1) (If you stop sharing the cookware story, they will stop writing about it).
2) Do you know how many toxic pots and pans have long been on the market? That should be the real story. Reporters feel free to talk about that. Do you how many people in poverty are constantly exposed to toxins in their cookware? pca.state.mn.us/featured/are-y…
3) As someone who lived in the south, a lot of friends parents were conservative and they *only* had expensive cookware. Middle-class/wealthy conservatives, especially conservative women, don’t *actually* care about the story. They know how much they’ve spent on their cookware.
4)As someone who grew up poor (and still has little money) we never had a quality cookware. First time I owned a nice Creuset pot was when my conservative mother-in-law gave me one. And oh damn, quality food & good non-toxic cookware is something everyone should have access to.
5) Conservative media made this a story because they’ve long determined that BIPOC communities shouldn’t have access to most items. If you’re poor and you buy an iPhone you’re cheating the system somehow, if you’re well off and buy something expensive you’re uppity. We can’t win.
6)The way that we can “win” is not just by calling out the hypocrisy of The GOP/donors but by changing the policies they created to ensure their businesses are deregulated &/or pay little to no taxes, that allows them to corner the market (literally) on resources & opportunities.

• • •

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8 Oct
As #IndigenousPeoplesDay approaches I highly recommend reading, "Decolonization is not a metaphor" by Eve Tuck of State University of New York at New Paltz and K. Wayne Yang of University of California, San Diego. Linked here: google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j… Decolonization is not a metaphor Eve Tuck State University o
1) A small excerpt: "When metaphor invades decolonization, it kills the very possibility of decolonization; it recenters whiteness, it resettles theory, it extends innocence to the settler, it entertains a settler future." #IndigenousPeoplesDay
2)"Decolonize (a verb) and decolonization (a noun) cannot easily be grafted onto pre-existing discourses/frameworks, even if they are critical, even if they are anti-racist, even if they are justice frameworks."
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8 Oct
1) These are the demographics I look for when #Unemployment recovering is being discussed. You can see that Black women are still doing poorly in this economic recovery.

This is why I talk about targeted investments when it comes to recovery.
2) As you can see US unemployment rate for Black workers is still very high compared to other demographics.
3) We can celebrate that we’re adding jobs to the economy, but let’s not look at our recovery through rose colored glasses. Between the Recession of 2008 and the COVID pandemic there is much work to do to make our economy work for everyone.

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7 Oct
1) Policy that truly supports Artists and Creators is a priority for my campaign, it's also critical to our economy, and for our well-being and theirs.

Meet @DeafShowRunner of #BlackDeafTalent:

“What I don’t see on television are [characters] based on our lived experience.”
2) “The people I’m working with have no idea about Black Deaf culture… I find myself educating them, it can be challenging because they are resistant… I am a Black woman and sometimes they don’t wanna listen to what I have to say.” - Jade Bryan #BlackDeafTalent
3) Artists help us connect the dots on complex issues, make us laugh or cry, and feel connected to our own lives. For all of these reasons, we need artists to have Federal support through grants, subsidies, and portable benefits.
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11 Jul
1)An excellent piece by @BrentNYT. He discusses the "apology movement" in which some news organizations admit that what they once "presented as “fair “objective” journalism was in fact freighted with the racist stereotypes that had been deployed to justify slavery."
2)In this article Brent Staples lays out how from Reconstruction to this current moment - legacy media has dehumanized Black Americans on multiple levels from not using our honorifics (Mr., Mrs., etc) to justifying brutality against Black Communities.
3)"The vigilantes swept through the streets shooting some African Americans and exiling others... The New York Times referred obliquely to the overthrow of the Wilmington government as necessary for restoring “law and order.” In other words, white media justified white mobs.
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20 Jun
1)Let’s talk about movements and counter-movements. The tweet below is an example of “bothsiderism” indicating both sides of an issue are equal in validity and intent; they're not. Movements tend to start with grassroots support, counter-movements astroturfed with corporate cash.
2)Grassroots movements start in the community looking to create change, equity, liberation. Usually, that community is being harmed by decision-makers, policy, dominant narratives. They elicit the support of the community, looking to bring attention to the issue, & change laws.
3)Countermovements are started by decision-makers, think tanks, religious institutions, and corporations that would "suffer" profit losses due to a grassroots movement. Bigotry, sexism, and queerphobia play a large part in counter-movements.
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9 Jun
1)Today I met up w/my friend Jorge. He ran my Neighborhood Advisory Board w/me as Chair. He immigrated here from Guatemala in the 1970s. I wanted to know his opinion on the @VP saying, "Don't come here" and how that went over w/his family still in Guatemala. He said, "very well."
2) He said first, "Listen my opinion is mine, but what VP Harris did was focus on the indigenous people of Guatemala who are usually overlooked. She was very blunt about the corruption in our country that is pulling resources away from the very poor and I was happy to hear that."
3)Jorge added, "I wasn't offended when she said 'don't come here' because when we make the journey from Guatemala we're taken advantage of or harmed by people who know we're in a desperate way."
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