he stirred up anger at STOP THE STEAL rallies
-he hatched a legal script to send the election back to the states
-he blitzed RW media with outrageous claims of fraud
-he browbeat and coerced Pence to decertify the EC ballots.
-and then summoned, assembled, incited and let loose an angry mob on the Capitol.
-then he watched, delighted, as it was overrun and Congress evacuated.
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In A HANDMAID'S TALE, the slide into paternal Biblical autocracy was in small steps. Just like in Texas.
Then America split in two, creating Gilead, where women were stripped of power altogether, and severely punished for resisting.
23 states stand at the ready to join Texas in banning abortion without exception, restrict the telling of true history in America, stripping away gay and trans rights, and forcing Christian laws and prayer into the schools.
Those same states are passing laws to overturn the popular vote, to install lawmakers that conform to their Biblical expectations. That will happen in 2022 if Federal protections are not put in place.
Hence the immediacy of carving out the filibuster
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Nothing but lies, directly to American people, the day after the Capitol Insurrection. rev.com/blog/transcrip… Image
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