Eating healthy amount of protein everyday is expensive as per Indian standards

But the money you save now by eating unhealthy food is the money you pay to the hospitals in the future

Protein 101 - The myths, the mental blocks and the protein basics

~ Thread 🧵~
Myth : High Protein damages your kidneys

When you say that protein damages your kidneys, you are saying that

All your ancestors who only ate meat before the invention of agriculture died of kidney failures

Which obviously seems ridiculous
Also, Are you really taking high protein for a long period of time?

Have you ever taken 200gm of protein?

That's equivalent to eating 1kg of chicken

Can you do it everyday for an year?

If your answer is No, then that's irrelevant to you
Your problem is not risking kidney failure by eating high amount of protein

Your problem is struggling to eat enough protein

Most of your lives will be changed if you eat just 1gm/lb of protein everydaym
Mental blocks

I come from an Indian household where we eat chicken or mutton only on Sundays

That too we used to get 1kg of chicken for a 4 member family and eat it for both lunch and dinner

It is the case in most Indian homes

We are not used to eating meat or protein daily
This was a huge mental block for me when I started eating protein daily

You need to get past this mental block

My advice for you initially is to start eating meat/protein on the days you workout

Slowly increase the quantity and frequency
How much protein?

Protein = (Bodyweight in kg) x 2

So a 70 kg person needs 140gm of protein

Overweight people:

Protein = (Lean Muscle Mass in kg) x 2

Say you are 100kg and 25% bodyfat

Then you have 25kg of fat

Remaining 75kg is lean muscle mass

Protein = 75 x 2 = 150gm
How to calculate protein?

When I say you need to eat 100gm of protein, I don't mean you eat 100gm of chicken

If you eat 100gm of chicken, you get only 25gm of protein

So to get 100gm of protein, you need to eat 400gm of chicken

Go learn the protein content of various foods
Protein sources

✅ Chicken
✅ Mutton
✅ Fish
✅ Prawns
✅ Egg

✅ Paneer
✅ Lentils
✅ Beans
✅ Milk
✅ Whey Protein
How to meet your protein targets


Breakfast - 3 eggs - 3x7 ~ 20gm

Lunch - 200gm chicken with white rice = 2 x 25 = 50gm

Dinner - 200gm chicken with white rice = 2 x 25 = 50gm

Evening - 1 scoop whey protein=25gm

Boom! That's nearly 150gm of protein
If you are new to this, then I advice you to first target 100gm of protein everyday

For vegetarians, whey protein will be of great help

You can consume 2 scoops of whey protein without any problem that's 50gm of protein

That's it!

How much protein did you eat today?
If you like my thread, you will probably love my free ebook

A Chad's guide to start your epic fat loss journey

Grab your free copy now 👇

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24 Nov
Imagine you are living in the stone age

Nature demands more from you physically

You need to hunt for food, carry big boulders to build house

Ofcourse, make ladies wring their panties out on seeing you

You need to be strong

Here's how you workout in your cave

Home workouts👇
Jokes apart, I am assuming that you have few dumbbells and a pullup bar to workout

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How I am here
Why I am here

This is my story

It was December 2019

I was attending my cousin's marriage

I was overweight at 105kg ~ 231 lbs

One of my cousins commented,

"You have become too fat. There is no way you can become fit again. You are done"
I challenged him that day that I will become slim in an year

I lost 45 pounds in 8 months

Then what?

It ain't to prove anything

Though my cousin's comment was a trigger, my motivation is much deeper

The primary concern is my health considering my family's health history
My father got diabetes at 33

Everybody on my father's side is diabetic

My grandfather expired at 60

My father expired at 51

I was just 21 year old when he died

He could not see most of my wins later in my life

I don't want to leave my children the same pain
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22 Nov
If your forearms aren't too big to roll your sleeves up, you are no Man

Training forearms is very simple

You only need two exercises to train your forearms

A Thread 🧵
Forearm anatomy

There are four major muscles in your forearm

1. Flexors
2. Extensors
3. Rotators
4. Brachioradialis

Flexors are on the same side of your palm

Extensors are on the other side

Brachioradialis is a part of biceps, though it runs into your forearm
To understand the anatomy, lets see the function of these muscles

Imagine you extending your arm to take a pledge

1. Flexors- Moves your palm downwards

2. Extensors- Moves your palm upwards

3. Rotators- Used to supinate and pronate your wrist
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Unpopular opinion:

"Overhead Tricep Extensions and Bench dips are the worst ways to train your Triceps"

Your arm is at the most unnatural position in the above exercises

One effective and natural exercise is enough for triceps

The best way to train your triceps

A thread 🧵
Tricep anatomy

Triceps have three heads obviously

1. Long Head
2. Lateral Head
3. Medial Head

What is the function of triceps?

To extend your forearm at the elbow joint

That is to straighten your arm
Do you need 3 different exercises to target the 3 heads of triceps?

No, when you extend the elbow, all the 3 heads are activated at once

Any exercise that you do for triceps will activate the three heads

So, It is effective to do 1 or 2 exercises targeting all 3 heads once
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19 Nov
Lifting weights doesn't make you dumb or stupid

Lifting weights is not just about vanity

The psychological benefits from lifting weights is beyond a normie's comprehension

Here are the 5 life lessons I learnt from transforming my body

~ A thread 🧵 ~ Image
Lesson 1 : Life is a long-term game

Anybody who has ever tried to build some muscle realizes soon that it takes atleast 3-5 years to build a decent amount of muscle

Anything worthwhile takes time to build

Stop chasing short term goals

Start pursuing long-term goals
Lesson 2 : Consistency and Compounding are the two principles to crack big goals

You don't get 21 inch arms in a day

Small muscle gains made every week compound over a long period of time

You need to form daily habits and make small improvements that compound over time
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16 Oct
Overweight dude joins the gym

Trainer puts him on a treadmill

The rationale is to lose weight first and then build muscle

Our fat dude works hard on treadmill and elliptical

Most give up after few days

But our determined fat dude endures this torture

3 months later....
Our fat dude becomes skinny fat

Metabolism wrecked

Zero muscle development

Zero knowledge on how to train

But our knowledgeable trainer boasts that his client lost 15kg in 3 months and gets new clients

This is the story of most Indian gyms
How to save our fat dude?

The answer is Body Recomposition

Overweight people have the advantage of losing fat and gaining muscle simultaneously

Even though they are on caloric deficit, the fat stores in the body provide a suitable environment for muscle growth
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