The "V" sign represents a portal in the Sun. According to Mike FATW, where the sun's magnetic field criss crosses w earths magnetic field is called the "V". Its a portal that opens and closes approximately 72X a day. Our government spent Billions to send satellites to inspect
2.this portal. They did not realize what they were looking at. Mike said, that looking thru the portal looks like ur looking thru the sun into another place. Its is a time distortion of sorts. Mike is a scientist in government intelligence w highest security clearance. Ive
3.listened to him for 5 yrs and believe he is legit. He gives info like this all the time that validates what I hear from my clients. This portal is one of the foundations for sun worship. And yes my clients report using this portal in the sun..."V"
4.The "V" is also the Vulcan salute from star trek. Vulcan aka Hephaestus is a fire volcano entities I find in programming. He is the entity assigned to the volcano u saw displayed in the Astroworld Festival. The volcano represents the firey emotions of rage and wrath and hate
5.that arise in the programmed. Vulcan/ Hephaestus uses that energy to build new landscapes in the programmed.

• • •

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26 Nov
The occult practices behind the "Evergreen" tree.... Joseph Mengele was known as Dr. Greenbaum (German for Greentree). He was called Dr. Green for short. You won't look at ur Xmas tree the same.…
2.There is a s@crifice tied to the winter solstice & the EVERGREEN tree. Inside the minds of MC survivors is the counterfeit "Tree of Life." They must s@crifice a child. That energy bc the "seed" or root system that gives this tree "life." Mening its evergreen.This internalized
3.tree structure of MC survivor has programs "hung" on it just like a Christmas tree. Year ago apples & fruit were hung on the evergreen Xmas tree and it was called the Tree of Life. Doug Riggs told me his sources say the Queen will be part of the "winter ritual" around the
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24 Nov
1.Thank u "L" for these validation articles u sent me! So its true the accusations r being thrown…
2. I told u I dont watch the news. Lol…
3. Remember I said the possibility exists that the whole Trump & Q psyop cud b part of the programming of America bc "good cop bad cop" is a MC technique. Pls don't assume Trumps team is the authentic. We don't know. Pull out of the world system & put all ur eggs in Gods basket.
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24 Nov
1.Will someone pls vet this for me? I dont have time. Accusations r beginning to fly. Be wise and remain innocent.
3.The devil wants us fighting each other as his imposters r exposed. Lets determine to stay out of the fray. NO backbiting, gossiping or slander. The devil wants us operating in the flesh realm where he can beat us. Stay in the Spirit! Satan has no weapon that operates against
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24 Nov
1.Note in Revalation 17:12, 16-18, The 10 horns, who r the 10 kings (rulers) that r given power & authority to rule the beast for a single hour; they r the ones who destroy Babylon--the current world system. Verse 16 says, "The ten horns and the beast will be the very ones to
2.hate the harlot (Babylon). They will make her cheerless, bereaved, desolate and they will strip her and eat up her flesh and utterly consume her w FIRE. Amplified version. Doesn't this sound like the Reset and implementation of the NWO? The 10 kings and the beast destroy the
3.very system they've been operating under since the beginning. They habitually consume their own when they r done w them! But verse 17 is the kicker! "For God has put it into their hearts to carry out HIS OWN PURPOSE by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power and
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22 Nov
1.Just a caution....Pls don't depend on me to be able to alert u that an activation code has gone off. I watch one TV show a day w my family and its just a Discovery Channel subscription. I have no live TV nor do I watch any live TV or on my phone. I only get clues from yall. So
2.I'm not likely to see a live activation. Plus, I'm an unusually busy person just homeschooling, helping survivors & serving the Lord etc. U must be able to look to the Lord and hear for urself in this hour. All I can do is alert to whats coming up in he cabal playbook. Im
3.wondering if the death of the Queen is the big activation but I do not know what it is.. Be in prayer asking God for direction for ur own family. How do we prepare Lord? What is ur objective for us during these times? He is faithful. We r to shine in the darkness. We r to
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22 Nov
1.Just a reminder...if God places someone in ur path whose programmed & wants free, a good place to begin is to have them pray thru these lengthy prayers. Begin by praying the "Binding & Separating" prayer over them each time u begin a prayer session. Have them pray the entire
2.series of prayers in the left hand order. Of course the prayers r too long to pray in one or two sessions. U want the "Presenter," the normal day to day personality to pray the prayers and not switch out to the alters. If switching out to another alter happens, work bring the presenter back bf continuing the prayers. The Presenter personality has the authority to speak for the whole system of alters. If alters switch in to pray the prayers, it will not b a system wide prayer coverage. These prayers r only the
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