Watched the show today like I do often. Good show.
But a lot of this information is old news as well. Nearly 10 millions ppl have quit cigarettes with Ecigs. And a large Number of organizations has been doing tons of great research. Nearly 100 million 🌎 have quit.
So now we have 100 million adults all using ecigs to stay off of cigarettes. Starting out at their higher levels allowing the Ecigs to actually replace that cigarette without feeling deprived.
Like me smoked for 22yrs started out around 36mg, but now I am around 0mg to 3mg
Ecigs allow users to drop down the Nicotine level gradually as you use. And Nicotine it's self doesn't contain any carcinogens. Remove the Tar and thousands of chemicals all burning smoke. So Ecigs are much safer. Now for adults the flavors are a factor that helps them Adult's
Any time someone says we don't have enough prove, sorry not enough research has been done. This is also wrong or another form of misinformation that is rampant around ecigs. We have thousands of Studies
The Parties that are blowing up this Misinformation party if Funded by Bloomberg and his Philanthropies like Campaign for Tobacco free kids, Parents vs Vaping,and the WHO which has been given a huge Grant. Now he has a seat in the WHO, which has now started saying there is no THR
Bloomberg has laid out a Billion dollar Campaign to bribe foreign LMIC to grant the AHA,etc. So yes we constantly have to fight this Massive Misinformation Propaganda we are still have ppl saying Ecigs caused EVALI so much so we have many top doctors have submitted a paper to CDC
75 Experts which I think has grown now to 100 but they have asked the CDC to change the name.
So yes Merideth 100% of Evali wasn't Ecigs @ParentsvsVape
Time to stop blaming Ecigs
It appears that Bloombergs Philanthropies are no longer wanting ppl to stop smoking they want them to die by going back to cigarettes. Now instead of going after cigarettes they have switched to Ecigs&Now Switched to Full on Nicotine bans regardless if Pharmaceutical Grade & Synt
And it's Proven that Nicotine is no worse the Caffeine. It's the delivey method that's the bad guy here.

Even 15 of the Expert Past Presidents have set their sites to weigh in on the argument. Even Clive Bates also a expert on the subject. @Clive_Bates

There is even experts on Nuerodiversity that states not only is Nicotine by itself not as bad as ppl have presumed for years. There are benefits for many who suffer from Nuerodiversity. And Improvements for ppl who suffer from ADHD ALZHEIMERS ETC

Bottom line I am a Nobody but the amount of solid evidence is out there that supports Ecigs, that can help adults get off of cigarettes and save their lives #THR works we just have to drop all the misinformation and start being truthful with information.
Don't let BigTobacco &BigPharma win.
Bloomberg and the Bigs want to smash the Truth. And as Bloomberg said himself I don't care if Ecigs are safe I want them SHUTDOWN.
Even the old NY Gov. Stated similar
Hopefully you read some or all of this.
There is a lot more where that came from. All of this is just straight off the top of this Nobody's head.
Thank you very much if you actually read any of this
We really Need our Doctors to be more informed and educated on the latest of

• • •

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18 Nov
Arnold is correct, and this is about going green. COP26
WITH COP9 There is another fight.
With Tobacco Control,WHO,BLOOMBERG & His Philanthropies, Many have just tried to show them the Truth with real peer reviewed reseach & science. But they have twisted their own Article 5.3
This Article has everyone banning together, in support to actually ignore all science. Backed by renewed resources funded by a Billionaire who thinks No 1 should have anything except him. He has tried to ban Sugar,Pops,Sweet drinks, and a host of other items. Don't believe me
Read this article, as he tries to ban a dozen things. Now we wants to ban Ecigs and other Life Saving products
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