So anyways, the story goes that EVOGA was in development for Rage of the Dragons. They were dealing with SNK through Brezzasoft because SNK was going through some financial hardships at the time so a lot of SNK staff moved to Brezzasoft in preparation.
While on a trip to Japan to talk about the business side of licensing and releasing a game on Neo Geo, EVOGA gets to talking about how much they love KoF. EVOGA is based in Mexico, so of course they do. Some of the SNK guys were like oh that's cool, would you like to play?
So the EVOGA guys play the SNK guys and it's all just happy fun times getting to play KoF with the developers in Japan.

But then EVOGA just destroys them, and some of the guys at SNK are maybe a little salty that this other developer just smashed them in their own game.
This of course leads to SNK being like, hey these aren't our best guys, how about we play another set KoF style. Our best 3 players vs your best 3 players.
If you win, we'll waive the fees and create a character in your honor and put them in KoF.

If we win, you pay the fees, you create a character in our honor and put them in Rage of the Dragons, AND you owe us $5,000.

The game was on.
The two teams meet up and play it out. The first two players play and EVOGA wins.

So then the second player for SNK sits down and plays. EVOGA wins.

The final player for SNK sits down to play, the last hope for SNK. Everything is on the line.

EVOGA wins.
And that's how Ángel Torres beat SNK's top KoF players and won the money match.

Here he is with founder of SNK Eikichi Kawasaki during that trip.

• • •

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More from @HBJohnXuandou

23 Nov
Dolores is straight dirt.
This situation, IMO, is a great reason to have an overly strong reversal throw. Without throw the way it is, the person defending is entirely left to guess 50/50 left/right to block or reversal and if they're wrong they die.
On the flip side they also nerfed OS DP by changing the inputs of some moves so that you can't just buffer one thing and get a free side correct reversal, you actually have to guess DP now. The play becomes do they try to throw or not and play around that.
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22 Nov

throws got nerfed too in that many of them leave you very far away from the opponent so a successful wakeup throw is not very rewarding

if you try to back throw someone into the corner you get pushed 3/4th screen away
I'm not inherently against the idea that you have to either switch to jump pressure to challenge (riskier/more rewarding) or back up out of throw range to meaty (safer/less rewarding) to play the knockdown game.
In a game like 98 this would be really bad, but XV is a combo game like XIV and XIII were and they've even made more far normals special cancel, so being outside of close range is much stronger and IMO in the previous two games momentum was heavily skewed in favor of offense.
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9 Apr
This is a story trending right now about how Golf is being totally fucked up by players who are really strong and can hit the fuck out of a ball super hard, breaking the design of the courses, which were supposed to favor careful, accurate shots.
It's a problem because the courses were made to accommodate what was assumed to be the furthest a person could reasonably hit the ball. There's this huge lake here that is way too large to hit across, so you've got to hit around the lake.

But then someone does hit across it.
Course designers have no answer to players with massive power swings other than to make courses physically larger and take up more land mass, which is pretty infeasible in most cases because golf courses are massive. This also makes older courses unplayable.
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2 May 20
Okay gonna put my thoughts down for Streets of Rage 4.

As one could probably guess, I think it's a very good game. Even just beyond that though I feel like it's what I wanted this game to be. It hits all the perfect Streets of Rage elements that I think of when I think SOR.
I was kinda worried about what the enemy variety would be like and how the AI would work, but it's all fantastic. Of course there's quite a bit of it that gets a bare minimum pass because they take so much from the originals, but all of the new enemies are really good too.
Not to mention they put some interesting combinations of enemies together that get pretty hairy. I've always said the level design in a beat em up is not the actual level, it's the enemies and their placement/combinations, and this game definitely understands that.
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29 Jul 19
If you want to play a game by the creator of Cave Story (who lost the IP due to underhanded contracts) that suspiciously plays a lot like Cave Story where the main character works himself to death for a boss he can't understand because they speak a different language, try it out!
Please do not interpret the story too deeply as it is all totally a coincidence.
I'm just gonna go ahead and tag this quote RT to the end of this thread just so people know that this isn't an isolated incident.

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2 Mar 19
Nah fuck it, I'm going off. This shit has me fucking heated.

Hey @ArmadaUGS, you want to know why people hate Melee? This is why. Not the reason you present in this video, but because this is what you think of other scenes and other communities.
The FGC doesn't hate or resent Melee because they stuck to their game instead of moving on. If you actually got out of the scene and talked to people, you'd find out that the FGC actually respects Melee for this. It's something we hold in high regard.
In fact there's many tournaments in the FGC where old games being played and celebrated are incredibly popular. The fact that people would be willing to play and support older games just because they love them so much is applauded.
Read 14 tweets

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